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You want me to turn away from my meds, from any drugs marked prescription. You think holistic medicine will “cure” my nervous conniptions. Well, let me tell you, sport, about the alternative sensations: If this stuff had been proven to work, it’d be labeled, “medication.”

So let’s hope that your water does have too strong of a memory, because considering what you do in the bath, there are things it doesn’t want to see.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.28.2018 @ 10:54 am


You want to talk me all your secrets, but frankly, I don’t care. You want to show the world to me, but frankly, I don’t care. It’s not because I hate you, in case you’re unaware. I just can’t show emotion, so I really just don’t care.

I don’t care about family; I don’t care about friends. I don’t care about money or how stories start and end. I don’t care about love or care about a lingering stare. I know you want us to be close, but frankly, I don’t care.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.25.2018 @ 12:52 pm


“How was the pasta, dear?”

Kelly made a face. “It was fine,” she said. “Too much basil, though.”

“Really?” Her mother looked incredulous. “I didn’t put in any more than I usually did.”

Pushing her empty plate away, Kelly said nothing more as she walked to the living room to finish her history homework. Her mother was left to stare confusedly into space.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.24.2018 @ 11:40 am


Isn’t it far from unusual at this point to see this grown man cry on the street corner? And isn’t it typical to observe the awkward stares and glares he receives from passersby? Look, you jerks – he just lost his house in the latest recession, and his dog died in a freak kitchen accident involving beef jerky, and his wife left him because the poor guy doesn’t have the cheeriness to get it up anymore.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.22.2018 @ 9:54 am


“Dude. Look.” Randall took a deep breath. He scratched aggressively at one of his bushy sideburns. “Everyone just needs to chill, okay? No need to get at each other’s throats. No need to derail the campaign. Just…try to figure this out so we can move forward, okay?”

Sally was still red-faced. She clenched her 12-sided die in her fist, while her knuckles continued to whiten until they were always translucent. In the meantime, Ellen was ready to roll for initiative, practically ignoring the argument between Sally and Vincent.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.21.2018 @ 2:02 pm


It had been a long time since I had used a newspaper to find a job; frankly, I was surprised employers still put ads in the classified section. But there I was, dealing with a power outage that had knocked out my apartment’s Internet, circling and crossing out potential careers with a red pen.

The barista called out my name, her tone perky and cheerful. The opposite of how I was feeling, of course. I grabbed the chai tea from the bar and instantly regretted spending that $2.50 rather than saving it for…I don’t know, survival.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.18.2018 @ 12:36 pm


Tell me, teacher – will any of this result in higher wages or better health benefits? Will I be able to work a stable nine-to-five, have my own desk in my own cubicle, weigh out data on a computer screen like it’s in the palm of my hand, and then go home to at least a one-story house? Will I be guaranteed a wife and kids – a fence and a dog and cat? Or does education have nothing to do with that, and all you can do is warn me about a broken system rather than fix it?

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.17.2018 @ 7:20 am


Just take a few deep breaths, darling – there’s no need to be scared. No need to shiver when it’s not cold, or close your eyes when it’s already dark in the room. I’ll squeeze your hand to remind you that I’m here – I am present, corporeal, quivering and undulating flesh for you to cling to. It is my warmth that keeps you sane. It is the beat of my heart that provides the tempo for your fear to subside before the monsters come.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.14.2018 @ 9:38 pm


Here we are in a crowded parking lot, where the air conditioner doesn’t work in my sedan, and it’s getting way too hot to concentrate on the melting road ahead. Look, I see many mirages, waves of intensity rippling like water in front of me. Is asphalt could be an ocean, then all it needs now is salt and seawater before it consumes me. I am trying desperately to drive in a straight line, but everything is crooked, and everything is off-center.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.13.2018 @ 7:43 am


The suit he wore was blue, and the necktie he had captured in a Windsor knot was orange. Complementary colors, I grant you, but the orange was so damn florescent that it almost glowed like a sunset – and not a warm one, either. I almost shielded my eyes when he walked into the office, grinning between bites of a maple old-fashioned doughnut, his cellphone already chiming repeatedly with new texts and alerts from his clients.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.11.2018 @ 7:25 am


