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You cannot beat me – I am unstoppable. I am invincible and impenetrable. My armor is forged from metals from parts of the galaxy you’ve never explored. My sword can slay even the most powerful of leviathans. I am the Goliath to your Goliath. You cannot defeat me with stones. And you cannot usurp my hard earned throne.

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There was nothing radical about Sam’s dissertation, but she sure as Hell acted like it was. She seriously seemed to believe that what she had written was cutting edge – extreme – full of shocking new information. It wasn’t. It was simply a slanted perspective of a controversial topic we were all familiar with – and over half of our classmates agreed with her. I sighed and lowered my head against my desk as she verbally patted herself on the back in indulgent praise of her own work.

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Dear Madison,

Please disregard that last message I sent you. Truth be told, I wasn’t in my office when I wrote it. I was, in fact, at the Teddy Bear Tavern downtown, and I had drunk one too many Moscow mules, and quite frankly, I’m embarrassed by the entire thing. You deserve better than to have a lovesick, inebriated moron spill her guts out to you like in such a horrific, unprofessional way that causes discomfort or confusion.

the Village Idiot

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She was drunk, and she was sweating, and as she staggered toward the bus stop, she was groping for the wall as if it would hold her body up. She knew she shouldn’t have downed so many bourbon shots – but it was Friday. THE Friday. The anniversary she dreaded reliving. She finally managed to get to the bus stop bench and practically faceplanted onto the splintered wood.

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The plane’s departure from the Lyrette Airport seemed like any normal departure from any normal airport. It lifted into the air as gracefully as any large metal hunk could, though not necessarily akin to a soaring bird. Within minutes, it was thousands of miles above the cityscape, the pilot focused on her trajectory. That was when all the lights below turned off.

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I am not worth any of your time. I am absolutely the worst. You let me into your home, cook me meals, give me clothes to wear – and yet, what do I contribute to society, let alone your livelihood? I am nothing. I am less than nothing. And I don’t know why you humor me. I don’t know why you tend to me.

And yet, here you are. Offering me a towel after I take a warm shower. Providing me a bed in the guest room. Shushing your noisy children so I finally get a chance to sleep.

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There’s much to be said about the power of jealousy. It makes devils out of friends, and it makes fools out of you and me. To worry that I will take what you’ve worked so hard to have – I may as well steal one of your shovels to dig your own grave. Don’t be misled by the conversations I have with your wife. We are friends, nothing more; I figured my presence at your parties would add some color to your dull, gray life.

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The shoe peddler faced criminal charges, all in the first degree: Assault, theft, and even murder. Even so, he stared blankly at the members of the jury as he took the stand in the courtroom. His fingers twitched while his hand was on the worn down Bible proffered to him. And when he was ready to speak, it almost didn’t sound human.

“I,” he enunciated. “Sell. Shoes.”

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A man finds a bypass route to avoid the 5 o’clock traffic on a Friday afternoon. But instead of going around the busy freeway like he wanted, he finds himself reversed and winds up across the bridge in a tiny town called Port Ridgedale. There’s a bar nearby called The Sick Bastard, and he’s really not in the mood for a beer; he just wants to go home. But then he remembers that his wife has been mad at him ever since he got passed over for a promotion, so maybe a White Russian or a screwdriver would be really good right now.

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The conversation was tepid at first, but it got heated pretty damn quickly. Karen and Nicholas were both red-faced and fuming, their clenched fists hidden under the table, as Oliver tried to nonchalantly focused on eating his stew. His brother, Derek, stared listlessly out the window, wishing that the passing cars were loud enough to muffle his parents’ screaming.

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Gerald had no idea what was in store for him when he stepped into the condemned space that was once the local laundromat. Snapping his gloves on, he retrieved the clipboard from the passenger’s side of his truck and scanned the form attached to it. As he opened the door, it creaked louder than he would have liked – “Almost too appropriate,” he thought to himself, reminded of his favorite horror film.

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Tell me, how much have you been able to eat today? Did you pack a lunch, or did your mom think you only needed two quarters for a sandwich again? You poor thing – here’s a juice box and some granola bars. No need to pay me back. If you’re too shy to sit with anyone, there’s a corner here that has plenty of books for you to read or music for you to listen to. I try to make this space a safe one, a comforting one.

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In the desert, the sun doesn’t care how thirsty you are. It doesn’t care that your body has already thinned within days, mottled with growing age spots, wrinkled from fatigue. It gazes down at bodies in the sand as if watching ants struggle to return to their colonies – and it pays no heed to anyone’s cries for mercy.

Because the sun is not a god. It’s a giant ball of helium and hydrogen. It has no feelings.

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The cat that liked to sneak into our house wasn’t a stray. She was well-fed and well-groomed, and she lived with another tabby in a condo across the street from us. Still, she found our living room to be to her liking – sniffing around the couch, nuzzling her head against the coffee table. It was only when she tried to run upstairs did my wife acquiesce and carry the feisty feline back outside.

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The woman in the red coat sits down at the corner of the outside bar, where the sun hits her shoulders at such an angle that the velvet ripples like Moses’ Red Sea. She crosses one leg over the other, showing off the silver buckles on her Italian shoes, and orders a drink strong enough to knock out a giant with an alcohol problem.

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“I’m gonna blow it up.”

She whirled on Sam. Her nostrils flared wider than she ever thought possible. Her friend stared back with a blank expression, pinching the exposed wires between your fingers.

