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“A historic masterpiece.”

“A divine piece that will surely have its place in these walls.”

“To whoever made this work–well done!”

He sat behind the curtains, hidden from the spectator’s view. A coward he was, a coward he was not–he wasn’t sure, and neither was his uncle because his uncle claimed that he was a scaredy-cat and a courageous lion merged into one.

Why was he even hiding? The people loved his work.

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A welt resided on his arm. Miss. Kelburg could see it as plain as day underneath his damp shirt. How difficult.

Miss. Kelburg hoped Steven’s home life wasn’t as bad as her’s had been. Neither her father nor her mother ever raised a hand against her; it was always her brother with Mr. and Mrs. Kelburg. She had witnessed first-hand what people were capable of doing to children and since she left Iowa in the dust as soon as she turned sixteen with her brother (who was eighteen), she had been adamant about stopping child abuse and neglect.

And now, nine years after becoming a teacher for West Diamond Junior High School, she thought she had one. One of them. If her eyes were telling her the truth–and God forbid they be doing so–it would be an awful experience for him.

Better to stop the fire now rather than allow it to fester.

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“She’s wilting,” Joey whispered to me one humid summer afternoon. “Ole Willow’s wilting.”

Of course, Ole Willow wasn’t really wilting. She wasn’t wilting as a daisy wilts after its gardener forgets to water it after a few days, nor was she wilting as someone of a broken heart does. But I knew what Joey meant. He meant that an ending–an ending to what, I have no idea–was upon us. There was some kind of new era just on the horizon, and Joey and I would watch that new era envelop us a few hours later in either rays of opportunity or clouds of misfortune. We would watch as the sun rose over the hill (and on top of it, Ole Willow) and we would hold one another’s hands and we would hope, as we did each time something foreign happened in our lands, and we would stand our ground until we fell and became one with the earth.

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Flower petals wilting, shriveling up like melting confetti. Shattered rainbows rain down and turn brown, around the sun and under the bridge where my dreams lie dormant. My colorful life wilts away with my hope.

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The news went national soon enough. At first Jeremy thought that no one would listen to Lisa Marie, but he was quickly proven wrong. The “crazy girl next girl” new how to tell a lie.

He was scared. He was scared for himself, and scared for Jonathan. They had done nothing that was wrong in any way(or that’s what he kept telling himself) and they didn’t deserve to have the police knocking on their down and to be taken in for questioning.

Lisa Marie was a liar. It had always been that way for as long as he could remember. Jeremy had even warned Johnathan about her when he first moved into Mugwump, and the two had taken a few precautions to avoid her when they were causing their daily mischief. Unfortunately they had gotten caught and Lisa Marie thought it wise to make their little prank public.

‘Cause that’s all it was. A prank. Jeremy had no idea why the police were treating everything so seriously. Perhaps it was they who needed to get their sanity tested.

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“All things in nature are worthwhile,” she whispered to me as we sat underneath the tree. “The only difference between something that looks as though it’s significant and something that looks as if though my Uncle Rowy painted it while drunk off of rum is what we make it.

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The wealth was enough to get to anyone’s head, she supposed, but she knew in her heart that her father wouldn’t have done anything differently if he had been in her position. Or she told herself that. If she stopped thinking that he would have supported her no matter what then she would lose face and would become “another servant girl under King Ko”–and she couldn’t bare to let that happen. Let Joseph lead the Rebels into a fight, let them die. She would sit on her throne and not make a sound.

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The turkey was wrapped tightly in the ham and cheese in preparation of Father’s homecoming. It was, according to Mother, his favorite snack and something that he had personally requested her to make when he returned. She told me this in such a way that I knew there was something that I wasn’t getting–that I couldn’t get without further information–about his choice that Mother wasn’t telling me, but I didn’t care. I had never been close to him; he had always been so distant and far away with me (though he was, according to Johnathan, much warmer with his sons) that I had eventually chosen to act the same with him.

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pairs make me think of people or things that are supposed to be together. if you don’t have a pair it’s sort of like you’re nothing. but why do we always need a pair, can we never just stand on our own? we’re so reliant on everything else and not being our own person we always have to depend on something else to complete us and we can never just be complete on

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If you are not so very careful the he would show you his wrath. The wrath of the gods, some said; but only some. The king’s wrath to the rebels was like a backstroke to the face: swift and quick, meaning that it would never totally bring them down. If King Charles the Whateverith wanted to send his troops into the Dark Forest where they would undoubtedly get lost, then so be it. Anna knew that Keyston would be waiting with bow in hand to strike the enemy down.

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be aware of what’s around you. think about everything. consider all consequences of an action and know what could happen. Know where your loved ones are when you are worried. have a little bit of fear concerning beware of dog signs.

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i got nothin.

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adorned is the way to teach one of a certain way,
to beckon or to scold,
or to just simply speak firmly what is being told.
directed to a stubborn child, or an unruly teen.
a way to get things across.whether, caring cheerful, or mean.

