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I couldn’t find my pencil holder, no matter how I tried. I checked within my backpack, but it just wasn’t inside. I checked my desk, I checked the tables, I checked my husband’s room. I checked the downstairs and the upstairs, feeling certain doom. I missed my little pencil holder, jewel-gunned and fine – it had lovely jewel patterns that my daughter said were mine.

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“They’ve got some really short fuses, don’t they?” asked Kyla.

She was referring to the temperamental twin boys sulking in the corner, both of their crowns curling in syrupy cowlicks above their pale faces. Almost as if they were trying to be soft-serve ice cream cones. I stifled a giggle at the mental picture.

“Yeah,” I replied once I had composed myself. “I’ll figure something out with them. Promise.”

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As we added the cream cheese icing to the cupcakes, a sudden thought struck me full in the temples and caused my ears to ring with the intonation of panic.



I inhaled. “We forgot the red food coloring.”

I half-expected her to equally freak out in a similar, frozen manner – all in the eyes, not the body. But instead she laughed and kissed me on the cheek.

“That’s okay, dear,” she said. “We’ll call them ‘Just Velvet’ cupcakes.”

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“The instructions are in German.”

I stopped making dinner for a brief moment. “What?”

“The instructions,” she repeated, gesturing at the flimsy packet of paper that was bristling in her hands. “For the radio. It’s in German.”

“Okay, but is it in English, too?”


I tried again. “Spanish? French?”

“Nada. Non.”

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The two suspects were sitting together on the same bench, handcuffed and very stiff. They did not move much. They barely twitched their eyebrows or sucked in the air through their feeble nostrils. One of their noses quivered slightly, white powder settling in his whiskers.

We sat down across from them, waiting for them to speak. We would have to be the ones to “break the ice.”

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Zaine was on patrol. He had not expected Lavonne to be with him, but she was, hovering around the curb that joined the main street with the residential. The turrets of each home and shelter caught the line of the artificial moon so perfectly. Steely silver against brick. So faux.

Lavonne lit a cigarette and Zaine could see the orange light from far away. He cocked his gun and waited.

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They had her on a stretcher, the blue in her eyes becoming brief flashes of color as her lids snapped over them repeatedly. She was trying very hard to stay awake and alert, but each breath looked more labored than the next, her chest rising a little lower each time.

I ran over to her side and seized her hand. She looked at me and managed a smile despite her exhaustion. “Hi, beautiful,” she whispered.

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“What are you doing?”

“I’m developing a sonar system for my aquarium!” squeaked Bailey.

Bailey’s aquarium was his tiny fish tank in the corner of his bedroom, with two goldfish swimming about a plastic castle and ignoring the pellets waiting to be devoured. I watched him tinker with the random scraps of metal and shrapnel and tried asking another question.

“How is this going to work?”

“I’m going to detect sound,” said Bailey. “Duh.”

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Wendy had gotten all of the decorations up for this year’s grandiose Halloween party. They weren’t the average orange and black streamers crimping at the edges, with cardboard skeletons folding in on themselves at the touch of the slightest wind. From the tables, the chairs, the fireplace, the TV – even the glasses, forks, and plates – everything was an array of skulls, bones, and shrouded spookiness.

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My pirate crew was ready. Their cardboard cutlasses caught the bare sunlight peeking out from the swarm of fog just right. Their tattered old T-shirts and jeans were ripped perfectly for the day. Costume store hats bedecked their brows. Cloth eyepatches. Plastic hooks.

I stood upon the bow of my grandfather’s old tugboat, swinging my sword around with my heavy red coat billowing in the wind.

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“Arthur, I need your help!”

“What? What is it?”

“I need some auxiliary support on this!”

“Auxiliary support on what?”

“You gotta come over here!”

“What situation possibly warrants the term ‘auxiliary support?'”

“…Do you know where I can find a good biographical book on Ludwig von Beethoven?”

“Ah. See, the auxiliary support there is called a library. You should check it out.”

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“There’s a towel on the doorknob,” said Danny. “Is that code for something?”

“Not sure.” I chewed at my jerky a bit longer, but the salty residue left me a little unimpressed.

Danny was still looking at me, like he was expecting me to finally divulge the truth like it was a riddle that neither of us had figured out yet. I matched his gaze exactly.

“Seriously, it’s probably Joe not putting his towel away. We’re fine.”

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There are no bandages for ruthless language. No easy way to tear off stickers plastered to your forehead. And the funny thing is, the people trying to wash the ink right off their arms are re-applying the sticky stuff to the biceps, elbows, and shoulders of those they want to label in their own way.

People are not meant to be compartmentalized unless they decide to pack themselves that way. On that same note, they cannot compartmentalize anyone else.

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“So you really think you could be my life coach?”


“My adviser?”


“With no setbacks to your mentorship whatsoever?”

“Of course.”

“Then why in God’s name aren’t you wearing any pants?”

“Alan, Alan, Alan…since when were pants a pre-requisite for being wise and experienced?”

“Since I had to see your – “

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“Can I make a suggestion?”

“No,” Parker snapped. “And if you continue to talk to me in that condescending tone, so help me God, I will use my pocket knife to cut out your tongue.”

Dennis shut up pretty quickly, and I swore that I saw half a dozen faces in the classroom lit up with satisfied sneers. I had always liked Parker as a professor, and today, he was no exception against the snobby students.

