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How many times do I have to ask the same question until you remember the answer? If the names all sound the same in the end, why give us those monikers and expect them to remain memorized? I’m standing over your bed, Mother, and I see how your eyes have glazed over. They’re coated with the sugar grains of past moments that I can’t even stomach anymore. We used to sit together on your porch, while you held back screams as the neighbors burned all of their belongings in front of you. You hated the smell of the smoke.

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“Hey, Mom?”


“I’ve got a weird feeling about this.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Something tells me that dousing the Christmas tree in gasoline and setting it on fire isn’t exactly the most expedient way to get rid of it.”

My mom got a funny look on her face. The lighter in her hand was tiny and cute. “Look, honey – I have no time or energy to drive it to the recycling center. Just soak it in the stuff already, and let’s MOVE IT.”

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I can get by pretty well, I’d say. I can afford three square meals a day. My house isn’t much, but it’s got a roof to keep me a dry and blankets to keep me hot. I’ve bought myself a toaster and a microwave so I’m not just eating sandwiches every day. I’m ready to move up, but for now, this is what I got – with the food that I eat and the house that I’ve bought.

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I am your father, and I love you with all my heart. I am your mother, and I brought you into this world. I am your brother, and unlike Cain, I am your keeper. I am your sister, and my stories will keep you sane. I am your nieces and nephews, your sons and your daughters. I am connected to you by blood and by your arcane human laws. I am your family, tucked away in a silver bauble. Open my bejeweled mouth from time to time, and I will sing the song of your ancestors to you.

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A Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you all are happy and healthy. I hope that the company you keep is the kind that loves you for who you are, regardless of whether or not they’re linked to you by blood. I hope you see light in the continually swarming darkness. There’s not much heat left in this metaphorical winter, but perhaps sitting by the hearth and sipping hot chocolate with the people you trust and adore will at least give us some temporary peace.

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I wanted someone special for Christmas. I wanted someone reliable. I wanted someone I could count on – yes, that was undeniable. I wanted someone who could say the words I needed to hear every day. I wanted a person who could be consistent in their own superior way. I wanted someone who liked to have fun but who could also have serious chats. In the end, there wasn’t someone for me, so for Christmas, I adopted cats.

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I didn’t expect Christmas to come crashing down around us, but it happened. Quite literally, in fact. It all started with the town of Burgundy witnessed its giant Christmas tree get struck by lightning during a rather violent storm. As the bark was ripped up like tissue paper, we stared in shock from our windows as the majestic trunk toppled down and strands of light burst in flares as they hit the pavement.

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Oh, Mrs. Dillon, sweetie pie, the telephone is ringing! You better pick it up before the carolers start singing. It’s Mr. Dillon, fat and proud, and he’s got you a present. Now he is calling to also provide a Christmas message. He’s saying, “Merry Christmas, darling, from your one and only. I’m happy to be seeing you tonight, or I’d be lonely.” Oh, Mrs. Dillon, sweetie pie, no need to make a fuss. We’re happy to let you go home – a Christmas gift from us!

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“I told him I’d give him fifty bucks for it.”

Maura stiffened at the number, but I was insistent.

“It’s all I had. It’s all I wanted to offer. We need to eat, Maura. I want to try music again, but we need to eat.”

“He’s never going to sell that piano to you for that low,” she mumbled.

“I’m still waiting for his decision.”

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I’m living in a nice two story condo, and my income’s relatively stable. It’s not much, but it’s stable. I can always put food on the table.

I have a car that runs all right; it’s got mileage, but it’s stable. It’s not much, but it’s stable. When it comes to its job, it’s able.

I have a wife who loves me, and our marriage has been stable. It’s everything, and it’s stable. It’s the perfect fairy tale.

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You’re not gonna get your way with me. No, not with that sh***y attitude. Not with that temper and that perspective on who I am, and not with that greasy sneer dragged across your face. I am not interested in your diatribes; I am not going to listen to your excuses. You can pack everything up in one or two bags and get out – you don’t get a second chance with me. Hell, you shouldn’t have even gotten one.

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The city that Hannah visited was quite high up – fifteen thousand feet above sea level, to be exact. She remembered to take her altitude sickness medication, and consequently, as she stepped out of the plane into the thin Cuzco air, she was able to breathe and stay steady. By contrast, Erika was already turning green around the gills.

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It was twenty minutes before the Christmas party. I felt like I looked pretty decent; my suit was clean and ironed, and my hair had defied expectations by not making me look like an untamed cockatoo for the first time in a while. Still, I added a little gel to the madness, and by the time I was heading out the door, it was already dark, and the nip in the air had mutated into quite the vicious and chilling bite.

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“Tell them the truth!” snarled Cassie.


“Tell. Them. The. TRUTH.”

Bart said nothing at first. When he finally did speak, his voice was low and subdued. “I was responsible for the fire.”

Cassie shook her head. “Louder, Bart.”


“Louder, so they can all hear what you have to say.”

“I was responsible for the fire,” repeated Bart, but only a little louder this time.

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Let me deal the cards, but first, I’ll shuffle the deck. I let the kings and queens and jacks leap into the air in an arc, in a black and red rainbow between my fingers. I cast each noble and peasant out so that they’re tucked between your fingers, and in the end, you’ll no longer be able to tell which will grant you victory and which will be your downfall.