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the way to communicate how you feel to one another,
whether you use those words to inflict pain, care or any other.
the words that are spoken are not easily taken back,
so remember how it feels, the love it is you lack.
and think about those whom you have inflicted pain,
and try your best to apologize and forgiveness you will gain

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see: product of China.

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dont do it. promises are dangerous and risky, because they are impossible. you never know what will be, so how can you say that you do?

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I almost suffocated just from the heat that month. Of course it probably would have been less stifling, outside of the car, with the bong put away.

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is on fire. we dont need no water…what a dog would say if he didnt have a speech impediment.

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It’s a trap!

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Soon is a thing that is not very far, but also not very near. It is an indeterminate, noncommittal thing that people use as a cop out and false hope. It can be a threat, or a promise.

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Awkward old men staring at blinking computer screens. Children receive paper cuts from glossy encyclopedia pages.Old women snivel at the ones who refuse to submit to the quiet ambiance. Panic attack.

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People with books and papercuts. Awkward old men with awkward confused stares at computer screens. Old ladies sniveling at patrons who won’t observe the quiet ambiance. Panic attack.

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She was sailing, sailing, sailing, oh so far away.

He would never catch up with her. He, Tommy Willsmith, the little boy down the street, the apprentice of the cobbler, would never catch up with high-society heiress Lela Freeman. Ever. The night before–with their huge fight over whether she should return to her sick mother or not–had been the last, and she was off to Italy, off to strange new adventures.

Lela had left him.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t recommended it to her. He truthfully never had understood her hatred for her mother. He had attempted to get her to tell him of the story many times, but she had never informed him. Lela had out-right refused to return to her at first, but apparently her father had forced her.

Even from the port, Tommy could see the ship. He briefly wondered if she would miss him.

He figured that she wouldn’t.

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Some things, he decided, were shown from the Above Ones, and other things were not.

It truly was the most interesting thing to try and discover the things that were not shown, to try and out-smart the Above Ones. It was those conceited bastards–the ones at the very top of the food chain–that made his and his families’ lives hell. They did not have to do the things that they did, but they never stopped the corruption. It was, perhaps, for that reason that he became obsessed with overthrowing the High Society of Meddlington, and he knew that he would be able to reach that point once he recruited his friends.

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She was raised in high society and acted like it. Kelly knew that if she was to ever go against her family’s wishes, then things would not be pretty for her. She had witnessed first-hand the physical and psychological damage they had done to Kelvin, her brother, and did not want the same thing to happen to her.

Kelly was no where near as brave as her brother had been. She did not stand against her family’s horrendous actions as he did, even though she had promised him, on the night of his death–indeed, even the very hour–that she would be stronger. Kelly was a liar.

But no more.

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It was common knowledge that in the year of the sun, democrats were dominant on the countryside. Their generally liberal points of views were the only thing that mattered; what the republicans had to say did not. It was, in many ways, a horrific time, as well as a beautiful time. Beautiful, because it was amazing–and quite sickening–to watch humans be humans, to watch another man strike down one of his own, simply because he has different beliefs.

“What has she come to?”

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The scene was horrific, there was no doubt.

But of course, no one would mention anything about it. No one ever did. They were all too afraid to speak to the authorities, the pathetic little creatures. As far as they were concerned, if someone was truly afraid (enough to go against their masters’ wishes), then they could go to the police in the cities themselves.

It was difficult to get to the cities, anyway. Very difficult.

Your life would be on the line if you went against your masters’ wishes.

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The walls are closing in, John thought to himself.

“Was this not what had happened to her father?” he asked the doctor.

Nobody knows what happened to Sir Alfric . . . we just know that CNGB really needs to get a hold of herself here.”

“Sorry . . . what?”

“Oh, you’re just a character that she randomly thought of. Your name is the middle name of her favorite Harry Potter character.”

“Well that doesn’t make sense.”

“It’s not supposed to.”


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Various was in class today.

My classmates had to play the “review game,” and one of the vocabs was that . . .

You know, I really can’t concentrate. I’m listening/watching to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. “It’s like trying to catch smoke. Trying to catch smoke with your bare hands.”

I should remember how hard it is to write with one of my favorite movies playing next time.

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Some people claimed that if one was to combine the forces of the body and of the nature, their gift would be that from the gods.

Others claimed that there wasn’t shit going on in the world, other than what everybody knew.

Either way, the fact still goes that I tried it. It was a load of bull, you know. I didn’t get very far, but that sensei guy at the temple (the one who always stood outside–the beggar) told me that if I meditated every day, then I would get a message from a goddess.

I told him I couldn’t.

He told me I could.

So I tried it . . . for, like, up until Tuesday, which was two days. Nothing really happened. Though I don’t think I’ll ever forget that tingling sensation.

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