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The site was still under construction, so I couldn’t begin building my art profile. It was frustrating; I had been using the same web page to sell everything I produced. My paintings, my shirts, my phone covers – all of it was easily processed and shipped off using the website in question.

Now, however, it was down, with no definite time for when it’d come back. And my funds were starting to deplete.

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Is it too much to ask for me to be independently wealthy, when I have been profoundly poor for most of my life? I spent my first three years out of college being a dishwasher at a rundown Italian restaurant, milking each penny for all it was worth. I ate ramen and drank warm tap water and lived with six other people. Now I get to drink a beer sometimes and live with only four other people. Yeah. My affluence is staggering.

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“Look, man,” said Marty, “I’m not here to judge you. But I’m pretty sure I told you that drinking toxic waste is super hazardous to your health.”

Michelle burped loudly. Flecks of green and black flecked her lips. She smiled and lowered the can. “Hey,” she said. “I bet you if I chug another pound of this, I’ll get X-ray vision.”

“How about cancer? You want that as a superpower?”

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We were now waiting for the reveal, and trust me when I say that she. Kept. Us. Waiting. Oh, my GOODNESS, did she expect us to be patient. We were all sitting around the tiny, cramped dressing room, our feet bouncing up and down and our tongues fluttering around our dry lips. It was warm and uncomfortable, and I just wanted to see the damn dress.

“Leila, c’mon!” I barked. “I don’t even think your bride’s gonna wait this long for you!”

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Do you want to be an actor, or an astronaut, or a firefighter? Do you want a job where you work at day, or where you pull an all-nighter? Or do you feel like being a nomad on the street with a pipe and a cigarette lighter?

Do you want to save the world, or cure a bad disease? Or do you want to be an idler and live a life of ease?

None of these answers are wrong, you know. You don’t need to actually belong, you know.

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“What’s up, man?”

“Car stalled,” panted Garrett. “I’ve been trying to push it to the gas station for the past half hour.”

“Where the Hell are you?”

“15 Interstate. On the shoulder by the City Hall.”

“Dude!” Daisy’s voice rose an octave. “That’s dangerous, bro! Look, I’ll be there in ten minutes, tops, okay?”

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Strict and stern, Nathaniel stood in front of the class wearing a soot-colored suit and a scowl across his wrinkled face. It was his thirtieth year teaching, and the students seemed quieter and quieter with each new term. Now, their eyes was averted, though not on their cellphones; Nathaniel had confiscated them all on the first day. But despite not having their little screens, they would not look their teacher in the eyes.

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The two old men were wining and dining, chewing and grinding, sharing stories and bad jokes at the corner table. It was actually fun to listen in on. The two elderly gents appeared to be very close – friends, or perhaps even lovers. But they did appear to be reconnecting or rekindling something that perhaps had been lost long ago. One of them still had a good head of hair, his smile big beneath his lumberjack-esque beard.

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She destroyed my house. She wrecked my car. And on top of that, she stole my heart. I knew that was a big mistake to love her, but it was mine to make. She was pure living TNT, and soon, she’d make a fool of me. She’d lead me down a twisted path and strand me in the aftermath. I’d be just like that automobile – a broken pile of junk and steel.

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We met at the Channel Five coffee shop on a weekly basis, always ordering mochas and always waiting for a Channel Five news bus to be situated outside. We knew why the shop had that name, though – it was because the owner’s last name was Channel, and he was the fifth child out of seven in his family. He went by Chan colloquially, and he always winked at me when he handed me my drink.

“We’re not dating,” I’d always remind him, trying not to pay attention my attractive friend as she waited for me at the corner table.

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Would you like three dollars for an ice cream cone? I can come with you, so you don’t have to be alone. I’ll get myself a sundae, with a cherry on top. Enjoy the treat during the heat. Ignore the assholes on the street. When it comes to being yourself and happy, you never have to stop.

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There are millions of people like you and me who visit these cemeteries on Memorial Day. They leave flowers and gifts; they say prayers under their breath and ignore the grass stains left on their legs after they’ve knelt. There are veterans who salute each other from their spots by the graves, and honestly, it’s hard to remember sometimes – how much they’ve sacrificed for this country while it slowly erodes all freedom.

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Copper kettle, boil for me. Heat my water for my tea. Serve it ten minutes past three. This fine brew isn’t for free.

Copper kettle, boil for me. The smell causes ecstasy. Once I find the reverie, I don’t want no company.

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This is what’s left of your empire, my liege – this is what’s left of your fiefdom. Piles of ash over twenty feet high where your towers once rose like tarantula’s legs. Crumbling wastelands of brick and dead stone where you previously held your ceremonies. Your fortress is breaking like cake in my hands as my fingers linger along its walls. Life is impermanent, and so is your reign – accept it, and die like a man.

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The entire road trip was a drag. We had no food, not enough water, and definitely not enough things to entertain us on the side of the freeway. Chelsea was snoring in the back seat by the time we reached St. Hakoda, and I was certain I was gonna collapse from the sheer lack of pretzels and chips and other salty snacks that I normally took with him on these ridiculous journeys.

Had to blame my father, of course – he never liked sitting still. And when he wanted to go on an adventure, we were his reluctant fellowship.

