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Kicking the can down the beach proved dull for the young man. He eyed a pair of girls sunbathing and thought that perhaps they were in need of some serious humor. So, he kicked the can away and made his approach.

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The tide came rolling in along with the previous day’s garbage. I look up at the horizon and wonder what lays ahead. Once, the ocean nearly killed me. Now I have become stronger

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tide is a lot of things to a lot of people, some thonk of the ocean, others like me think of the laundry detergent that is curently stianing my dog. dumbass.

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Nothing cleans like bleach.

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you should work hard and be responsible. You should make good decisions for yourself. If you don’t….you will be “WITHOUT”

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leap. leap over the moon. the moon. hey isnt the moon made of cheese what about swiss it would make sense about all the holes.

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Matching. Two different things finding they are not so different after all.

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The word “driven” conjures passion-motivated activity. Activity for a purpose;

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the ore found inside the cave was chalk full of valuable minerals. it was a general of ores it was a mineral.

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I moved into an older lady’s apartment, and all the furniture is wicker. It makes a man wonder how in the hell this stuff ever caught on once it outlived the phase of “best technology available”. It kinda smells of varnish, it’s noisy, ugly, and just screams, “old person that thinks kids’ hair is too long”. I can’t wait to get rid of it.

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i’m joyful today because i have people that love me, people that support me, and money in my pocket. i have food in my bellah, and shoes on my feet. i have a job that i like and make decent money. my girlfriend is beautiful, she loves me unconditionally, and i love her too. my family is wonderful, they love and support me always.

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The site looks pretty dressed upon the iPad here. Except you can’t see tye timer.

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Destiny is just as true as free will. It is just based on statistics. We are all machines, biological though we are, that have complex computing systems. These systems can be replicated, thus making the predictable.

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Destiny walked out of the strip club, greedily clutching the few dollars she had made. She crossed the street to the day care. She pondered how this must look the passersby, but then realized that it made more sense than she was willing to admit.

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roll on down the hill hi roller. roll on faster rock ‘n roller. roller over rover. steady reader eddie reaver messy eater rover.

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I sat in a room. I couldn’t move. for some reason i think i wasnt allowed to. i wanted to get out but i couldnt fight my way through the mess. i was paralyzed. i was choked. then i realized i was in my own room.

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Curls will build your biceps, he had told me. I thought of his arms and the way he smelled at the gym, his nylon shorts and white sneakers.

“call him,” I told her. She didn’t realize I’d seen his arms before or that we’d had a brief affair at health camp.

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check 1-2

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Toni. I turned the timer off again… don’t worry!

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another test… ugh!

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ahhh. waiting for the timer again. this time i went to login and it gave me a fb connect option. i’m trying a simpler fb connect plugin this time.

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testing from within facebook. Well this might be the ticket. we’ll see. maybe i should disable the timer again.

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well well well what do we have here?
well what is it?
is it a wishing well?
well? well?
i’m well how are you?
not well?

» Posted By brian On 05.03.2009 @ 9:45 pm

Well, wellness. Something that I lack at this moment and the moments that precede and follow it. Wellness is something that I am searching for. It is something I might look toward a wishing well for answers to. Well, I’m not sure what else to say.

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The broom seemed to leap into my hands, bound for an adventure to clean every dust particle in sight. We began our dance to revive these hardwood floors, to turn them into sparkling grounds for feet to tread upon.

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Micheal Jackson hangs babies off balconies

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I was given a loan by the branch banking and trust. They told me that I had to buy a dog or a goat or a giraffe with it. I bought a ventriloquist dummy instead. It was made of beautiful golden tinsel. It fell apart in about two seconds. The loan was well worth the investment though because I loved that doll.

» Posted By Brian On 01.01.2009 @ 2:46 pm


i deny the life that gives me pleasure to fufill my dreams of the world that we know and wish to be apart of with the ultimate joy of nirvana. to deny this thing is to deny the soul of the lord and to obey the powers of darkness and principalities

» Posted By brian On 11.27.2008 @ 6:32 pm


when I saw you I didn’t know whether I belonged. You seemed to want me here but you seemed not to as well. I can never tell with you. Sometimes I feel you have the maturity of a 20 year old, but yet you’re so hard to read. are you above me or below me?

» Posted By brian On 12.14.2008 @ 10:12 pm

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