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I’ve never realized just how much one light can be so good at its job. I’ve seen rooms illuminated before, but never with such a potent amber glow like this one. I stand in the middle of the room, and my shadow lounges on the trodden carpet, basking in what is almost a miniature, personal sun, cupped in both hands before being transferred into a jar.

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I knew he wanted to buy the house, but I wasn’t ready to make an offer yet. I wasn’t ready to give up the one place where I had felt safe for over seventeen years. It was amazing that I even had been able to afford the two-story abode, and I had lived in it alone the entire time. I felt like no one else deserved to take up that space.

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“What did you think of the roses?”

“Uh…the roses?”

“Yeah, the white roses. The ones Jerry got you.”

“Oh.” Henry took a deep breath. “They were…they were a nice gesture, I guess. But…”


His exhalations were louder now. “I just don’t like him that way, you know? And I mean, he knows that, too. But he keeps trying. And now that Arnold’s gone, I just don’t wanna be with anyone right now.”

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“Do not talk to her.”

“I won’t.”

“Do NOT enable her.”

“I WON’T.”

“You promise?”


My mother seemed satisfied by this. She returned to her knitting, while I focused on my silly baking show, checking to see if Archie’s three-tiered wedding cake would taste better than Rachel’s or Marley’s. My cat, Chuckles, slept beside me. I hadn’t named him; my brother has when he was five.

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The maiden was chosen for the sacrifice for allegedly one thing: Her purity. It all seemed so cruel to me. She was led up to the hellmouth with her hands tied behind her hand. Her feet were bare, the soles already scorched from the heat. And the town elders, bless their shriveled hearts, had dressed her in white.

I watched her raise her eyes to the heavens, her chest heaving with hidden sobs.

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I could feel her fingernails on my back. Racing against each ridge, attempting to probe my spine as if she were trying to extract something from my bones. The sensation set my teeth on the brink, made the stuff in my veins turn into a personal arctic ocean. I felt shriveled up and petrified like an old tree. But the worst was the noise they made. Like my body was, indeed, an outdated, makeshift chalkboard.

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Is that Little Savannah I see, sitting on her grandmother’s front porch, playing her purple ukelele while her brother sells cold pink lemonade? Is she wearing dandelions in her black hair again – little yellow heads popping out of a inky lake, weedy whimsies ready to say hello?

How much is that lemonade your brother’s selling, Savannah? ‘Cause I’ve got a dry throat and an aching belly, and I could use something sweet before the bitterness settles in again.

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I certainly hope, my students, that you don’t believe your actions are insignificant. That they’re not…consequential, to use another word. You see, you have been told to sit still, keep your eyes down, and listen closely to any and all instructions. You have been told to speak only when you are spoken to, ordered to nod as confirmation and shake your head as denial. But I’m here to tell you that you can do more than that. You can speak. You can even scream.

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“Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight…”

“Really?” Horace chuckled. “The first star you see? Not the giant star to the north that’s been out for, like, two hours?”

“Dude, shut up. I’m trying to make a wish.”

“What wish? That your wooden puppet son becomes a real boy?”

Maurice looked ready to slap Horace, but the meowing of their hungry cat stopped them from being slapstick-comedy-style violent.

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Mrs. Semple wore a golden hoop in each ear, and she claimed she was an expert hula hooper in her youth. I was ready for her to brag that she could shoot hoops, too, but she never mentioned basketball in all the times we had tea together.

I was heating up the kettle when she came down with a cough. I held her hand as we went to the emergency room together. She wore silver hoops in her ears that night.

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“I’m thinking of running for president one day,” said the nominee for Little Man mayor. The nape of her neck was damp from the humidity. A flat white cap covered her curls.

“Ah,” murmured the reporter who was interviewing. “Big ambitions, then.”

“No, no,” chirped the nominee. “Big ambitions would be total world domination. Becoming president? That’s a stroll in the park for me.”

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I wanted to be the baddest. I wanted to be the toughest. I wanted to be the raddest, the rudest, and the roughest. I wanted to scare the neighborhood with my teenage rebellion. I thought I’d set the old folk straight by being a rascally Hellion. But now I’m running my own shop, and I’m a respected lawyer. I guess my goth phase died real fast, and I’m subject to adult horror.

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The birthday party wasn’t so much a get-together as it was…well, a circus. Not that there were any cool elements of said circus there, like lions and trapeze artists and giant rings of fire. But there were certainly a whole lot of clowns. Not clowns in make-up with wigs and big shoes (well, save for Billy Delainey regarding his big boots), but in demeanor entirely. And I wasn’t laughing.

“You can’t eat the cake yet!” I shouted at sixty-five-year-old Ryan O’Malley, who had decided to try to take a bite directly from the spongey base before I had even lit the candles.

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I used to love autumn. I felt at peace when the mornings got cooler and the air got brisker, when the leaves gathered in crispy clumps around gray gutters and street corners. I adored the variety of colors that assailed my eyes on any given afternoon after work, and when I walked toward the bay, the wind would pick up and nearly carry me away like a sprite on a chariot. But I don’t love it anymore.

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I can’t see colors. Shapes, sure – squares and triangles and circles and cubes. I can detect the verticals and the horizontals, the sharp and the soft, the texture and the tactile. I can see movement – quick or slow, sometimes even when it’s such a blur that sound trails after it like a confused child. But colors? Nothing of the sort. Sepia is a foreign word to me. It’s synonymous to my reality.

