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That’s the worst thing one can be: an audience. Always watching never doing. That is humanities greatest fault and saddest attribute, that we are always an audience…

» Posted By Becca On 03.27.2011 @ 2:28 pm


Worn in autumn, winter and sometimes early spring! They can be itchy, cashmere, colourful, luxuriant or sophisticated!

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almost ready, almost done so many things almost said but never actually

almost is a terrible word, horrible, because it speaks of so many things you’ve /almost/ but /never/. almost is just as bad as never, as can’t. almost means nearly, almost there, but not quite.

» Posted By Becca On 03.07.2011 @ 10:13 pm


Dewey shook his head slowly, his dark eyes tired. He sat with his knees pulled up to his chest, and his eyes swept the room wearily as he watched Lanna tend to his ankle. It was twisted violently to the side, splinters of bone sticking out in a disarrayed manner and blood covering the floorboards. The arrow that had caused him, to fall still stuck out of his shoulder, sharp and prevalent.

“Hurts,” The man whimpered, dropping his chin to his chest. He had a thick, German accent, and preferred not to speak on most occasions. He stared hollowly at his ankle, his feathery black hair sticking in wet clumps to his forehead.

Lanna nodded, her grey eyes patient. “I know, Dewbird. But it’s something you have to deal with.” She murmured, her fingers deft as she wrapped the wound.

» Posted By Becca On 03.07.2011 @ 10:19 am

I knew that eventually one day I would be swept away. I just never figured it would be so soon. That’s when I discovered that he wasn’t a broom, and I shouldn’t want to be the dust on the floor. I’m better than that. I deserve my own recognition. I shouldn’t wait for someone to create my happiness. I’m better than that. I know what I’m here for.

» Posted By Becca On 03.06.2011 @ 1:11 pm


It was the final bout of the snowstorm that was going to end up killing them. They’d survived the first waves of the freezing whirlwind of white fury, had survived the icy sheets of snow slipping through the cracks in their walls and chilling their bodies, and had survived the tearing wind.
But this snow, that would fall slow and thick like a lazy monster, would trap them, and choke them. This snow that would come slowly, easily, would be what locked them inside the cabin, and the escaping convicts would have no hope for help coming.
Because nobody would know that they were there.

» Posted By Becca On 03.03.2011 @ 1:49 pm


The most simple things in life come to you when you least expect them. It is those things you want to remember forever.

» Posted By Becca On 03.01.2011 @ 7:45 pm

snow is the most basic thing I know. White cold, simply what it is. I love things that are basic. It makes the most complicated things a little more bearable.

» Posted By Becca On 03.01.2011 @ 7:31 pm


i love keychains. when i have a car, and keys, i’m going to have millions of keychains. They’re going to be small and big, pink and fluffy and people are going to compliment me on my many keychains and tell me how wonderful they are. I’m excited. more excited then to get a car.

» Posted By becca On 02.27.2011 @ 2:57 pm

the keychain made a noise as i opened up the door to my car. Rebelling, i started the car. Vroom Vroom, the keychain rattled as the car jerked over thehjkl

» Posted By becca On 02.27.2011 @ 2:50 pm


I like tables. They help to hold my food. The food that I love to eat so much. They are very convenient. They make me happy. If I didn’t have a table, I would be lost. Life would not be the same. Life would not have meaning like it does. Whether the table is amish or non amish, I love it the same. Tables are just so gawsh darn great.

» Posted By Becca On 02.25.2011 @ 8:01 pm

tables..what makes them a table and not a chair if in essence they are the same….plastic or wood, they could be the same if we talked about their essences, so what makes them so special? well tables are used for all sorts of things.

» Posted By Becca On 02.25.2011 @ 7:56 pm


I sat on the wooden bench for hours. I kept telling myself, just wait, something is going to happen I feel it. Waiting for something great to happen, something life changing, just on that bench, me and only me for hours. Nothing happened. Nothing at all.

» Posted By Becca On 02.24.2011 @ 12:08 am


Birthday, Christmas, sadness, happiness, feelings, i miss you, get well soon, but what do they really mean? Is it being a coward to talk in person or not know exactly what to say and having the cards do it for you ?