Look at how the snow has quilted the plains despite the fact that it is April. It is a bubbling cauldron of turmoil in the Arctic Circle, and yet here we are, freezing in the midwest of North America. When will the seas rise high above to flood our coastal brothers and sisters? I see how thick and dark the glasses are that the elites wear. They blot out the truth from them. If only they could truly view the calamity.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.09.2018 @ 2:36 pm


There was purple dye in her hair, spikes on her jacket, and lots and lots of patches representing different metal bands on her jeans. She stood in line at the coffee shop and examined her fingernails, which were painted very, very black.

I hadn’t seen a look like this since 2004, when I was in high school. I guess we could call it a classic aesthetic now, and I’ll admit, she pulled it off well. Really well.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.07.2018 @ 9:04 am


You say that Joey’s dog is ill – you better call the vet. Make sure the pooch has got her shots and lots of gentle pets. If the vet tells you that rest is best, that dog gets the best rest. If her condition worsens, then it’s time for pricey tests. And if the pricey tests yield no new information, well, you may as well have fun with Joey’s dog before the bell.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 04.02.2018 @ 11:16 am


Somehow, I can see right through your scheme. I can spot the face beneath your mask. I can count every scar you’ve collected throughout the years across your thinning skin. They form spider webs rather than constellations – cracks of age rather than strings of stars. You hold yourself upright, but your eyes beneath the plaster water, and not from the heat. Not from the strain. Not from the fatigue that you have brought upon yourself.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.30.2018 @ 10:04 pm


The car’s tires were flat. The car’s windows were broken. The car’s engine was spent, and its windshield was cracked. The car’s brakes were busted, and its stereo was missing. Needless to say, that jalopy wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. No one wanted to touch it. No one wanted to save it. No one wanted to cart it to the junkyard, either. Because the car had a nice color.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.28.2018 @ 7:35 am


They told us that regulation wasn’t necessary for the economy to flourish. They chided us about profits and bottom lines and quarterly expectations. I guess they were okay with the children getting poisoned by their own toys laced with lead. Or they didn’t mind our pets choking on their own food. Or they shrugged as norovirus spread like wildfire across restaurant chains. Or they didn’t care that the pristine lakes in our country gradually mutated into toxic sludge.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.26.2018 @ 7:22 am


Behold, my friends! Here upon the wall, you will see the emblem of the Dolfhagen Clan. See the crossed swords representing the might of this ancient family. Admire the golden ram’s head, its horns proud and tall, for the Dolfhagens need no lion’s head to display their strength and power. Nay, it is the symbol of stubbornness, for we have endured so much in all these years, and yet we refuse to turn away from the onslaught.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.24.2018 @ 11:10 am


Here’s her chance to steal the spotlight – here’s her chance to steal the show. Dance and sing and rock the world and wow the audience in one go. Feel the heat against her back. Smell the sweat – she’s all aglow. She desires to awe and inspire and hopes that you’ll toss her a rose.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.22.2018 @ 9:34 pm


I wonder how much reflecting I can really do without a mirror. When I’m staring at the glass, every blemish is so plainly clear. I can count the bumps that form the constellations on my weathered skin. If only they were bright as stars instead of being ugly as sin. Perhaps I would much rather reflect in front of a murky pond or lake. At least my face would be blurrier, and my self-confidence wouldn’t shake.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.21.2018 @ 9:07 pm


We were all reading a book about a deserted island – you know the one. The one with savage boys and dead bodies and a severed pig’s head. The one with the pink conch and the glistening lagoon and the walls of ocean. The one that crams students’ heads with screams of allegory and then expects them to retain it as part of their daily routine. The one that reminds us of the beast. Of where it is. Of what it is. Of who it is. And it has no snout. And it has no teeth. But it can still bite.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.20.2018 @ 7:43 am


