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Back to the Future when Marty rides a hover board when escaping Biff.

» Posted By Brandon On 03.31.2015 @ 5:14 am


the middle of nowhere is in a field/country you can run wild for hours and never see a road

» Posted By Brandon On 03.30.2015 @ 6:26 am


Laundry washing machines laundromat cleaning

» Posted By Brandon On 03.27.2015 @ 5:07 am


I think of firemen it seams as though they would get very stressed. Their wives probably get stressed also.

» Posted By Brandon On 03.26.2015 @ 6:08 am


Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four. rubber bands, silly putty.

» Posted By Brandon On 03.25.2015 @ 6:06 am


My father is a provider. His works to put food on the table and clothes on my back.

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I think of July 4th and parties in the summer red, white, and blue the american flag.

» Posted By Brandon On 03.23.2015 @ 7:50 am


ballet is a dance which i personally do not like very much but it helps football players with their balance.

» Posted By Brandon On 03.21.2015 @ 6:12 pm


The smog had filled the air. Almost all of China was filled with the smog, a deadly smoke that had killed 14% of the population. I am Cheyene, daughter of Emperor Zhong. Zhong had tried relocating the country, but he had reconsidered the idea. It would take a year to get everybody out, and by then probably another half of the population would be gone. Zhong estimated that if nothing was done to help the people of China, there would be no China in 10 years. But that was a decade away. Maybe something would change? Or maybe not…

» Posted By Brandon On 02.26.2015 @ 4:43 am


Ella gave me the bracelet the first time we became friends. She didn’t know its contents: the magic within the bracelet…It had been been years since she had been given the bracelet. Nine years to be exact. Ella had passed away eight and a half years ago. She had committed suicide for the things I had done to betray her. But today, all of that was about to change. The bracelet glowed radiation-green on my wrist. It hummed with energy. I got out the Book and read a excerpt. Today, the Undead was going to be unleashed. Ella might be there, ready to consume me. The bracelet on my wrist had consumed me the day Ella died. If the bracelet broke, I was a goner. The Undead didn’t have a weakness, at least none that I knew of. But then the woods came in view. I broke the bracelet at the opening of the woods, my life starting to drain away. But the Undead would soon be unleashed. I waited as the Earth started to end, also as my life started to end…

» Posted By Brandon On 02.19.2015 @ 6:53 am


A falcon flew above,
swift as wind,
in search of love
for which he never knew of

You see, the falcon knew that there was something out there more beautiful than life itself, but just never knew what it could be.
When he found love his life would be redeemed, as if given a second chance by God.

The falcon found love in the end, but never actually encountered it. He didn’t need to. Love was all he needed.

» Posted By Brandon On 02.17.2015 @ 1:13 pm


Instead of putting things aside sometimes, you have to go through them and work it out. Some things can’t be put aside, like studying for exams, getting a girlfriend, going to college, getting a job, getting married, having children…Sometimes the only way to live life is to go through.

» Posted By Brandon On 02.16.2015 @ 5:05 am


Camp was really fun this year. I was in the middle of a race. A few other people, including me were competing to run the entire camp and be the first one back to the campsite to share campfire stories, but as I ran through the woods I noticed different things, things like dark, ghostly figures. The dark, ghostly figures were dawdling around the forest, appearing here and there so often. One even came so close to that I could feel its vapor-like presence. It whispered to me, “This is just the beginning.” I stopped running completely, letting people pass me. I was totally freaked out now. Would things like this continue to happen? I needed to figure this out, but right now I had to win a race. I started up again, sprinted down the path, regaining my title as first place and soon won the race!

» Posted By Brandon On 02.15.2015 @ 4:47 pm

Camp usually takes place in the summer and kids love it. People usually mistake camp for taking place in the woods and mean counselors running the whole thing, but this is a stereotype. Camp can actually take place anywhere, like a pavillion or at a school, etc. But the thing about the mean counselors is true. Love can take place in camp, crushes become real-life romances, and fires shift in the miidle of a group of kids as they sing camp-fire songs and tellk scary stories. Camp can vary, as you can see.

» Posted By Brandon On 02.15.2015 @ 9:32 am

Camp usually takes place in the summer and kids love it. People usually mistake camp for taking place in the woods and mean counselors running the whole thing, but this is a stereotype. Camp can actually take place anywhere, like a pavillion or at a school, etc. But the thing about the mean counselors is true.

» Posted By Brandon On 02.15.2015 @ 9:29 am


Wealth is not life.
Love is life.
Family is life.
Money doesn’t buy happiness.
You can have someone on the streets that has a good family.
But you can have someone with lots of wealth that isn’t happy at all about their life.

» Posted By Brandon On 02.14.2015 @ 6:25 am

Life isn’t about wealth. Wealth only has to do with money, and that’s not the only thing that life is about. Wealth also has to do with how well someone dresses themselves. As you can see, life isn’t all about wealth.

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Amy looked at the poor arrangement of people on the street. They were wearing rags as clothes, and there facesv were smugded with soot.

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One must have money to have wealth. Wealth is basically if someone is rich and is able to have a lot of fancy acomadations for themselves and is full of money.

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Four more hours. Just four more hours and they would finally be home. The weather had been bad enough: constant, icy rain like knives from God, stinging their faces and turning the terrain below into a swampy mess. But the worst part? It wasn’t the rain, or the mud, or even the fatigue: it was Johnson’s godawful, nonstop singing. It was enough to make a a man miss the roar of the battlefield.

» Posted By Brandon On 10.20.2014 @ 3:58 pm


The view from here used to be so magnificent. I remember the trees, the flowers, the sunlight cascading over the top of the pond in simple majesty. Now there’s a Wal-Mart. What a pity.

» Posted By Brandon On 10.09.2014 @ 12:32 pm


Those fools! Have they no appreciation for genius? Socrates, Gallileo, Einstein, all pale in comparison to what I have given to humanity! They should be grateful; mark my words, sliced bread will change everything.

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Her dresser was an old, oak timepiece; years of wear and tear, edges chipped away by time and the zeal of two generations of frolicking children, and all manner of scratches formed an uneven tapestry of tally marks for bygone time .

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It was always taken away from me, love. Like a theft in the night someone always stole it from me. I never wanted it to stay but neither did I want it to go away. Just to stay at bay. Far enough to not hurt but close enough to feel good. That’s all I ever wanted.

» Posted By Brandon On 09.30.2013 @ 3:03 pm


I think of religion immediately. I don’t know why maybe because the root word bib and its relation to bible for me . I mean, that’s also what the word means right? Pertaining in some way to the bible or as outlined in the bible.

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Jack sat down across from the potential client. He needed this sale really badly, and if he let it get away he’d hate himself. He smiled politely as he moved his chair forward, all the while consciously keeping his rage in check.

If he lost it today, he would lose a lot more than just his composure.

» Posted By Brandon On 07.20.2013 @ 1:41 am


“Adorned” is akin to “worn”, yet brings with it a sense of regality, and beauty. “he wore a crown” could be written much more poetically and appropriately as “A crown adorned his head”.

» Posted By Brandon On 06.21.2013 @ 10:46 am


Don’t cry over spilled milk, my mom always used to say.

It’s ironic, really. I found her dead in the kitchen with milk all over the floor. Heart attack.

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The rain was falling at a speed we could not comprehend. The sting of the cold water struck our skin like bullets. We couldn’t continue plowing through the waves at this rate. We had to drop anchor.

» Posted By Brandon On 04.11.2013 @ 6:15 pm

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