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When I’m bored in class (which, let’s face it, is often) I often try to think of what my band would be called. That is, in my imaginary world where I play an instrument and have friends and am cool and can think of something better than ‘Apostrophe’ for a band name.

» Posted By Anna On 12.07.2014 @ 7:05 pm


He’s always greedy. Greedy with his hands, greedy with his mouth, greedy in his loins. He hungered for affection and any woman would do. This made him dangerous.

» Posted By Anna On 10.14.2014 @ 2:30 am


suddenly I heard footsteps, they were coming towards me slowly but loudly. I was scared and disorientated, I didn’t know whether to keep walking or run for my life. Who was it? What was it?

» Posted By Anna On 10.03.2014 @ 5:18 am


Never leave me.
Stay forever, in our bed.
Let’s melt together.
Our minds mingle.

» Posted By Anna On 09.29.2014 @ 1:34 pm


I don’t have any convictions anymore. They’ve been taken from me forcefully and my soul feels hurt because I’m not empty yet. I should be empty, I should be used to this, but it’s embarrassing and degrading, and my life force get’s chipped away more and more every single day I’m here… at work.

» Posted By anna On 09.28.2014 @ 4:32 pm


I am flexible. In that I allow myself to be stressed out. I move towards the path of stress and let it take me, override me, and have it’s way with me. it would seem as if I love it, but this is inadvertent stress. I like to pretend I’m into it, but most of it is unjust, and not necessary in the slightest

» Posted By anna On 09.27.2014 @ 3:24 pm


without warning she broadened her horizons simply by opening the book. She didn’t know how or why but the infomation was transmuted into her brain. in such a way that she literally understood everything, and could rattle it off with photographic like memory.

» Posted By Anna On 09.26.2014 @ 7:19 pm


I hardly want to go to school.

» Posted By Anna On 09.23.2014 @ 7:30 am


Big and strong. Staying along. Wize and kind.

» Posted By Anna On 09.18.2014 @ 8:57 am


i don’t know the word

» Posted By Anna On 09.09.2014 @ 7:34 am


it was hared because i did not no what the word met

» Posted By anna On 08.19.2014 @ 1:15 am

it was haed to do

» Posted By anna On 08.19.2014 @ 1:14 am


Things always change. It doesn’t matter how tightly you cling to stability, something is always going to come and kick your butt or kick you and thrust you into a new love you never knew existed. Really, it’s beautiful, and although I can see why we are afraid, I think it needs to be embraced more.

» Posted By Anna On 07.17.2014 @ 6:59 am


Misspelled doesn’t have one s…it has two. Just looked at my dictionary, not Google, just to clarify.

Really, oneword? Rookie mistake.

» Posted By Anna On 06.23.2014 @ 12:56 pm

i dont really know what to write about the word mispelled oh my god mispelled mispelled mispelled mispelled is that mispelled?

» Posted By Anna On 06.23.2014 @ 12:08 pm


Duct. Like duct tape? Heating duct? I don’t know, let’s just say I went into the heating duct and tried to figure out what was going on. Which was all swell and dandy until somebody turned the heat on–in the middle of July. I didn’t know what to do, so I tried to hightail it out of there, but I was stuck.

» Posted By Anna On 06.18.2014 @ 1:51 pm


Faith ful and trusting knowing a truth that can’t fail persistent and consistent, seeking and perceiving love from God and in people.

» Posted By Anna On 06.08.2014 @ 8:12 pm

I can feel it. It doesn’t need to be there for me, It doesn’t need to be real. I just feel it. I just have to have a little faith to know it’s there and it will never leave me…Cause it’s my angel And I’m a Believer.

» Posted By Anna On 06.07.2014 @ 9:08 pm


Some people say it’s annoying. Some say it’s weird. I say it’s a great form of art. There is an inevitable thing about stalling. It can either hold back pain, or make you anxious. It depends. Are you the stallee or the staller? Who knows? We all stall sometimes. We stall death. No one really wants to die, but it will happen one day. We try to have fun and keep our minds away from death until then.

» Posted By Anna On 06.06.2014 @ 8:01 pm

I’m stalling just writing this. What on earth can I say? There’s not much to write about it, in fact I’m just wondering what everyone else has said. I hope that it’s appropriate stuff cause I’d love to use this with my students, it’s a really cool idea. Maybe I’ll write some curse words to see what happens. Fuck. Okay. Go. Yep.

» Posted By Anna On 06.05.2014 @ 7:02 am

“Mariana! Quit stalling or you will miss your flight,” screamed my mom from down the stairs. I was heading of the Gracie Boarding School for Girls in Sundance, California. I was leaving behind everything I had ever known in the small town of Dalton, Kansas. so i had a theory, If I staid in my room and stalled then I wouldn’t have to go.

» Posted By Anna On 06.05.2014 @ 6:28 am


Let me get one thing straight, none of this was planned. One day I was walking down the street. I meet a man, his name was Danny. He gave me a note, the note said “You are a good person don’t let anyone tell you differently. That sly man made my day he made me happy. The weird thing is, the next week, I started being bullied but their words couldn’t get to me at all. I stood up to them, all because of Danny, the sly boy on the street.

» Posted By Anna On 06.03.2014 @ 6:38 am


i don’t hear you
over the sound of the music

can’t it be silent for a minute
or two

because listening to your voice
calms me down

» Posted By anna On 05.31.2014 @ 1:57 pm


we are sitting by the bonfire, your gaze is meeting mine, your touch is so warm and your lips are so soft, your hands are all over me, please never leave me

» Posted By anna On 05.30.2014 @ 3:29 am

we are sitting at the bonfire and i am looking in your eyes, you meet my gaze and touch my face, your lips are so soft, i never want to miss them, your hands are warm, please don’t ever leave me

» Posted By anna On 05.30.2014 @ 3:11 am


Sometimes desire coils in my chest, and I don’t know what to do about it. Fanfic authors also love to use this turn of phrase.

For prom, I got my hair done professionally – it fell about my face in beautiful coils.

Snakes coil themselves in a circular formation, and it is quite beautiful to observe.

» Posted By anna On 05.21.2014 @ 5:37 pm


the mysterious solar system that revolves around us… the black, hollow feeling we have in our souls when we’re faced with a choice we cannot seem to make…tomorrow…feeling lost but content…

» Posted By anna On 05.19.2014 @ 8:40 pm


The ground was coated in snow; footprints scattered everywhere. The snow seemed so fragile, disturbed by the protruding footprints above it.

» Posted By Anna On 05.08.2014 @ 3:36 pm


what kind of information or evidence do you have?

» Posted By Anna On 04.22.2014 @ 11:36 am


It was after dusk before they realized it and the darkness of night had crept past them leaving them alone together, stranded in the woods.

» Posted By Anna On 04.21.2014 @ 8:10 pm

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