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I couldn’t be a school counselor because I’d get too into the kids’ heads. So far, I had made seven high schoolers weep in my office. I made another one hyperventilate. One complained of frequent nightmares. I was banned from Hope High School. I’ve never gone back.

Well, that’s a lie. I found a way back through the vents. I stay in the walls, where they can’t see me. And I listen.

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I didn’t mind the way the two drunk men exchanged words until the beer started flying from their steins onto each other’s shirts. There was nothing wrong with some light debate or friendly banter; Hell, patrons at my bar had said much worse. But now that the two brats in adult clothing were ready to choke one another with their own neckties, I had had enough.

“All right, children!” I barked, slamming one large palm down on the counter. “Either you clean up or you get a time-out!”

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Louise thought Naveen was going to the Milkweed Parlor concert with her, but instead, when she knocked on the door, his beautiful sister answered. She was already dressed for the occasion: Leather jacket, tight jeans, hoop earrings. Her tank top had the band’s logo blazing across it like hot fire. Louise felt her collar tighten. She sweated under her coat.

“Um…is Naveen here?” she asked.

His beautiful sister smiled a toothy smile and produced a ticket from her jacket. “You’re stuck with me, babe.”

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So yes, I was involved in the conspiracy…to a certain, subtle degree. I wasn’t the one calling the shots, nor the one on the frontlines, holding the gun. I wasn’t the one in front of the computer, typing up mantras and fascist slogans to hold the rabid sheep at bay. Instead, I wear my suit, I shook hands at parties, and I made everyone comfortable. Very, very comfortable.

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“You’re a liar.”


“And a fraud.”

“Also true.”

“And a poor excuse for a human being.”

She raised one finger. “Actually, I resent that.”

“Beg pardon?”

“I may be a liar,” she intoned with a smile, “and a fraud, but I’m pretty sure I’m a pretty decent human being. You know, anatomically and physiologically and the like. I think my body’s pretty well constructed human being-wise.”

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I say we write a brand new Declaration of Independence. I say we nail it onto every door in the office of Congress. Make the f***ers read it seven times to remind them of what this country was meant to be: Free, brave, democratic, and ballsy. Yes, I said ballsy. Because some people running the nation seem to have forgotten their gonads at the door. Fetch a hammer and some nails, my friends! Who’s with me?

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I wanted to hold you in my arms, but all I could do was say, “I’m sorry for your loss.” I wanted to dry your tears on the sleeve of my suit jacket, but all I could do was hand you a flimsy piece of tissue. I wanted to walk with you along the coast after the service was over, taking off my shoes and feeling the sand between my toes – a reminder that I was still alive, that you were still alive, that we were going to probably be alive for a long time, even while others died. But all I could do was watch you weep, and breathe in, and breathe out, and taste the air.

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I watched my brother’s relationship crumble before Valentine’s Day, and yet here I was, holding my wife in my arms, slipping a chocolate between her lips and laughing as she chewed. I saw my brother holding roses in front of a locked door, the stems wet and scratching his hands, the buds finally beginning to bloom, but all too late.

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You claimed you were a king, but you were merely a pawn in this chess game. Your fragile body was pinched between the fingers of the true emperor. He tried to move you across the board, but you refused to be queen, not realizing how much more powerful she was than her male counterpoint. You lay on your black wooden tile and screamed. You hissed. You threw your little tantrum, and the camera bulbs flashed all around you. All while you wove yourself a crown of weeds and toilet paper and broken glass.

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“Dude,” asked Sean, “how long have you been working overtime?”

“The past six weeks.”

He nearly spat out his sour mouthful of beer. “Sh**. Really?” He stared at her. “Does your boss know he needs to pay you?”

“He is paying me. I don’t mind it, really. I like being out of the house.”

She didn’t expect Sean to understand. He had no idea what she had been through regarding her home dynamic, and she wasn’t going to try to explain it to him now.

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The two sisters walked into the car shop to find it in complete disrepair. Their father hadn’t taken care of the place in his old age, nor had his hired mechanics, who had been paid so meagerly that their morale was obliterated, and they felt no need to keep the business running smoothly. Sarah and Laura both knew what they had to do. They stripped off their jackets, pulled on some gloves, and got to work.

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She was acting strange, so they sent her to the guidance counselor. But by the time the session was over, the guidance counselor was acting strange, too. Neither of them cared about the future anymore. They were caught drinking bourbon behind the school gymnasium. She was laughing, and the guidance counselor was telling stories. These stories dated back to several millennia. They were all about peace, love, and sex. Lots of sex.

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I want this country to be well-educated. I want children to feel like they are given the most, and best, opportunities to succeed. I want public schools to flourish and teachers to be paid what they actually deserve. I’ll give you a hint: They deserve a lot more than what they’re given now.

What my government has decided on today is a slap in my face and in the face of educators and students across every state. This may not be a piece of flash fiction as per usual, and I may be spoiling the fun on this website, I have one word (appropriately enough) to say to the United States Congress for confirming Betsy DeVos – an unqualified, plagiarizing master of political bribery – as Secretary of Education:


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Avery didn’t know how she could repay Ramona. She wouldn’t have to. Unfortunately, Ramona passed away in her sleep mere days after assisting the high schooler, having dealt with a terminal, yet closely guarded, illness for the last four years of her life. Avery attended her memorial, and she felt like a mere shadow among the other mourners. Her hands were cold and stiff while folded together, feeling as rigid as the preserved corpse in the coffin in front of her.

