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After the boy had planted the seeds, the tomato vines grew so serpentine that they snaked their way across the fences of the neighborhood. Soon, Grant awoke to find enormous red delicacies awaiting him from the corner of his house, dripping with the prior night’s rain, their canopies thick and dark.

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Alex was still dwelling on the past hour, the second hand mocking her with its nagging black finger as it danced across the grandfather clock beside the couch she had collapsed onto. That hour, where she had been nestled between her two sisters, being told the news.

“Your father won’t be living with us anymore.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t love his wife and kids. It was that he didn’t love women.

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“Hey, Samantha?”

“Give me a minute, Mom.”

“Samantha – ”

“Just a minute!”

But she only moved closer to her daughter. Her cellphone dangled limply from her left hand, a foreboding chunk of black impending doom.

“It’s your brother, Samantha.”

Samantha didn’t look up from her computer.

“He’s in the hospital.”

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“It seems that you received various simple fractures up and down your left arm. Which leaves me with one question.”

“Yes, doctor?”

“What did you do, have a hammer precisely crush each spot from your elbow to your wrist?”

I blinked. “No…it was just a game of piñata gone bad.”

“I see,” the doctor muttered. “Happy Birthday, by the way.”

“Thanks,” I grinned, waiting for him to wrap me up.

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The persons settled in the parlor were far different than the guests I was accustomed to on a weekly basis. Many of them were far older, yet they harbored a youthful glazed look in their eyes as if setting a jewel in deep, thick oil. Their teeth were battered but flashed with a childish mirth. Their beards thick, their cheeks still red and ruddy like a schoolboy’s temperamental face.

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“This is the pits.”

“Relax, Andrew,” I murmured. “Just another hour and then we can head home.”

“I don’t know why we have to do this. I mean, just because Daniel told us to doesn’t mean – ”

“I know, but just…do this for a friend, okay?”

I readjusted my binoculars as Andrew kept his crouched position behind the juniper. Sarah was leaving the restaurant soon. With who, we didn’t know yet.

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“This is the pits.”

“Relax, Andrew,” I murmured. “Just another hour and then we can head home.”

“I don’t know why we have to do this. I mean, just because Daniel told us to doesn’t mean – ”

“I know, but just…do this for a friend, okay?”

I readjusted my binoculars as Andrew kept his crouched position behind the juniper. Sally was leaving the restaurant soon. With who, we didn’t know yet.

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“I’m not particularly keen on rare steak.”

Mrs. Hammers dolloped on the bloody slabs of meat anyway, staining Caitlin’s plate a bright mosaic of red and pink. I swished around my scalloped potatoes and kept close focus on Mr. Hammers’ furious mouth.

“Kids these days. They want their steaks well cooked, they want their eggs over easy…where did we go wrong?”

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The thin framework of the movie’s plot was depressing, to say the least. Nothing was cohesive. None of the motives matched. And as I cast my eyes toward the director and writer, who squirmed in his seat as if with excitement, I didn’t really know what to say to him.

“Well?” he asked as the credits began to roll. “What did you think?”

I didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t left with much. No characters to remember. No storyline to recall. Nothing had stuck.

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“Let’s talk about Sandy,” said Gregory, as he poured me another glass of Riesling.

The sweetness of the wine was able to reduce my headache somewhat, and I paused to rub my temples with two of the fingers on my left hand.

“What’s there to talk about?”

Gregory didn’t change his expression. “You haven’t spoken to her in four days. There has to be a reason why.”

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The mayor of New Hagenbergersteinbeckersmith was pleased to see the erection of the new statue idolizing the great German pioneer who had founded the town. Nestled right between the tiny post office and the grandiose hot dog and bratwurst restaurant, it was meant to gleam in a great bronze glory over the town. It didn’t help, therefore, when vandals painted penises on its face and sent the mustached politician into a murderous frenzy.

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Inside the dank cathedral, two children prayed. In the courtyard along the sinister turrets, a gardener planted roses. Beneath his feet in the basement, a ceremony was starting.

The vicar was dressed in blacks and reds. The deacons all in whites. They would wear the dark stains of those who felt the dagger in the colossal man’s hands.

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This was the last straw. First, it had been the three pubescent boys stealing potato chips from the deli area. Then, it was a middle-aged woman opening a cupcake container just to eat one of the chocolate puffed pastries. And now, two giggly high school girls were opening up cans of soda and drinking them.

The security guard had no choice. He had to save the day.

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“I’ll make this brief – ”

“That’s what you said last time.”

“Well, yes, but…”

“And you took thirty minutes speaking last time.”

“I understand, but…”

“All about Gustav Holst.”

There was a giggle resounding throughout the classroom. A rickety racket of tittering. The teacher was not amused. But the students certainly were. Very much so. By non-briefness.

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Jack was switching from a large white pill to a tiny orange pill. He had been told that his current medication wouldn’t be too kind to his kidneys, and frankly, he preferred potential mood swings to the inability to create normal bodily functions.

He sat down for a lunch of cheese and crackers and popped the little tablet into his mouth, washing it down with his can of coke. He could almost feel it fizzing into dust in his stomach.

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“What,” roared my father, “is the meaning of all this racket?”