Would you like a cup of tea? Make it mint for you and me. Lemon waits for spring to come. Chamomile just isn’t fun. Tea is good while reading books. Sip your brew, ignore the looks. Hipster cafés are a treat when you sit and rest your feet. The barista has a grin as he serves your mug of sin. Come and have a cup of tea. Make it extra strong for me.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.18.2018 @ 9:31 pm


Please don’t hand me your emotional baggage before we reach the security checkpoint. I already have my own bags to carry, and I’m not sure if I can even make it past the metal detector. I’m so riddled with obsessive metal piercings already that I might miss one while extracting them all from my ears and lips and nose and tongue. It’s everywhere – I can taste the rusted anxiety. Hold your own luggage, weighed down with your sorrows. I am not in the mood to be steeped in your brooding tea.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.16.2018 @ 11:05 pm


Just drink the magic potion, dear and you will have it made. All golds and silvers of the world will at your feet be laid. You’ll wear a crown and have a throne – and a beautiful queen, too. Everyone will adore you, and they’ll always remain true. Just drink the magic potion, dear, and this dream will be yours. I swear it’s not a poison that will fill your blood with spores.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.15.2018 @ 4:41 pm


Please, before you go, let me kiss you on top of your head. Let me embrace you one last time before the tide comes rolling back in again. The shore glitters like silver during nights at this – moonlight has never been such a successful luminary. I want to feel your bare skin against mine once more before you leave me. Once more before you leave me. Once more before you leave me.

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Well, hello, Mister Capitalism, you’re looking cheery today! All fat and rosy-cheeked again, your top hat and tails on display. You stroll down Central Avenue with a grin streaked on your face. You’ve made Wall Street your loyal bitch, and you’ll soon monopolize outer space.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.12.2018 @ 2:23 pm


I wanted to smoke one of my cigarettes, but I didn’t have a lighter. I wanted to drink a pint at the bar, but I didn’t have enough cash for a tip. I wanted to get high on the street corner, but the cops were out in full force today. I wanted to substitute the weed with painkillers, but all I had at home was three ibuprofen tablets. I wanted to just cook my brain with television, but I hadn’t had cable in years. So I just stared absent-mindedly at my cellphone instead.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.10.2018 @ 11:20 am


I hope you like being with a comedian, ’cause I’m all about the self-deprecating humor. Seriously, I’m brimming with it – kind of like a fat glass brimming with really cheap, terrible beer. I’ll lob every single lousy joke right between your eyes, give you barely any time to fake laugh at the delivery before I churn some other gag up from the hot cauldron of my gut. I ought to be touring the States right now; as much as I’m a sloppy riot, I’m probably way funnier than half the performers out there.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.08.2018 @ 7:31 am


I thought I had been properly trained for this. I thought that all the years I spent as a conflict mediator would pay off. I thought I had the experience and mental capacity to handle this particular quarrel. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

I knew I was wrong as soon as I entered the room. The people facing off: Two older women, both with very gray hair. Both short, frumpy, wearing pinks and purples. And they were wielding switchblades.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.05.2018 @ 12:24 pm


Under the dome of the ancient cathedral, we bathe in the orange glow that comes from the skylight. The skylight turns all gold to fire, all silver to white, all bronze to earth. We wait for the sun to set before we begin our evening prayers. We count the beads one by one, descending from our necks, all different hues and types. We collect the gems of ancestors’ tears, and we bathe in the stars that grin from the skylight.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 03.03.2018 @ 11:04 am


I wasn’t used to this feeling. I wasn’t used to how much it stung, how much it cramped, how much it burned and throbbed and ached. It was as if I had been stabbed, scraped, electrocuted, shot, all at the same time – all while dealing with the fatigue of a marathon. If this was heartache, I wanted no part of it. If this was heartache, then I wanted to cut out my own heart with a dirty knife and peddle it to some other sap who wanted it more.

» Posted By Belinda Roddie On 02.28.2018 @ 11:12 am

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