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It was weeks until final exams. However, she started fretting about her studies, worrying whether it was necessary to remember the dates of Qin Shi Huang Di’s death for Asian Studies. And yet again, she could not help but anticipate the weeks as after the last day of exams, there was the frolic. It was what she had longed for. She was sure she had a date and she had the most exquisite dress. She wondered if the white or baby pink rose would go with her midnight black dress.

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The whiskers were sawying in the wind, intune with the gentle breezes blowing across the plain. The cat was treading across the plain, and although the tall grass covered its body, the moonlight gleamed off of its whiskers, causing it to add a sense of mysteriousness to the anonymous cat.

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There are no effing bears in England. This is extremely unfortunate for me, seeing as there are at least two instances in 1906 where bears in England would be helpful.

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“Well, so the myth goes,” he said.
“What, so you mean it’s not true?” I asked.
He shook his head. “No one actually believes the story is true. But who knows? It sounds improbable to me…yet…then again our existence is also quite improbable.” – 1906

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“I’ve been his pawn,” Charles said quietly, speaking for the first time in hours. “I’ve done his bidding, no questions asked, for…seventy years. There’s no telling how many innocent lives have been destroyed…because of my blind obedience.”

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“Have you considered the possibility that this is…that people like us are…perhaps more common than you thought?” I asked.
“No,” he said, shaking his head. “This is odd. This…can’t be coincidence.”

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He wasn’t the man I remembered…the man I’d feared and hated for so many years. He was a shadow of that man, a fossil of that man. He was a sad, defeated, less impressive remnant of something that was once great and terrible. And while I couldn’t find it in my heart to feel compassion for him, I did feel a tinge of pity. – 1950

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I sighed in relief as I finally hung up the last of the sheets. Rubbing my sore back, I returned to the wash room to tidy up…only to find a whole new wave of dirty clothes and linens in the basket.

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“Well, if I’m a bird, I call being a hawk.”
“No,” he said. “You’re a sparrow…unless there’s something smaller than a sparrow. Is there?”

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James pulled the shade down, and leaned his head against it.
“I’m going to sleep,” he said, almost like a challenge.

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red disgusting things…blue.
thick in your hand
and all over your body.
incredible realli
mine move in my hand when i get too hot.
veins actually keepp you alive …connect to your heart and pump blood around your entire body.
i like them now.
now ive though about it.
hahah…this is well wieird.
everything single person has that.

» Posted By anny On 01.15.2009 @ 10:13 am


when someone knows where to go after someone else told you where to go, then you know you are guided to the right direction and not getting lost with not being guided. in less words being guided by someone is good, but it depends who it is

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the aniexty i feel when im with you is just to much for me and my feelings i cant take this anymore my heart will broke down and my tears fall down and my trought broke and my love will never be the same thanks to you.

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the aniexty i feel when im with you is just to much for me and my feelings i cant take this anymore my heart will broke down and my tears fall down and my trought broke and my love will never be the same thanks to you.

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Pride is a strange thing. It was considered one of the “deadly sins” in the ancient world however in contemporary society we encourage eachother to be proud of our achievements. We are proud of passing examinations, of fears we have conquered or even the fact that we haven’t died yet.

» Posted By anny On 09.20.2008 @ 3:29 pm


there was a tower standing tall. i walked to its base and looked straight up and it curved away from me, like the earth, like a horizon leading to possibility and nothing more. i had no question for it, i had no reason to see anything but an endless line stretching away, away.

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The transparent thoughts of glass are illusions, created by non-sense and instant thinking. With transparent comes translucent. You see?

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biscoitos deliciosos e paes e massas com molhos deliciosos , pudins etc … eu gosto muito de mingau tambem e tudo que

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