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» Posted By Becca On 02.19.2011 @ 4:43 pm


The word invent means to suddenyl make an explosion beyond proportion and a baby invention appears before your eyes. A baby plantpot invention? Who very well knows. But there was a bang, a boom, and there it is. I think it will be marvellous. A marvellous babyplant pot invention to eat your spades.

» Posted By Becca On 02.19.2011 @ 7:02 am


i like to shoot up heroin. with a rusty needle. i’m a classy broad. oh look at me, with my trashbag tshirt and my underwear made of sandwich bags sewn together with squirrel whiskers. yeah!

» Posted By becca On 02.11.2011 @ 11:27 pm


can be strong. too strong.
can be weak. too weak.
can be delicious.
can be horrid.
can bring back terrible memories.
can trigger true happiness and even perfect thoughts.
fragrance can bring it all on.

» Posted By Becca On 02.08.2011 @ 4:59 pm


when my alarm goes off in the morning i hit the snoose button….5….maybe 6 times. a little shorter period of time each time, until i don’t fall asleep anymore between. this causes me to be later and later picking up sean every morning to the point where we walk into class around 10 mintues later than planned.

» Posted By Becca On 02.07.2011 @ 8:44 pm

My alarm clock is my cell phone. The other day I turned one of my alarms off and then proceeded to stick my cell phone on my face. I knew it would go off again in fifteen minutes, but I was too lazy to take it off of my face so when it did go off it was so loud in my face and I was like why the fuck did I leave this on my face. I need to stop saying fuck.

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Say goodbye to your pain.
We’ve entered an age
They’ll look back and say
They forgot how to pay
for the mistakes that they made
Take one every day
Say goodbye to your pain
The pill takes it away

» Posted By Becca On 02.06.2011 @ 4:12 pm


I already wrote about this, but I guess I will re-do what I have already done. Remote controller. DVD remote controller to be exact. My mom and I lost it for about 6 months. It was awful because we couldn’t watch Sex and the city because we couldn’t change the episodes. We recently found the remote inside our recliner…We probably looked there 1000x’s when it was lost and never noticed it.

» Posted By Becca On 02.05.2011 @ 9:51 pm


This crushing sort of feeling came over me when I heard. Like it was me who’d died and not her. I had no idea she was so bad….. I never could have imagined. I thought she knew we loved her. So many people loved her, but she left. Like we were nothing to her, she left.

» Posted By Becca On 02.04.2011 @ 7:51 pm

oh this is great. suicide. that’s nice and positive. even though it is in purple it is negative. why did it have to be negative? I feel I cannot trust this site, it’s designed to spread negativity and negative vibes and basically waste people’s time. I should go to bed. stupid stumble-upon

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It had been so long. Waiting, wondering. Hoping this would end. Praying to god they would come back. Stuck in this room, cold, dark, and worried. I had a fucking essay to write and needed that goddamn light bulb. Shit where are they? They left a month ago…

» Posted By Becca On 02.02.2011 @ 6:48 pm

It wasn’t as if he meant to get here. Sitting in this darkroom, cold sweat creating a light sheen on his skin, arms encircling his knees as he shook and moaned. He hadn’t planned for this to turn so drastically. It had all seemed so harmless…

» Posted By Becca On 02.01.2011 @ 6:19 pm

it was a very dark room that the children were sitting it. dark and a little creepy. but not too creepy. creepy in that way that inspires horror stories. elsa peered into the darkness, blinking, as though that would help her see. and then, out of no where, she whispered, “I have an idea for a game…”

» Posted By Becca On 02.01.2011 @ 6:12 pm


Waking up, i realize. i am exactly what i dont want to be. i am exactly what ive always been. the dream me that i have fallen for isnt real she does not exist. i am the same boring girl with a million mistakes that i cannot take back, with a million flaws with me, i am me i am not dreaming anymore. im awake.

» Posted By Becca On 01.12.2011 @ 12:09 pm


Success is what happens when you fall down, but get bac k up again. It gives you the motivation to get things done and rewards you with pleasure and happiness. Success means different things to differ people. Some see monetary success, while others hav deeper opinion on success

» Posted By becca On 01.03.2011 @ 7:59 pm


Split ends are gross. I just got a hair cut. When people used to leave they’d say “I’m gonna split” divorcees are split. Let’s split the assignment in half. Spit is gross

» Posted By Becca On 12.31.2010 @ 7:29 am

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