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Come with me to the waterhole, and watch me take a dive into the deep blue abyss. I’ll let you know if I see any fish or shiny stones or dead bodies decomposing against jagged banks. I’ll reemerge and find you sitting on the shore of pebbles, counting each tiny shard in your palms. You don’t know how to swim, but you sure love to watch a swimmer, especially one like me.

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We still had leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, so we got out the bread and starting slathering the slices with mustard and mayo. As I reached for the cheese, however, I heard a deep, almost slobbery breathing beside me. I looked down, and lo and behold, there was Jowls the bulldog, trying to jump up to the counter where the turkey waited to be sliced.

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I never though I’d break her winning streak; I never thought I’d snatch victory from her beautifully chiseled jaw. She stood next to me, drawing in air as if she were drowning in it, red-faced and red-eyed and oh, so close to screaming. I knew the gold medal around my neck would be heavy – it always would be. But now, as I witnessed the mental breakdown of the defending champion, I wondered just how much it had been really worth.

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Come meet us by the swimming pool, and afterward, we’ll play a game of pool. And after that, why not chip a few dollars into the growing pool so we can afford to keep our swimming pool full? Look out – Steve is going to crush that eight ball, and my Magic Eight Ball says that your billiards outlook is not so good. C’mon, throw some bucks into the pot – it’s for a friend, after all!

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And just what does the victor get? What exactly is her prize? She’s exhausted, feels defeated, despite being tantalized. A victor feels defeated! What irony is this? Come, hand her this sweet plastic trophy – temporary bliss. Perhaps we’ll get a picture of her husband and a kiss. The spoils will be arriving soon – there’s nothing to be missed.

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You have entered the second floor of the Ridley Complex. Once in the lobby, you will instruct the receptionist to leave her desk and walk into the closest quarter office, not to be seen or heard by anyone. Once he or she has departed, you will then operate her computer to root out where the stash has been hidden in the building. We predict that it will either be on the seventh floor or the twentieth – but any guesstimate risks failure.

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I ate the last popcorn kernel in the bowl, even though it was crunchy and stale – I was just that hungry. Then I licked the bowl clean, and my cheeks and chin wound up coated in butter and salt. My mom didn’t like how messy I got, but hey, everyone had already devoured the Thanksgiving leftovers, so I had to scrounge for something, and my allowance wasn’t showing up until December 1st. So I washed both my face and the dishes and resolved to snatch a twenty out of my mom’s purse for a burger later.

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Attention, everyone! Attention, everyone with turkey in their mouths and mashed potatoes still lumped on their plates! This is your drunk uncle Max with a major announcement. And that announcement is this: I am boycotting pants. I repeat: I am boycotting pants. Pants are the devil’s garments, and my loins shall be free! Free, you hear me?!

Wait, Rita. No, don’t lock me outside! I’m not done with my stuffing yet! Rita, no!

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The soldier fell in love with the general, and the general fell in love with her. They both knew it would be forbidden, so they met in secret on Vane Hill, just as the sun crested over the top before making its descent. They held hands and kissed under the same elm tree, and every day, the general would promise to end the war as quickly as she could, so they could both go back home, build a cabin together, and live happily ever after.

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“And what are you supposed to be?”

Rachel blinked. She stared down at her notepad, then back up at the senator, who was shooting daggers at her. “Um…I’m a reporter, sir. From the Times?”

The senator scoffed. His enormous wrinkled jowls quivered as he sneered at Rachel. “Well, here’s your sound byte,” he growled. “You can take your precious little newspaper and shove it right up your – “

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I hadn’t seen this particular relative of mine in quite a while: My Uncle Tobias, who had transitioned seven years ago, and who had sobered up after decades of trying to lay down the booze. Now he was standing in front of my house, a full beard around his jaw, holding a pumpkin pie.

“Thanks for having me,” he said in a voice that was lower than mine – which was rather impressive.

I smiled and escorted him into the kitchen, where my mother was still working on the mashed potatoes.

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She blinked slowly at me. “You seem so…different from what you were before.”

I shrugged. My shoulders felt so small in my father’s leather jacket. “Well, I’m definitely different,” I replied. “I guess a lot of things changed.”

“For the better?”

“Yeah,” I said, smiling. “For the better.”

She stepped toward me then, her breath rising in small white bursts in the cold autumn air.

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I’m not exactly sure what to make of her now. This version of her is different. This version of her is new. This version of her has capabilities that can’t be reached by anyone simply constructed from link upon link of carbon, chains wrapped around wrists and ankles, holding us down from progress. This version of her can hold her breath underwater for hours – can run faster and longer than any man or beast – can make love to me throughout the night, while I gasp and bellow for air that I can barely digest.

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“No! Come back here! Thieves! THIEVES!”

The police were on the scene in only two minutes, as the little old lady who ran the tiny drugstore on the edge of Main told her side of the story. Apparently, in her words “three hooded hooligans” had run into her store and taken off with about five pounds of king-sized chocolate candy bars.

“Am I hearing you correctly, ma’am?” asked a puzzled officer. “Five pounds?”

“Yes!” exclaimed the little old lady.

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We didn’t know from just a glance that Ahmed was a refugee. He said his father worked as a software engineer in San Francisco, but we never asked for how long. As we sat watching the news in his two story home, listening to the senate candidates scream about bigotry and Islamophobia, I heard Ahmed sip his soda and grunt, “Yep. We got in, anyway, and I think everyone’s just fine with us here.”

