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i dont know what that word means. it demonstrates things. i guess. the word doesnt mean anything to me. seems boring.

» Posted By ben On 03.08.2012 @ 8:25 am


Suited and booted, powersuit. Offices, meetings. Always early never late. Good Job. Promotion. Pro.

» Posted By Ben On 03.05.2012 @ 4:18 pm


pizza is the best when the peperoni are almost burnt but truly cooked to a perfect dome .lights are purposless if there is no pizza in the room. get real AAAmerica.

» Posted By ben On 03.01.2012 @ 10:38 pm


it began to rain so Jake ran to find a shelter.

» Posted By ben On 02.18.2012 @ 6:15 pm


I have one on my door not on the floor it makes squeaky sounds unless I put oil on it and I also think that it is metal most of the time unless one day they made it out of wood a long long time ago like in prehistoric ages when they wanted to open and close stuff.

» Posted By Ben On 01.24.2012 @ 4:57 am


I ran away to the zoo. It was fascinating. I saw lots of animals. like lions and tigers and bear.s It was like the wizard of oz. Like the oil can and the witch. How she gets squished under the house. And flying bats. And fruit bats. Do they eat fruit? Runaway….Kanye west…oh runway. like airplanes and take off

» Posted By Ben On 01.21.2012 @ 2:37 am


i really like benches. wooden ones. metal ones. ones that don’t keep homeless people off. they don’t have to be clean, but no gum or trash. plants around them are nice. shade sometimes, sun other times. big enough for two. don’t hurt my back.

» Posted By Ben On 01.15.2012 @ 7:08 am


Thorns grow everywhere. There’s honestly no point to them; at least, not as far as humans are concerned. Nature developed them to protect plants in their natural habitat. It seems like a great cosmic joke that nature also developed not-real thorns; thorns that are capable of stinging without a physical manifestation. Words can be used as thorns. So can self-doubt.

» Posted By Ben On 01.04.2012 @ 4:47 pm


They say they’re increasing innovation, making the world a better place. But have you ever read about Samuel Hamilton of Salinas Valley? The lawyers took his inventions, made money, and left him dry. Patents, maybe copyright laws instead, hinder innovation sometimes.

» Posted By Ben On 11.08.2011 @ 3:55 pm


this is a word that is profound in nature. or at least this is a sentence in which the word profound sounds very nice in. it is profound knowledge to have the best knowledge. and it’s the best knowledge when it is profound.

» Posted By ben On 11.02.2011 @ 6:22 pm



» Posted By Ben On 11.01.2011 @ 11:50 pm


Picasso chopped his ear off. I don’t quite remember why; I’m pretty sure it was a gift to his lover. That’s pretty odd. I know I wouldn’t be flattered if I got an ear. I’m pretty hungry now.

» Posted By Ben On 10.27.2011 @ 9:45 am


when a man enters the woods, he is an exemplary example of stoic determination.

i would eat a cougar if given the chance.

wouldn’t you?

who do you answer to? I answer to myself.

» Posted By Ben On 10.14.2011 @ 11:31 am


The man walked down the long aisle of the courtroom watching the eyes of his dead girlfriend’s family following him.

» Posted By Ben On 10.11.2011 @ 9:37 pm


when im pressed for time i tend to get really frantic and try to do too many things at one. when my shirts need to be pressed i get out the iron and sometimes burn myself trying to untangle the cord. maybe i should get one of the old fashioned ones that dont have cords.

» Posted By Ben On 09.26.2011 @ 10:07 am


I can’t believe she talked me into it.

» Posted By ben On 09.24.2011 @ 5:04 am

I am still not convinced that I am as powerful and as important as other people seem to think I am. I am scared and I don’t know what will help convince me that I can get over these fears. Fear = False Evidence Appearing as Reality.

» Posted By Ben On 09.23.2011 @ 12:11 pm


I love that when we moved, we decided to throw away a couch that for years now has had bad memories for me. I really wish that we had done that sooner, as I really did hate that couch for a while, but boy am I glad it happened now. I also hope we can find a new one that’s cheap and does everything we want it to do. Its also cool that our love seat is big enough to now serve as a couch.

» Posted By Ben On 09.22.2011 @ 8:30 am

I wish I had a big, comfy couch that was filled with all kinds of magical animals and furry creatures that love to be held and played with and loved. That way whenever I’m lonely I can just go to my big couch and play with the animals. That would be sweet.

» Posted By Ben On 09.22.2011 @ 2:04 am


I saw the cars rip around the bend in front of me.. I pushed in clutch and tapped the hand break as I drifted around the corner. The asphalt roared, and as the clutch shifted back in I floored the accelerator, diving down the straight-away….

» Posted By ben On 09.13.2011 @ 5:37 pm


He with concern saw the fast movement as the car in front of him drifted lanes, the back bumper of the car, knocked the front wheel of the motor cycle in a flash. He felt it move than…

» Posted By ben On 09.09.2011 @ 12:21 pm


le sel c’est bien ça mange pas de pain et puis ça fait des films avec des tarentules et tout le monde est heureux comme dans un film de claude lelouch et je mange du pain moi car je ne suis pas du sel mais c’est beau la vie pour les grands et les petits et le vin c’est bon aussi mais ça fait faire du vomi qui sent pas bon dans les naseaux y

» Posted By Ben On 09.02.2011 @ 11:45 am


The sponge soaked up water. It let it out. It took in many other things, too. However, it never kept anything. Everything it soaked up always left it eventually. It was a sad, sad sponge. It eventually died a lonely death.

» Posted By Ben On 09.01.2011 @ 9:23 pm


I really love closed roads. There’s something about them that makes me feel safe, and warm inside, like I know exactly the one direction my enemies are going to come from, and there’s nothing they can do to me. There are so many words for them, as well; avenues, closes, cul-de-sacs… I’m sure there are more, I just can’t think of them.

» Posted By Ben On 09.01.2011 @ 10:26 am


I saw the faint shroud blocking my sight and struggled to strain my eyes, to peer forward; Off in the horizon I saw her.

Her faint billowing features, her lithe Grey form rising in twirling maw, the lady….

» Posted By ben On 08.29.2011 @ 10:19 pm


Transport. hmm. A woman I love is far away from me, and will remain so for quite some time. I wish I could transport. I want to see her face, feel her skin. To transport would mean the opportunity to fall asleep with her, just to hold her. I would like that. It’s not something I get a lot of, and it would make both of us very happy, if I could transport.

» Posted By Ben On 08.20.2011 @ 11:12 pm


I repeated the word aloud to the child again “sy-non-y-mous” I almost cried as I repeated the syllables loudly trying to get the student to understand. His blank stare almost brought the tears to the surface as I once again began my instruction and the child once again gained a glazed look over his eyes as he stared blankly at me

» Posted By Ben On 08.16.2011 @ 11:50 pm

has the word peat in it. another re- word. not sure i like it all that much. makes me think of watching videos on repeat on youtube.

» Posted By Ben On 08.16.2011 @ 11:28 pm


thread, making my shirt, making me socks, my pants. so small, seemingly insignificant but really holding tapestry together so i don’t expose my dick and balls to everyone. Wow, never thought thread could be so useful.

» Posted By Ben On 08.15.2011 @ 11:35 pm


A horrible mannor used to provide discipline often does not cause discipline but breaks a barrier. Punishment should not be used their are better methods, punishment brings the thought of pain, anger, lost trust, disrespect and misunderstood.

» Posted By Ben On 08.15.2011 @ 7:39 am

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