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It was another night to dance; it was another night to waltz. We kept up with the time signature as much as we could. We counted in threes, and only threes. Your black shoes left black scuffs on the white floor. The hems of my white dress grew black around the edges from dirt and dust and shadows.

When the orchestra stopped playing, we stopped and collected ourselves. Perhaps we were now too old for waltzing.

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“What does this mean?”


“What the Hell does this mean?”

“What does what mean?”

“THIS!” He angrily thrust his essay in my face. The red pen stood out like an angry sneer, the letters legible and clear as it presented his failing grade. “What does this mean?”

I blinked at him. The fingers twitched on my right hand; I felt them do so. “What does an F mean?”


I gaped at him. “How long have you been in school? Figure it out.”

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There wasn’t much for me to see along the mountain range, or hear. Just the occasional scuffle of my boots and the distant echo of coyotes or other beasts who were probably lonelier than I was.

I settled down on the eastern flank of Mount Veil, helping myself to cold beans out of a can. I was too tired to build a fire, and while the temperatures would drop soon, I’d be able to brave it without the use of flames.

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I knew who was standing outside before I even heard the door bell, and once he was standing in the doorway, I had my shotgun loaded and ready to fire. He was wearing a poorly fitted blue suit, the hems of the jacket going all the way down to his knees. He has holding, for some reason, a box containing a half-eaten pizza.

“Hey, man,” he grumbled through a mouthful of pepperoni. “Can I finish this before you shoot my brains out?”

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Here are the shapes of valleys and mountains. And here are the curves of lakes and swamps. I create the texture with just my gaze – smooth, flat, sharp, and scarred.

Here are the colors of sunsets and moonlight. And here are the colors of curtains and wine. Somehow, it all goes to red and black, and somehow, all of the shapes morph to circles – around and around, without any end.

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Shannon blinked at me. “Dude.” She pointed at my character sheet. “You elf is seriously misaligned.”

“And why’s that?”

Brennan, who played a dwarf paladin, wrinkled his nose. “What’s wrong with a chaotic evil elf?”

“They’re peaceful!” Shannon cried. “They’re serene and calm and level-headed!”

“Hey, Shannon?” Carly, our dungeon master, piped up. “Maybe let the elf lady go crazy on the goblins’ asses, okay?”

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Noah acted concerned, but I knew he wasn’t; his dark brow was furrowed, like a sleeping caterpillar, but nonetheless, his real feelings were more similar to glee rather than worry. As he watched the cashier get cuffed and dragged out of the grocery store, he turned his head toward me.

“So…did he find meth on him, or weed?” he asked.

I stared at him. “Neither.”

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No matter how much you beg and plead, no matter how much you cry and scream, the knife will stay stuck in your head. The real world still is not a dream. Ability to speak is gone. Ability to blink is gone. Ability to shriek is gone. Ability to think is gone. You wish for one more “second chance.” Just one more chance. Just one more chance.

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There was much to be done before the holidays – lights to hang up, presents to wrap, tasty sweets to consume. I had bought myself a box of candy canes to stick into mugs of hot chocolate for some friends of mine, and while sitting at the glowing fireplace, I realized that, for the first time in a long time, I was content. I wasn’t overjoyed, ecstatic, or overly energetic – but I was content. And that was enough.

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There was no hatred in her voice. There was no malice in her tone. Yet there she was, and here I was, observing her upon her throne. She did not speak evil to me. She did not plan to do me in. Yet there she was, and here I was, repenting for my biggest sin.

She said to me, “Alas, poor soul. Not sure if you’ll be growing old.”

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I don’t believe in the righteous ones: They always end up wrong in the end. They always lie and cheat and steal, and they always harm the women. The righteous ones are ugly both inside and out, and they know it, too. They wear suits in order to hide their black and twisted hearts. They drink champagne so the bubbles ease the pits of wrath in their stomachs. I don’t believe in the righteous ones; they were never righteous to begin with.

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“I’d love to go to the party now,” barked Helena from the other room, “but it’d really help if the zipper wasn’t stuck on my jacket!”

Emma laughed and sighed before entering Helena’s bedroom, where her friend was struggling to move the metal bastard up and down without success. Emma let her fingers dance across the front of Helena’s beautiful leather jacket, the blue hue matching her freshly painted fingernails.

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Hello, good friends, in red and green! We welcome you to this Christmas scene. Please, stay a while, sit by the tree. Enjoy the sweets and company. Carol sheets are on the table, beside the nativity stable. Cocoa and cider are prepared, and snow is falling everywhere. Our gifts for you are wrapped in gold; this holiday never gets old!

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“I don’t think anyone wants to be ignorant,” Erika pointed out to the group, waving a fork loaded with potatoes as she spoke. “They just happen to be so. They’d rather just believe the things they do because it’s comfortable. It’s cozy. I had a college roommate – really sweet girl, liked to play piano – who was convinced that gay people were secretly out to turn her gay. Convinced. And I could never talk her out of it.”

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Come with me to the waterhole, and watch me take a dive into the deep blue abyss. I’ll let you know if I see any fish or shiny stones or dead bodies decomposing against jagged banks. I’ll reemerge and find you sitting on the shore of pebbles, counting each tiny shard in your palms. You don’t know how to swim, but you sure love to watch a swimmer, especially one like me.

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