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Some said that there were signs in the stars. Not constellations–because Joey knew that was true, as he seen them every time he stepped outside on his porch in the middle of night–but real signs, signs that would light up if you looked at them in a funny way. He remembered (rather clearly) his mother telling him about the Sign of the North-West that she had seen when she was a young child, before she had died of the respiratory disease that had taken her father and her godmother from her. At the time, Joey had thought she was merely telling him a children’s story, but the pure green of the December sky was unnatural, frightening, and awe-inspiring all at the same time.

“Perhaps,” he said aloud to himself, “it was more than just a child’s story.”

In his mother’s story, the signs of Space had the power to transport you to different worlds, grant you any wish that you wanted, and live a long, happy life. She claimed that, as a child, she had spotted the purple sign–which, according to their ancestors, would let her find the love of her life in only but a year.

Joey wished that he knew what had happened–if she had met his father in such a short period. He would not know, because his father had been sent off in war for his tribe. It was something, Joey was sure, he was going to have to figure out for himself. He was going to have to travel long, and travel far, and there would possibly be no coming back. Joey had heard stories from his neighbors about how creatures roamed the rest of the world.

He had to wonder if they were true, like the signs.

If his mother’s story was true, then he would be able to go back, far back, to the time where he could meet the father he had never gotten to.

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They all want help, but Selly was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to give them any. She had a very limited amount of oil and ointment, and there were one thousand people in desperate need of help. There would be no way that she could get all of them the medicinal care that they deserved. Despite that, she knew that she DID have enough for at least one hundred before the authorities came and rescued them. The majority of the people would be lost to the world, but at least a good hundred would make it out of the island.

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Some said that there were “secret affairs” in the higher-ups, but Jimmy Jason Hollic never belied any of that. He didn’t buy into all them ‘spiracy theories by the stupid townspeople. Then again, he pretty much did whatever his dear old daddy told him to do, and believed what his moanin’ mama told him to believe, so I s’pose that ain’t sayin’ much of nothin’.

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Some said that it was before the dawn that was the time of agony
And others said that it was before the night
All I know for sure is that the hilarity
Of the darkness is surely bright

Can you understand what I am saying?
I doubt that you can
For we all know that the ancient art of praying
Is merely more than the art of “He can.”

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“Please, please tell me that you’re not afraid,” she whispered.

I couldn’t lie. It would have been wrong to lie to her. But how could I not? It seemed that if I lied, then she would be protected, that she would think that everything was okay.

But nothing was “okay.” Everything was horrible, and I seemed to be the only one who realized that.

“Yeah . . . I’m scared shitless.”

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People, to say the least, are evil.

And that’s not me being all cynical and pessimistic and crap–that’s just the truth. We’re NATURALLY “sinful,” or whatever it is that you’re going to say. We cheat, we lie, we steal, we kill, we rape, and then we bat our eyelashes, put on this big, fake smile, and say, “Hey, I didn’t do a thing!”

We’re sickening.

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[Note: Has very offensive language. This bit takes place in the early 1900s, and would be narrated by a racist–what do you expect?]

There would be, as heard by the people, a trial.

Nothing more was said, or even done. It was a mystery to the town’s people as to WHY there was even a trial in the first place. He had obviously raped that girl, and he deserved to die and then burn in the seventh layer of Hell for his treacherous crime, the nigger.

But there would be a trial.

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Despite the never-ending pain that Ron felt once his daughter had died, he still felt that he needed to keep going. He felt, in his heart of hearts, that Elizabeth would have wanted him to continue to carry on with his life–much like her mother had done when she died.

Sometimes, Ron wondered what he had ever done to displease God. Surely no one deserved everything that he had gone through, from the death of his daughter, to the rape as a child? In these times, he just had to hold his head up high–like he always did–and suck it up.

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“They are together,” my father told me one time on a dark, stormy night.

“Together? Forever?”

“Together . . . I hope not forever.”

I was confused, then. I didn’t understand why Dad didn’t want Lilian to be with Jordan forever and ever and ever . . . but I do now. As I grew older, I realized the things that Jordan would say, and the actions that he would execute. I began to become more and more aware of how he would act around our dad (who was too foolish–at least in my opinion–to show Jordan that he knew what an outrageous ass he truly was), and then how he would treat Lils outside of the household.

At some point, I realized I wanted him gone.

Forever and ever and ever.

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She was fried. She knew that she was fried. She knew that there was no hope, anymore, that she would be able to escape the chamber on her own; it was too late. She had refused her companions’ offers of help against the heat, and she was going to pay for it in a slow and painful death.

Christine had heard stories–horrifying ones. Supposedly, if you stayed in a Chamber long enough, then you would slowly cook from the inside, until you eventually exploded. The Chamber in their shuttle had been busted–someone needed to go in and fix it, and Jasper had been out of commission. Being the idiot that she always was, she went in without help.

And now she was going to die.