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I knew that I was going on a boating trip, but I didn’t expect a voyage. Yet there she was: My grinning, bucktoothed, wiley aunt, all beaming blue eyes and white hair, wearing a long blue oat with gold embroidery and a broad black hat. She was the captain of this ship, and by God, she told us all, she would lead us on the adventure of our lifetimes!

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They locked us up in tiny cages, and they fed us black gruel from grody spoons. We couldn’t feel the warmth or see the light from outside, and so we shriveled up into husks of our former selves.I felt my own brain threatening to slide out of my rotting skull. I let my bony fingers slip through the rusted bars, and instantly I felt the urge to scream like a wounded animal.

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I didn’t know exactly how many days she had stayed in that house. Whether or not she was longing for pieces of her past – her husband, her father, her friends and family, her elderly cat – I couldn’t tell. All I could discern was her gray silhouette floating like smoke behind the pink curtains that hid her bedroom from the outside world. The stained glass windows, with painted roses, had no eyes, so they couldn’t exchange sad, empathetic glances with me.

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It took me three days to realize that, after trusting Bobby, I had been tricked. He wasn’t going to let me court Michelle; that was never his plan. His plan was to put me at ease, to make me think he’d play the matchmaker, when in truth, he was making a match for himself.

I made it very clear to him, soon enough, that I was aware of his machinations. He certainly noticed my anger after seeing the slashed tires on his convertible. The note I had left on his windshield held a minimalist, yet succinct, warning: “Your lady ain’t worth it.”

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Arvey breathed deeply and felt her body relax. In literal uncharted territory in the west, she was facing uncharted territory of her own. Her fingers stretched out for something to grab, and that something was the front of her companion’s shirt. Pulling her toward her. Feeling her mouth pressed against her chapped lips. Quinoni smelled like tobacco and tasted like sweet, dried sap.

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“I asked you a question,” growled Tony, “and you still haven’t given me an answer. Why are you being such a bitch?”

Leslie set down her beer glass. She had dealt with some men who couldn’t take no as a response, but this guy was vying for the Top Douchebag of the Year. “I,” she said crisply and sharply, “don’t have to say anything to do.:”

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The actor I hired told me that she did all of her own stunts. I was floored. Never before had a movie, with the kind of physical and emotional actions it demanded, had a star performer not have a stunt double. “Are you sure?” I asked.

She smiled. “If it’s too uncomfortable, I won’t. But I’m an Iraq veteran who did gymnastics for eight years before that. Just tell me what the expectations are, and I’ll see what I can do.”

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There were three executives sitting in the boardroom when I entered. Two were men, and one was a woman. A young, beautiful, powerful woman. She wore a suit that was crisper and better fitting than her male counterparts, and she kept her curly brown hair swept up in the tidiest bun I had seen in my life. I was ready to swoon, but I had a presentation to start.

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I met Tracey on her porch, fondly gazing at her as she walked out wearing quite the ensemble. I knew she could pull off red, but this was giving the Scarlet Pimpernel a run for his money – or moniker, for that matter. Her outfit was crimson embroidery and maroon ascot and burgundy boots, the only exception, color wise, being the brass buttons on her coat.

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I had been sleeping in until ten o’clock for days now; I knew that, and my family knew that. Therefore, I was startled when, one chilly morning, I felt awake and alive around six AM.

I don’t know what spurred me on, but a sudden heat that almost felt like it was crackling in my bones rocketed me out of bed. I pulled on my clothes, tied on some hiking boots, and without thinking much on it, found myself hiking up the hill near my parents’ house.

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Let me weave you a tapestry that has colors you never imagined before. A purple we would not call purple, a blue different from blue. The sunrise on the fabric will warm your room faster than the emerging heat outside. Morning leaves you covered in threads and frayed ends. I’ll pick up a needle and stitch you up if you’re falling apart. And you are falling apart, my love, at the seams.

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“Why does she always stare at me?”

I rolled my eyes. “Really? Seriously, Olivia? She likes you.”

Olivia’s eyes bulged. She looked down at her half-drunk soda, then at me, then at her unfinished burger, then back at me. “You…you think so?”

I nodded. The woman who was gazing at my friend had beautiful olive skin, wavy black hair, anda smile that could melt even my cold heart.

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We were called rascals. Thieves. Crooks, liars, and hoodlums. Brats with no future and monsters with a past. We were none of those things. We were fighters, first and foremost. After that, we were poets. We craved art like a puma craves raw red meat, and we would not let anyone silence us.

So, yes, we did cause a ruckus, and we did take a few things that they claimed didn’t belong to us. But they did. And we kept them.

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Here we have the madman, standing at the podium. He screams threats and obscenities, and the meager audience cheers. They wear red hats and stamp their feet and gesture to the wind, taunting the spirits and daring them to change the course of time, to change the course of history, which never, ever ends.

The madman is strutting. He’s grinning at his prize. In perhaps a year, the world will change – the colors will all dim.

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In that brief, fleeting moment – under the light of the lonely ceiling lamp, white flashes of shadow along the walls, their dark silhouettes threatening to overpower me – I understood their motives. They wanted to intimidate me. They wanted to shrink my ego down to a compacted size that they could carry in their pocket, to coo at like some sort of weak, furry puffball of a pet. And I wouldn’t let them reduce me to nothing but a shaking, shivering coward.

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The wheelchair ramp to the grocery store had been blocked by some redneck, neckbeared douchenozzle who felt like his enormous, tiny-dick-compensating hummer deserved to take up all the space. So we left the guy screaming at the top of his lungs after discovering that the entire hood of his giant vehicular beast had been coated with silly string, and his two front tires slashed, as my paraplegic friend raised a middle finger to the sky at him from the safety of our own car, which was tucked in the corner of the parking lot, far away from the hillbilly banshee.

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