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The vet took care of sixteen dogs today, and all of them were good puppers. Very good puppers. The best puppers ever. They got pets and scritches and belly rubs, and they were so good. The vet was very happy. She got to fix up some very good puppers. All fluffers and boofers and doggos. Yes, very good. Very good puppers. Good job, vet. Now took care of some kitties, too. Their tongues are out like blep.

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Marsha had a history – one that she told openly, usually in the bars she frequented, downing ales and tequila shots with reckless abandon. She told me one night, after I was decompressing from a tough day on the ranch, that she had once smashed a man’s skull in with a full bottle of champagne. It wasn’t a blow strong enough to kill him, she clarified, but it sure left a dent in his head for the rest of his life.

“His friends called him ‘Concave Carl’ after that,” she said to me. “Needless to say, he never put his hand up my skirt ever again.”

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She was a super special secret agent on a special secret mission. With her trusty, handy gun, she made mincemeat of everyone. She broke through every single code and hacked computers. Did you know she also stayed in Europe, too, under the name Virginia Blue?

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Richard was supposed to marry Janet, who was supposed to be happy about it, but she was in love with Shirley, who was supposed to stay celibate if she wanted to join the convent, which was full of nuns who were supposed to be chaste, but they all partook in massive orgies with both men and women, and they were supposed to keep it all a secret, but Shirley couldn’t take it anymore, and she drove off in a pick-up truck with Janet, who was supposed to show up for the wedding that day, and Richard was supposed to be sad about getting ditched at the altar – but he wasn’t.

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I lost everything that day, and all in an instant. From the moment the glass of the windshield shattered into a thousand crystal pieces, I felt all the people and things I loved slip away from me.

We had been moving that day – our suitcases had been jammed into the car trunk. Our dogs had been in carriers, and my wife had been laughing and singing to pop music in the car. That was all gone now. All of it. Gone.

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Cloudy, gloomy, dark, and gray. That’s what today was. And yet, I had not an ounce of inspiration’s nectar in my veins. I had no interest in writing, or composing music, or making art. I simply sat at my desk, staring at a white screen. Stark, staring, madness-inducing white. Like the tunnel to a kind of Heaven that I couldn’t access. Overcast and dim days were usually times for me to become creative. Not this time. Not today.

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I know the work is tedious, but the job will do you good, I promise. It pays well, you’ll have friendly colleagues, and management is top notch. Vacation time will allow you to do whatever you want, wherever you want. Take a trip to Hawaii in the summer if you want – the salary will pay for that. And the benefits – darling, for such a boring gig, you’ll never have to worry about getting sick again. You can still write your stories. I promise.

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We didn’t have much of a gameplan once the school burned down. Sure, we were all psyched to not have to go to classes anymore – it was only March, after all, and there just wasn’t enough room to house us on other campuses until next August. But now? Well, maybe we did take our education for granted.

The first two weeks were awesome – the gang ate pizza, played video games, and goofed around all while sleeping for twelve hours at a time. But then, oddly enough, we felt a strange sensation – we MISSED getting an education.

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Jenna and Astrid were both in charge of resurrecting the Superwoman Softball League, which had crashed and burned in 2009, due to poor leadership as well as a very bad break-up between the two managers – of course, no one talked about the Erica-Leslie scandal now. They rounded up about sixteen young women for their first official meeting – not even enough for two teams, but it was at least a start.

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“Beg pardon, ma’am,” intoned the older gentleman wearing a top hat and carrying a silver-topped cane. “But have you happened to glance a rogue cellular device around here?”

The nineteen-year-old college student wrinkled her nose at the odd display. She had been settling down at her table with a large latte and a crumbly scone, and now some guy with an Edwardian era hard-on was asking her about a misplaced phone.

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The math teacher couldn’t get the projector to work, so he asked the head IT worker to check on it. Of course, when she arrived, he scoffed.

“I wanted the head IT worker,” he growled, “and not some pretty little intern.”

The IT lead smiled. “Well, then,” she replied. “You can just take your projector and stick it where the sun don’t shine, then.”

The students oohed at her sass.

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What can a poor nerd do when she falls in love with a cheerleader? No, scratch that – the cheerleader CAPTAIN? She’s of course dating the star quarterback; otherwise, she wouldn’t be fitting the cliché like she should. No, the dork has to stare plaintively at the beautiful blonde in a short skirt, waving pom poms, while she sits in the corner, hugging a book against her knees.

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Scrub the windows, mop the floor, do the dishes, fix the door. Work until your arms are sore and your fingers don’t work no more. Drink a beer and catch some z’s. Don’t forget to dust, now, please. All these chores are just a breeze – and your responsibilities!

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Chad left a bucket of the worst Halloween candy he could find out in his front yard, and then he turned out all the lights and watched the second season of Stranger Things in his boxers, eating tiramisu-flavored ice cream out of the carton because he had to feel somewhat fancy about his life. Not surprisingly, when he brought the pail back into his house four hours later, it was still around half full. Also, an allegedly angry trick-or-treater had left a note scribbled out on binder paper, using quite a few cuss words that were more appropriate for teenagers’ dirty mouths, to demonstrate their disappointment in the crude selection of sweets.

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There she lay by the chamber door, a broom all clattered on the floor. She swept and sighed and sighed and swept – for nearly a week, she hadn’t slept. After the evening had elapsed, she stood and, all at once, collapsed. We didn’t know just what to do, and so we left her, black and blue.

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