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Howard had a 1963 Chrysler turbine car sitting in the cobblestone driveway beside his cobblestone home, and it hadn’t been driven since the year it was made. He made good use of it as a lawn ornament, allowing the green to grow around its hubcaps like braids on a rubber man’s head.

I had wanted to drive that car so badly, but I knew it wouldn’t be in good shape now. I wouldn’t have been surprised if its engine had turned entirely copper from rust.

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At Billy’s feet was a bucket that waited for any standard level of spew to reach its rim. He was sitting upright in his bed now, head lowered so far that his chin nearly touched his chest. To his left, his brothers were sleeping soundly, the ale not seeming to have affected them nearly as drastically.

“I need to brew myself something to help my head,” Billy thought to himself, as he tried with an enormous effort to stand up and walk properly.

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“I’m bringing back overalls,” Carla stated proudly, twirling around and showing off the flared denim.

At the table in the cafeteria, there were mixed reactions. Simon stared as if Carla was infected with some horrible illness. Tasha just sipped her drink. And Max looked simply ecstatic.

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Crystal couldn’t believe it. This was the fourth time in a row that Mrs. Prehistoric (actually Mrs. Presley, but the T-rex arms and the scaly skin said otherwise) had given her detention, all for giving her a “bad look.” Delinquent? Her? It was ridiculous. She just wanted to read her Thoreau and Emerson and whoever and get the Hell out of the way of everyone else.

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A girl trying to figure out a science clue on a crossword while drinking a cider and eating a slice of four cheese pizza is trying to pet her oh-so-eager-for-scraps dog with the big toe on her left foot. Only she can’t reach his head, so she ends up stroking the excess fur and skin gathered around his neck, which she and her family lovingly call a wattle. The dog does not seem to mind.

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When Gary wanted to buy a brand new modem, he went to the largest corporate store to get it. But when he got for about forty dollars, it wouldn’t connect properly. And when it wouldn’t connect properly, he called the corporate tech support. When he called the corporate tech support, he was greeted by a low, silky operator’s voice, and he promptly fell in love. And after he fell in love, he found the tech support vicinity in Houston, Texas and asked the stout woman out for dinner.

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The railroad tracks had been there longer than I could ever imagine, but no trains rolled on it these days. Not since the fire choked the station with its smoldering fingers and dragged the wooden splinters into the dirt. The frame was strangely intact, but inside, it was gutted. Completely gutted.

No one had attempted to bring the trains back. And as such, I intended to travel south on those abandoned tracks.

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It was a difficult burden to harness, but we knew it was the right thing to do for Eddie. We dragged out all of the things he owned from the ramshackle cottage in which he had lived for half of his life. Mattresses, chairs, stools, tables – even an “old-fashioned” chandelier that looked like it had been bought from a flea market – were all tossed into the yard, ready to be literally axed and burned.

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“It’s not the size of the ship,” protested Max, “it’s the motion of the o – ”

“I’m not letting you finish that.” Without skipping a beat, Harold turned to look at me, his eyes melting in the light of the cheap-looking chandelier. “So, David. How are your mozzarella sticks?”

I swallowed a bite of congealed dairy and nodded. “Very mozzarella-y.”

“I protest,” Lucy joked. “They simply must be cheddar-y!”

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The enormous mansion on the upwards slope of the street always gave you the chills, whenever you went outside to skateboard or shoot hoops in your precariously inclined driveway. The stone lions were the worst of it. Their stony eyes had no pupils, no color – a simple blank stare into a world that not even you were ever familiar with.

But today, you are going to be brave. You are going to walk up to that mansion.

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Saturday was the big day. The moment of wonderfulness. For lack of a better word. Yasmine was ready for it. The dress was picked out, the flowers arranged, the cake baked and tiered. Even the photographer was on standby as she twirled around in her room. She felt like a kindergartener again, giving a dandelion to a boy and asking her to marry him much to his disgust.

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She only liked eating the crusts on pizza, going on the swings in the park, and looking only at pictures of particular cats. She liked calicos the most, but she didn’t find Siamese felines to be particularly noteworthy.

“I want a calico some day,” she said to me as I was vacuuming the living room.

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The configuration on the computer had gone completely awry, the display screen flickering in and out between a picture of a Jack Russell terrier and a shot of my boyfriend and me on the beach. As I fidgeted with the spazzy mouse, my dad came over and nudged me in the arm.

“Here, hon,” he muttered. “Let me see what I can do.”

“Dad,” I said, “you know less about computers than I do.”

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“Excuse me,” asked the man with the large, misshapen nose. “Could you tell me who the distributor of these DVDs are?”

I blinked. “Um…the same guys who saw to the production of the movies?”

He was staring at me quite intently now, perusing my blue polo shirt and my khaki pants. He pursed his lips and his bulbous snout twitched.

“So nothing has been pirated?” he demanded.

“Why on earth would a corporation like us carry pirated goods?” I asked.

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There were five different kinds of soups ladled out on the round, majestically carved table of mahogany. The first was a light broth, decorated with a rare noodle here and there. The next two were cream soups – potatoes floating like debris in one, mushrooms sleeping soundly in the other. The shrimp bisque looked fantastic and colorful, the butternut squash one bright. The last, however, looked the oddest – and was a dark blue.

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