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“So what’s it about?”

“Um…what’s what about?”

“The story.” He gesticulated wildly at the book. “Th-the novel. What’s the plot?”

“Oh.” She giggled. “It’s not much, really. It’s pretty simple. Just this young woman who decides to teach in Alaska for a year and winds up falling in love.”

“With a handsome guy from town?”

“A handsome gal, actually, but close enough.”

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When was the last time we went to the market on Sunday together, my love? We used to buy baskets of peaches and cherries and cute tiny jars of sweet almonds. We’d then by the bay and ate nuts by the handful and break fruit to bits with our teeth. Then we’d kiss, and the salt in the air would mingle on our lips as the sun started setting.

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There was an imbalance in the forces of nature tonight. The Young, Yet Wise, Wizard could sense that. She could sense that just by looking at the colors of the leaves, or listening to the zephyrs bristle the brush and the shrubs, or kneel by the water and scoop it up in her hands like melting pearls in her palms.

It was supposed to be autumn tomorrow. And yet, Autumn appeared to have hidden away for good.

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“You’d sacrifice me for your stupid job?” shrieked William, his face going bright red, redder than anything I’d ever seen in my life.

His girlfriend, Melissa, nodded as if she had simply predicted the weather. “Of course,” she replied. “My job provides income, and healthcare, and retirement. You provide me empty pizza boxes and snoring at night. I’d absolutely pick my job over you – it’s only logical.”

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“I can ride a bike with no handlebars…no handlebars…no handlebars…” She kept singing it over and over as she spun her mountain bike across the pavement, her voice nasal yet bright.

I recognized the song she was singing but couldn’t remember who had sung it originally. So I just watched her do her tricks until the sun went down and we started craving fresh churros at the local supermarket.

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My dog wanted to catch a squirrel so badly, but it skittered up the telephone wire faster than anything, and my goofy hound was baying at the top of her lungs as the bushy-tailed rodent made its escape. I decided to comfort her with a chew toy and a fresh bowl of kibble.

“Not today, Billy,” I cooed to her. “But we’ll go on a walk tomorrow evenin’, and maybe you’ll get some chasin’ down then.”

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Shannon was pale. Shannon was ill. Shannon was still in bed with chills. Shannon couldn’t swallow any pills. Shannon was very ill.

They tried needles. They tried kisses. They tried prayers and frivolous wishes. They tried potions and porridge from dishes. Shannon was still very ill.

Shannon then died. Her mother cried.

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“So, what do you do for fun?” asked Mrs. Chandler over her mug of spiced tea.

Erika stared at her. “For fun?”

“Yeah, for fun! Or maybe as a creative outlet. What do you do?”

“Oh. Um…” The preteen averted her awkward gaze to the ground. “I…build stuff. I guess.”

“You build stuff?”

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I’ve seen the way the grass grows on this part of the hillside, where the sun hits at an angle that nearly turns it silver instead of gold. I’d tell you if it was green, but the glare is so strong from the sky that I have to squint to look at the modest slope. I can tell you how it feels, though – how cool it is against the soles of my bare feet, how it feels like new hair between my toes. Like it’s a part of me. A part of my childhood. A part of my sanity.

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Larry pokes Gary in the chest. Gary reacts angrily and gets in Larry’s face. Larry, in retaliation, insults Gary’s mother. The two boys get into a fist fight before afternoon tea is served. Their father is embarrassed, and their auntie gets the vapors. Their mother, meanwhile, unscrews the cap of another bottle of whiskey. She swallows an entire mouthful and enjoys how much it burns.

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“Feeling all right?”


“Are you feeling all right?”

“Oh. Yeah. Fine.”

“Tea’s good.”

“Mmmhmm. It’s nice.”

“It’s felt different since you’ve come back.”

“Has it?”

“Yeah. I dunno. So how long will you be staying?”

“Not long. I’m leaving for San Ignacio tomorrow.”


“Yeah. I have family there.”

“But you’ll at least stay for the night, right?”

“Sure. You have a nice bed in the guest room.”

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To be polite, one must hold their tongue. They must stand their ground, yet not utter a sound. They must appease every single one of their colleagues, even if perhaps they are wrong. One must hold their fork and knife in the correct hands, at the correct angle, at the correct time. But courtesy isn’t always required, and some bastards should just be stabbed in the eye by tines.

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Jealous? How could I ever be jealous of you? You don’t want anything that I have! You don’t want my house, you don’t want my wife. You’re not interested in any of my possessions. As far as I’m concerned, you’re happy to ignore me for the rest of your life. So why on God’s green earth would I ever be jealous of you?

And don’t even say you meant, “envious,” ’cause I’m not that, either!

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Have you met my cousin Lars? He claims he comes from the northern stars. He rode to Earth on a comet’s tail and put his spacesuit up for sale. He speaks in such a loud, strange brogue. In terms of etiquette, he’s rogue. I’m sure he’ll sober up someday and understand the human way. He can be very odd to me, but I still call him family.

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Fasten your seatbelts, folks, and enjoy the ride into the hellmouth. It’s gonna be a hot one, and a bright one, too, so make sure you keep your hands and feet inside the chariot at all times and your sunglasses stay on. We’ve got the Devil himself waiting for you after the first loop-de-loop, and he’s ready to take a picture with you as a souvenir. Just don’t forget to scream!

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