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combined by the earth’s tools in the match of togetherness. What we divide will kill us all. So in return we must be a union.

» Posted By brian On 04.28.2008 @ 4:39 am


finish the end or the world will endure pain. What pain you may ask? The pain of knowledge. The pain of the world carried on you brittle back. Expire the youth of now. How may age will begin forever.

» Posted By brian On 04.27.2008 @ 6:44 am

Apples are wonderful and delicious. I know this cause Ive been told so as a child, all the way through adulthood. It couldn’t be a lie then. Not only do they taste good. They are good for you. AND THEY KEEP THOSE HORRIBLE DOCTORS AWAY!

» Posted By Brian On 04.26.2008 @ 11:35 am

all together full. its like your done with something that took you a lot of time to finish and now your job is done and you can go back to whatever it is that you do

it also has to do with art or music, the piece is finally complete

» Posted By Brian On 04.26.2008 @ 11:08 am


todays’ event was pretty cool. lots of peolpe showed up and it was a great success. all eigth groups gave presentations on the carbon cycle. many questions were asked at the end of each presentation. the professor seemed pleased with f

» Posted By brian On 04.25.2008 @ 9:13 am


uncooked, also the name of a wrestling show

» Posted By Brian On 04.24.2008 @ 8:55 am


up the mountain. sometimes i wonder what im going to do when i get there. climbing, up a tree, through life, up a ladder, jump. jump when we fly away, and fall through stars on your way up the vine of life. through life we climb away, falling through the stars.

» Posted By brian On 04.22.2008 @ 9:56 am


That really is Sinead O’Connor below me. (the post you perv.) “Chortle” is a very Irish word.

» Posted By brian On 04.01.2010 @ 9:56 am



» Posted By brian On 01.15.2010 @ 9:34 am


the greatest thing in the world is clicking one of these behind you. The worst thing about them is that are designed to stick even if recently greased so you skin your knuckles regularly.

» Posted By Brian On 01.11.2010 @ 2:38 pm

a latch can be on a chest or safe or something to keep it shut. you can latch onto somebody when your scared!

» Posted By brian On 01.11.2010 @ 12:27 pm


Go figure – go on, figure! Figure it out. Think about what it means and coe up with something. Something good though, not just any old crap. Be considerate, think it through carefully then, just when they least expect it – bam, go figure. And then, nothingness. At ease.

» Posted By Brian On 01.07.2010 @ 4:27 am


is the companion of the insecure and misguided. Stalking its pray it seeks out indecision.

» Posted By Brian On 01.05.2010 @ 11:05 pm

It’s strange being confused. You don’t know what to do. This tends to happen most often when important decisions are meant to be made and windows of opportunity are closing. This isn’t my favorite feeling. I remember drawing a confused child in Kindergarten. I was sent to see the teacher since it’s a “negative” emotion.

» Posted By Brian On 01.05.2010 @ 6:52 pm


The family coat of arms had been an integral part of their lives for so many years; and now it was gone. The slander and shame that he had brought upon their house and name was too much for her to bear and she all but lost her mind.

She simply sat in her room all day, alone, and occasionally let out a yelp from the belly.

» Posted By Brian On 01.02.2010 @ 3:08 am


i folded my pants the other day and some money fell out im not sure were i got it from but i thought it was awesome i used that money to buy myslef a coffee and that coffee got me through a very rough day at work that i probably would have shot someone if i didn’t have becuase retail sucks at christmas time without coffee and all becuase i folded my pants before work :)

» Posted By Brian On 11.30.2009 @ 7:20 pm


There is paper called onion skin paper. Its used to transfer images. I have used for my art. I think it similar to the way people should be. The world would be a better place if everyone stopped trying to hide things. Especially when entering into a relationship. Then again, you mustn’t be too transparent as it will take away some of your mystique. Always leave something on the table to be discovered. I believe a good woman will unveal your secrets over time.