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That’s just dysfunctional, Katie thought as she sat down heavily in her desk. It surely–SURELY–can’t be normal not to love someone else . . . right? I mean–

“Now, class,” said Mrs. Karson, “today we’re going to be studying the human thought process. Well, at least some of it. You see, psychology is such a broad field of study that it would be next to impossible for us to give it any kind of good to rush through it in one day, or even a week.”

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“Wind, become a binding chain!” Sakura yells as she tries to capture another Clow Card.
In the distance, Syoaran waits and watches, proud and enthusiastic about how well Sakura has done, even if it means he won’t be the Master of the Clow.

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I don’t believe in miracles. With how much stuff is packed into the universe, when something that seems “impossible” happens, it shouldn’t be counted as a miracle, it should be counted as something possible, just highly improbable – there’s a difference.

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The rain hit suddenly, forewarned only by a quick gust of wind. The couple ran toward the covered bridge in the middle of the park over the lake. Only one was drenched, while the other stared longingly, invisible to the one they loved.

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I was feeling dehydrated. My father had warned me before I had went hiking that something like that might have happened, but did I listen? No! I was too stupid to listen to something that he said. Why did I always do this?

My body felt like it was going weak. I hadn’t drunk anything since early in the morning yesterday, and the amount of energy I was losing was–well, insane, to put it simply.

Surely that wasn’t good.

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“Darlings, could you please get the groceries for me?”

Lisa knew that her mother was just getting old. She knew that it was not her mother’s fault that she kept repeating things over, and over, and over again. However, she DID worry. Lisa was no longer twelve, but a fully-grown woman, who had a husband and three children of her own. She worried about what was wrong with her mother, and she knew that she needed to be taken to a doctor.

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Salvation is the thing that happens when He stepped on the cross.

I am speaking from my own mouth this time, not the mouths of my characters, or a speech that I am copying (in dearest respect, I assure you) from a politician. This is from me, this is what I believe, yatta yatta yatta.

Yes, I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us all.

There is a difference, however, between being a Christian and being bigoted! Please, Christians, don’t shove your beliefs down other peoples’ throats.

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The only hope is salvation. Or so they say. I don’t personally believe in it. I believe we’re all just dust in the wind. There’s nothing watching over us except the sun and the moon, dictating our lives.

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“I refuse!” he screamed at him.

The man grinned in a slightly eerie manner. “You think that you have a choice?” he mocked. “You think that you get to choose whether you come or go, whether you live or die? Don’t make me laugh!” he spat.

Michael clinched his fists. “I would like to see you try to force me to do anything for you–you and your filthy traitorous bastards over there!”

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Lisey stared at her twin for a few moments, before sighing. “I don’t really understand what you mean, Jake. . . .”

“I don’t think you have to understand, Lisey, you just have to do it.”

“Not getting you. . . .”

“Just pick your side and stick with it.”

Lisey frowned. The way their older brother had explained it the week before, “it” was much more complicated than that.

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“Are you on my side?”

“You know that I am, John.”

Elise stared at her brother for a minute, before she grudgingly nodded her head.

“Then you have to listen to me. Go over to the North with Brandon–make sure that you bring Casey Lee, too–and form an ambush on the C’s.”


“Because we’re screwed if we don’t do something.”

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The event was held friday night, where it rained the entire time. People smelled really bad, like wet dogs almost. I will never go to an event like that again, I dont like that founky sh**.

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Everyone knew of Zacharias’s decision that he had to face. What would it be, exactly, to help Delilah? How would he ever be able to repair the damage? It seemed for all the world an impossible thing to do–so impossible, in fact, that there were many times when Zach’s friends were sure that he was going to give into the pressure that he felt every day. But he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t be Zach if he ever gave up on Delilah.

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The war zone was simple, yet inaffective. Zachary had thought for so long that Melissa would have remembered everything, but as he watched, dejected, as her expressionless face gazed out at the barren wasteland, he realized that she would always be infected. There was no hope. Caronia had done a horrible number on her–her mind would forever be gone.

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Turbine… Like, wind turbine? Um, sorry. I’m not a pilot. -.-

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When I think harness, the first word I think of is sex. Then horses. And then love. Harnessing emotion is so hard. Sometimes I’m not quite sure I’m mature enough to have emotions because I’m so passionate. I definitely haven’t perfected my emotional harness. I often brim over and scorch anything within a mile radius lol I’m hoping as I grow in my Christian walk I will have fine-tuned my emotions. I’m also hoping I can learn how to ride a horse :)

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ticking by faster sometimes, slower others. a minute, when we’re little and our parents said ‘one more minute” they actually meant five, but the ‘one’ part made us savor every bit of fun we could squeeze in. Minutes are what we count waiting for work to end, or school, or some other unsavory task, but what we will to last longer when we’re with our friends, or at the ends of our lives.

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Very short and simple. Short and sweet. Is that the saying? I think so… I sound like an idiot. Oh my god, I lviove oops! Love penguins!!! Don’t you?? I do, a lot. Hey, I think dogs are pretty weird and funny. I like mustaches. This isn’t brief.

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I grind my teeth at the thought you ever being with someone else.
you make me insane the way you act,
One day I love you, a next, I want to kill you.
I love you
I hate you.
I miss you
Go away.

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