“You’re going to WHAT.”

“It’s the only way,” replied Sam. Her eyes were narrowed into concentrated slits. “It’s our only chance.”

“Over my dead body.”

“It’s my call.”

“Who put YOU in charge?”

“I did,” Sam spat.

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You want me to turn away from my meds, from any drugs marked prescription. You think holistic medicine will “cure” my nervous conniptions. Well, let me tell you, sport, about the alternative sensations: If this stuff had been proven to work, it’d be labeled, “medication.”

So let’s hope that your water does have too strong of a memory, because considering what you do in the bath, there are things it doesn’t want to see.

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You want to talk me all your secrets, but frankly, I don’t care. You want to show the world to me, but frankly, I don’t care. It’s not because I hate you, in case you’re unaware. I just can’t show emotion, so I really just don’t care.

I don’t care about family; I don’t care about friends. I don’t care about money or how stories start and end. I don’t care about love or care about a lingering stare. I know you want us to be close, but frankly, I don’t care.

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“How was the pasta, dear?”

Kelly made a face. “It was fine,” she said. “Too much basil, though.”

“Really?” Her mother looked incredulous. “I didn’t put in any more than I usually did.”

Pushing her empty plate away, Kelly said nothing more as she walked to the living room to finish her history homework. Her mother was left to stare confusedly into space.

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Isn’t it far from unusual at this point to see this grown man cry on the street corner? And isn’t it typical to observe the awkward stares and glares he receives from passersby? Look, you jerks – he just lost his house in the latest recession, and his dog died in a freak kitchen accident involving beef jerky, and his wife left him because the poor guy doesn’t have the cheeriness to get it up anymore.

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“Dude. Look.” Randall took a deep breath. He scratched aggressively at one of his bushy sideburns. “Everyone just needs to chill, okay? No need to get at each other’s throats. No need to derail the campaign. Just…try to figure this out so we can move forward, okay?”

Sally was still red-faced. She clenched her 12-sided die in her fist, while her knuckles continued to whiten until they were always translucent. In the meantime, Ellen was ready to roll for initiative, practically ignoring the argument between Sally and Vincent.

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It had been a long time since I had used a newspaper to find a job; frankly, I was surprised employers still put ads in the classified section. But there I was, dealing with a power outage that had knocked out my apartment’s Internet, circling and crossing out potential careers with a red pen.

The barista called out my name, her tone perky and cheerful. The opposite of how I was feeling, of course. I grabbed the chai tea from the bar and instantly regretted spending that $2.50 rather than saving it for…I don’t know, survival.

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Tell me, teacher – will any of this result in higher wages or better health benefits? Will I be able to work a stable nine-to-five, have my own desk in my own cubicle, weigh out data on a computer screen like it’s in the palm of my hand, and then go home to at least a one-story house? Will I be guaranteed a wife and kids – a fence and a dog and cat? Or does education have nothing to do with that, and all you can do is warn me about a broken system rather than fix it?

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Just take a few deep breaths, darling – there’s no need to be scared. No need to shiver when it’s not cold, or close your eyes when it’s already dark in the room. I’ll squeeze your hand to remind you that I’m here – I am present, corporeal, quivering and undulating flesh for you to cling to. It is my warmth that keeps you sane. It is the beat of my heart that provides the tempo for your fear to subside before the monsters come.

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Here we are in a crowded parking lot, where the air conditioner doesn’t work in my sedan, and it’s getting way too hot to concentrate on the melting road ahead. Look, I see many mirages, waves of intensity rippling like water in front of me. Is asphalt could be an ocean, then all it needs now is salt and seawater before it consumes me. I am trying desperately to drive in a straight line, but everything is crooked, and everything is off-center.

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The suit he wore was blue, and the necktie he had captured in a Windsor knot was orange. Complementary colors, I grant you, but the orange was so damn florescent that it almost glowed like a sunset – and not a warm one, either. I almost shielded my eyes when he walked into the office, grinning between bites of a maple old-fashioned doughnut, his cellphone already chiming repeatedly with new texts and alerts from his clients.

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Look at how the snow has quilted the plains despite the fact that it is April. It is a bubbling cauldron of turmoil in the Arctic Circle, and yet here we are, freezing in the midwest of North America. When will the seas rise high above to flood our coastal brothers and sisters? I see how thick and dark the glasses are that the elites wear. They blot out the truth from them. If only they could truly view the calamity.

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There was purple dye in her hair, spikes on her jacket, and lots and lots of patches representing different metal bands on her jeans. She stood in line at the coffee shop and examined her fingernails, which were painted very, very black.

I hadn’t seen a look like this since 2004, when I was in high school. I guess we could call it a classic aesthetic now, and I’ll admit, she pulled it off well. Really well.

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You say that Joey’s dog is ill – you better call the vet. Make sure the pooch has got her shots and lots of gentle pets. If the vet tells you that rest is best, that dog gets the best rest. If her condition worsens, then it’s time for pricey tests. And if the pricey tests yield no new information, well, you may as well have fun with Joey’s dog before the bell.

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Somehow, I can see right through your scheme. I can spot the face beneath your mask. I can count every scar you’ve collected throughout the years across your thinning skin. They form spider webs rather than constellations – cracks of age rather than strings of stars. You hold yourself upright, but your eyes beneath the plaster water, and not from the heat. Not from the strain. Not from the fatigue that you have brought upon yourself.

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