He was heaving and wheezing in the doorway, his ample frame squished against the frame, as my sister and I sheepishly looked up from where we kneeled on the floor. I still firmly gripped the baseball bat, while my sister wielded the plastic sword and dagger that our mother had bought for her from the costume store.

“The monster came back,” I tried to explain.

“What monster?” barked my father.

“The big green one.”

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In the little steel nest lay three small boys, the barbed wire around them threatening to scrape against their exposed toes. They were all blond, though the heavy mud and brush threatened to tarnish the gold bouncing on their heads as the cold winds blew around the debris. One was clinging to what appeared to be the remains of a stuffed bear.

I reached over the wire to touch one boy on the shoulder. He didn’t move.

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We had a chat at the local grocery store after buying sandwiches at the deli. The wind kicked up outside and blew through the gaps in the automatic opening doors, but we didn’t mind. We were strangely enchanted by the atmosphere of such a cluttered, crazed environment. Happy with bits and pieces of small talk over carts littered with random produce and the occasional stack of muffins.

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“This day’s been a grind.”

“Grind…grind. I’ve heard that word before.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you have.”

“No,” interjected Randy, “I mean it means something. Like something from my past. Something that’s been haunting me for ages.”

Alan blinked. He was a co-worker of Randy’s at the deli. Not a therapist. “Like…the Daily Grind coffee shop down the street?”

“No,” replied Randy. “Too easy.”

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Richard the Twenty-Third signed the treaty that ended the Battles of Montoya and Grinjo. Never mind that the two countries didn’t exist, there were no battles, and that Richard was just a seven-year-old named Ricky playing with toy knights ending a major conflict. But hey, he could be the best diplomat in the future. One never knows.

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Walter was emptying his fifth cup when his ex-wife arrived at the party. Donald had invited her, if only to hear about her latest escapades in Italy. The old man had become so fascinated with the atmosphere of Venice that he decided not to remember the fact that Walter and his wife had very painfully divorced.

That is, until he saw Walter crushing his plastic cup into a wad in his periphery vision.

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As Terry pulled the baseball cap over his bushy crop of hair, he strode out into the sunlight of the stadium, guided by the rough but careful hand of the team’s coach. The crowds were cheering only for a moment before the boy strode to the microphone. He would be the youngest person to ever sing the Star Spangled Banner at that stadium – a five-year-old with the voice of an opera star.

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“Is it really that big of a necessity to make this rocket fly?”


“To Jupiter?”


“Where there is absolutely no landing dock?”


“And no way to travel on foot, because it’s a freaking gas giant?”


The physicist calmly eyed the gleeful newcomer. “And yet you still want to be the first man to walk on Jupiter?”

“Yes, sir,” said the newcomer. “I defy physics!”

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The convict had confounded us with his cryptic commentary before, and with a crusty upper lip caked with courageous calm, he coughed out another call for chains to be cut from his criss-crossed calves. “Can’t you see I’m changing into a cadaver?” he carefully cried.

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“This won’t be a hassle?”

“Nah,” chewed Rodrigo, nomming at the bent cigarette that was turning to liquid ash in his mouth. “No hassle. No pressure. No mess.”

Dr. Simeon leaned forward against his desk, his bad knee shrieking against the wooden frame. “You’re sure?”

“Oh, yeah,” Rodrigo lilted. “We can do this no problem.”

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The reporter watched in horror as the pinnacle of steel and shining glass toppled overhead, debris in large flaming chunks descending upon the packed metropolis. As the blue planes overhead screeched and hollered with their gunfire, the poor journalist could not keep calm on national television. Not like this. Her bosses were mad to send her into this war zone. Absolutely mad. And no bulletproof vest could save her here.

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As she plotted out the architecture in blue and white prints, Rosanna was beginning to feel the onset of preliminary exhaustion in her muscles. She leaned back from her desk, shoulder blades squealing in protest as they rubbed against the cushion of her swivel chair.

The mayor wanted the plans for the new city hall by tomorrow. Rosanna was beginning to wonder if she could ever get it done.

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I was thinking up a rather snide dilemma for the two-year-old chihuahua that was crying from its window just two houses down from me. My husband told me not to mess with the poor puppy, but when it was yapping like its ears were on fire, I just couldn’t help but draft a plan to shut it up by forcing cookies down its throat, but that solution would serve only to be temporary. So as much as I tried to be evil, I just couldn’t manage it, so I pet my big labrador and slept with my red head upon his back.

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As the old man transformed into a dashing blond youth right in front of our eyes, I gaped at the flower which honeysuckle had re-nourished the blood and rejuvenated the bones. No more deep, vicious wrinkles, replaced by ruddy, puckering lips and pink flesh. Stubble dotted the clean jaw where the white wisps used to be. And as the cane fell from the man’s hand, he danced and skipped as if he had been given the energy of a jackrabbit.

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Grandmother always liked to rant about how the bad tap water in our town had stunted my growth. Given that I stood at a meager 4’10” at the age of twenty-nine, I understood why she’d have a conspiracy theory. But the truth was, it was just the way I grew. And it always made it fun when I challenged my thirty-two-year-old husband to a game of hide and seek.

I always won. Hiding under the stairwell.

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