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The discreet snkae crawled across the roadway, thinking that no one better question it’s motives. He wriggled his way across slowly, taking his time in the warm sunlight. Around him the forest buzzed with life. A deer stood just a clearing away, munching on a blade of grass.

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Mr. Bear picked up the tray, carrying it shakily in his paws. He had to give to the master without dropping a single teardrop, but it seemed impossaible. The tea was full to the brim, ready to leap out and spill all over the floor. He gripped the tray even tighter, took a deep breath, and slowoly began to shuffle into the dining room. As he booty-bumped the door open, he could the master sitting at the head next to duchess Elexia.

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She hissed, trying desperately not to use her words as an outlet for her anger. He had done it again, and this time she was not going to freak out on him, she was not going to throw something…Oh hell, let’s just roll with it.


“what?” Greg flinched at the word. He was curled up on the couch as if trying to make himself small enough to escape her fury.

“I told you, never do this again! What do you? You run off and do it again!”

“I can’t help it!”

“I can’t help firing you!”

This sent a cold spear into Greg’s stomach. He shivered; firing was not an option, not with they way he lived.

“If the boss figures out what you’re doing, you’re screwed. And I probably will be too.”

“It won’t happen again.” He sat up and tried to look serious.

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