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You cannot beat me – I am unstoppable. I am invincible and impenetrable. My armor is forged from metals from parts of the galaxy you’ve never explored. My sword can slay even the most powerful of leviathans. I am the Goliath to your Goliath. You cannot defeat me with stones. And you cannot usurp my hard earned throne.

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There was nothing radical about Sam’s dissertation, but she sure as Hell acted like it was. She seriously seemed to believe that what she had written was cutting edge – extreme – full of shocking new information. It wasn’t. It was simply a slanted perspective of a controversial topic we were all familiar with – and over half of our classmates agreed with her. I sighed and lowered my head against my desk as she verbally patted herself on the back in indulgent praise of her own work.

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Dear Madison,

Please disregard that last message I sent you. Truth be told, I wasn’t in my office when I wrote it. I was, in fact, at the Teddy Bear Tavern downtown, and I had drunk one too many Moscow mules, and quite frankly, I’m embarrassed by the entire thing. You deserve better than to have a lovesick, inebriated moron spill her guts out to you like in such a horrific, unprofessional way that causes discomfort or confusion.

the Village Idiot

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She was drunk, and she was sweating, and as she staggered toward the bus stop, she was groping for the wall as if it would hold her body up. She knew she shouldn’t have downed so many bourbon shots – but it was Friday. THE Friday. The anniversary she dreaded reliving. She finally managed to get to the bus stop bench and practically faceplanted onto the splintered wood.

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The plane’s departure from the Lyrette Airport seemed like any normal departure from any normal airport. It lifted into the air as gracefully as any large metal hunk could, though not necessarily akin to a soaring bird. Within minutes, it was thousands of miles above the cityscape, the pilot focused on her trajectory. That was when all the lights below turned off.

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I am not worth any of your time. I am absolutely the worst. You let me into your home, cook me meals, give me clothes to wear – and yet, what do I contribute to society, let alone your livelihood? I am nothing. I am less than nothing. And I don’t know why you humor me. I don’t know why you tend to me.

And yet, here you are. Offering me a towel after I take a warm shower. Providing me a bed in the guest room. Shushing your noisy children so I finally get a chance to sleep.

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There’s much to be said about the power of jealousy. It makes devils out of friends, and it makes fools out of you and me. To worry that I will take what you’ve worked so hard to have – I may as well steal one of your shovels to dig your own grave. Don’t be misled by the conversations I have with your wife. We are friends, nothing more; I figured my presence at your parties would add some color to your dull, gray life.

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The shoe peddler faced criminal charges, all in the first degree: Assault, theft, and even murder. Even so, he stared blankly at the members of the jury as he took the stand in the courtroom. His fingers twitched while his hand was on the worn down Bible proffered to him. And when he was ready to speak, it almost didn’t sound human.

“I,” he enunciated. “Sell. Shoes.”

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A man finds a bypass route to avoid the 5 o’clock traffic on a Friday afternoon. But instead of going around the busy freeway like he wanted, he finds himself reversed and winds up across the bridge in a tiny town called Port Ridgedale. There’s a bar nearby called The Sick Bastard, and he’s really not in the mood for a beer; he just wants to go home. But then he remembers that his wife has been mad at him ever since he got passed over for a promotion, so maybe a White Russian or a screwdriver would be really good right now.

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The conversation was tepid at first, but it got heated pretty damn quickly. Karen and Nicholas were both red-faced and fuming, their clenched fists hidden under the table, as Oliver tried to nonchalantly focused on eating his stew. His brother, Derek, stared listlessly out the window, wishing that the passing cars were loud enough to muffle his parents’ screaming.

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Gerald had no idea what was in store for him when he stepped into the condemned space that was once the local laundromat. Snapping his gloves on, he retrieved the clipboard from the passenger’s side of his truck and scanned the form attached to it. As he opened the door, it creaked louder than he would have liked – “Almost too appropriate,” he thought to himself, reminded of his favorite horror film.

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Tell me, how much have you been able to eat today? Did you pack a lunch, or did your mom think you only needed two quarters for a sandwich again? You poor thing – here’s a juice box and some granola bars. No need to pay me back. If you’re too shy to sit with anyone, there’s a corner here that has plenty of books for you to read or music for you to listen to. I try to make this space a safe one, a comforting one.

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In the desert, the sun doesn’t care how thirsty you are. It doesn’t care that your body has already thinned within days, mottled with growing age spots, wrinkled from fatigue. It gazes down at bodies in the sand as if watching ants struggle to return to their colonies – and it pays no heed to anyone’s cries for mercy.

Because the sun is not a god. It’s a giant ball of helium and hydrogen. It has no feelings.

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The cat that liked to sneak into our house wasn’t a stray. She was well-fed and well-groomed, and she lived with another tabby in a condo across the street from us. Still, she found our living room to be to her liking – sniffing around the couch, nuzzling her head against the coffee table. It was only when she tried to run upstairs did my wife acquiesce and carry the feisty feline back outside.

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The woman in the red coat sits down at the corner of the outside bar, where the sun hits her shoulders at such an angle that the velvet ripples like Moses’ Red Sea. She crosses one leg over the other, showing off the silver buckles on her Italian shoes, and orders a drink strong enough to knock out a giant with an alcohol problem.

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