» Posted By Brian On 11.29.2009 @ 7:49 pm


slipper dipper is a fickle flipper its furry and fits right on dont get it wet or you will not have a pair as cool as that one, dont wear flipper slippers or you will slip, so dont slide in them either thats way too cool, you might as well just get some elmo slippers and maybe some matching earings thats all anyone needs to wear anyway the insides need to be comfortable.

» Posted By Brian On 11.27.2009 @ 11:03 pm


i went to the track and saw a horse running around it. when i jumped on him, he galloped around, bucking me off and breaking my head open. i was rushed to the hospital and awoke several hours later in a daze. what had happened? there were 3 people standing over me. i had just be reborn.

» Posted By Brian On 11.11.2009 @ 2:19 am

The boys always came running after me. But him…his was more of an awkward gallop than the sleek, wolf-like pursuit the others sported.

» Posted By brian On 11.11.2009 @ 1:14 am


I don’t like wearing headbands, well, especially because i’m a guy. I only think that 12 year old girls are meant to wear headbands anyway. my sister used to wear ones that were yellow purple and pin. I feel like if i wore them i would be squeezing my head and having trouble concentrating on daily tasks.

» Posted By Brian On 11.09.2009 @ 6:58 pm

a man was wearing running down my street his headband seemed to be barely sticking to his forhead. sweat was streaming down his face keeping him from seeing those in front of him. disallowing him to be able to follow the path he set forth. this man was running.

» Posted By Brian On 11.09.2009 @ 5:56 pm


frogs are green they like to hop i think they are stupid animals. i mean they live in ponds with scum they eat insects, which is good cause i hate bugs but fuck are they ever annoying with all the damm croaking and when they make that noise at night i cant see them enough to fucking kill them i wish they would all get run over by boats or eat rat poison. maybe they would rise and take their revenge on us like zombie froms or something and if we are bitten we turn into zombie frogs like some sort of fucked up princess story from disney if disney was morbid and dark. i wonder what alice and wonderland would be like if it were morbid and dark, well i guess it is kind of fucked up but i mean like dark and deadly i wanna see blood guts murder rape mayhem all the good stuff

» Posted By brian On 11.06.2009 @ 1:21 am

frogs are green and happy. they hop, skip, lick, and smile. they are gooey and chewy and scaley and warty. the budweiser frogs are the best frogs to ever exist on this great metropolis.

» Posted By brian On 11.05.2009 @ 8:59 pm


The shild she held in place was only temporary as she struggled to protect her family while her husband raced ahead to stop the enemy before they could get to them and destroy them all. The shield was slol

» Posted By brian On 11.04.2009 @ 3:28 pm


surely i’m in love

» Posted By brian On 11.03.2009 @ 7:50 am

he would take a step off the bridge, but then he stopped. He couldn’t could he, he dint know anymore. he could step down, but how would that be different from any other moment in his life. he wished he had more.

» Posted By brian On 11.03.2009 @ 1:31 am

I’ve never really felt “certain” of anything in my entire life. Every time I make a decision, I second guess myself the whole way through. It’s usually after I make the decision that I get confirmation of whether I was right. I rarely second guess myself after making a decision. When I’ve made a right decision it just feels right afterwards. I wonder why that is. Who knows? Maybe it’s because I don’t trust myself, I only trust results, which I see after I’ve made a decision.

» Posted By Brian On 11.02.2009 @ 8:14 pm


spotlight in my eyes as i enter the stage …blinding almost… am i dreaming … has all the hardwork and dedication finally paid off… I wonder … for i have dreamed of this spotlight for many sleeps

» Posted By Brian On 11.23.2009 @ 9:21 pm


go beyond the point of no return as the take a turn for the worse, over all the mountains we fall in and out of love. take not everything you have but what you wish you had. for it is time to fall in and take over

» Posted By brian On 11.23.2009 @ 2:44 pm

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