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My, how long has it been? since you showed some compassion, some charity towards me? I question whether you ever showed those traits to me, even in the beginning of our relationship. The steely glaze in your eyes betray your true feelings, and charitable thoughts are glaringly missing.

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Don’t you realize that as a society they were repressed? their news outlets were owned by one man, the press by the same man and very little news from The Outside World made its way to them. It was no wonder they allowed the behavior to continue.

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It wasn’t enough that her stomach was turning at the thought of walking into the room with !hat Person there. Her whole being was rendered a conduit, everything heightened by her anxiety.

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I shook his hand and the pact was sealed. I would promise not to bring the subject up ever again. The Subject was to be avoided at all costs for evermore. Even reminding him that there should be no come back should he be on his deathbed

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It simply wasn’t in her nature to compete. Well, that was a lie. Of course it was in her nature but she didn’t like the person competition turned her into. Normally sane, stable and reasonable, the immersion of competition brought out the absolute worst in her and she simply wasn’t comfortable with that.

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She knew nothing about that side of the business, so the men sitting across the desk from her, with their spreadsheets and spruiking numbers – costs, revenue – or lack thereof – came as a bit of a shock. She had no idea of the mess they were in and this was only the start.

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There wasn’t much time left to just hang around. Checking their watches and making sure they synchronised, their steadfast movement towards the exit was almost willful in nature. Their shoulders were back, heads up and they marched out, as simple as that.

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there wasn’t one, that she knew. if there had been one, a god that is, then things may have been different. she may have put in a bit of effort here and there. she may have watched her words, here and there. instead, what did she care. one day, she would simply not wake up.

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The morning opened to a wet, foggy outlook. Not only literally, but in all aspects of the day. It wasn’t a joyous day as some had hoped. Today, instead was a dark day one that was marked by more back-stabbing than ever before.

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Every morning was a struggle. Even moving to the coast where the sun shone endlessly. Still the arthritis in her fingers meant she couldn’t pick up her knitting. To clutch the needles and twist the yarn around her fingers was simply too painful.

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And there she was, on her brand new stilts! And not only that, but she was running in them! And she was dressed in the brightest, spottiest and stripiest clown dress! And she still couldn’t believe it as she handed out balloons to the children staring at her.

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I’d been strung along this whole time. I thought I was in with a chance, when really that wasn’t the case at all. I was simply the lowliest pawn in the game and I hadn’t seen it coming. What a waste all this was. Sometimes I don’t know why I bother.

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Look, i don’t even know what you’re talking about…. You’re not making any sense….. What do you mean you ‘sleeved’ your arm right through your new cardigan?…. Isn’t that how you wear a cardigan?….. By placing your arms through the sleeves?….. Oh, you mean you’ve torn right through the knit?

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“What was that dear?”

“How many pixels wide is the image, Grandma?”

“Sweetie, there aren’t any pixies in my photographs, wide or narrow ones? I never know what you young ones are talking about, pixies and fairies and jiffies and goodness knows what else…”

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She almost felt sorry for him, sleeping silently as he was, beside her. Little knowing the wrath that still bubbled away inside her. Even after all these years. She had come upon his journals and

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Just under the surface, and just below the leaf litter all damp from the morning’s dew, the body was located. It was left to decompose and be one with the earth again, just as the last wishes had requested. A macabre final request.

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She was perfect. The only one at the casting with sensible hair. Not the pink or electric blue or lime green that many now wear in order to “express their individuality”. Didn’t they realise it simply made them all the same.

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The stone flung through the air, thrown from the catapult, and it landed on the damp earth with a “thwuck”. Well, that was unusual, thought Thomas, seeing the stone at his feet.

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She opened first one eye and then the other. It had been a long flight. where was she this morning? Or was it afternoon? Heidi had no idea what time of day it was. Groggily she got out of bed, stumbled to the window, opened the heavy drapes and there it was. The Manhattan skyline.

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I do wonder as I sit here on my rocker, whether i could have done more in my life. And although I’ve always said, what would I do if I weren’t afraid, I was never able to work out what I was afraid of. My days are numbered now, I can feel it and

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There wasn’t anything to say. She was simply astounded. This, was dessert. This, this pathetic wafer sitting on an oversize serving platter. Surely it was a joke.

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It was the first time that she could ever remember, walking around, with her shoulders back. Just like that. Like she was inspecting the staff, like she was the queen. If anyone didn’t know any better, they would think she was a visiting royal member,

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It just wasn’t the done thing to talk about IT. IT being the weekly trivia game, in fact the subject had been taboo for a while. That didn’t stop Sarah from questioning why the trivia group had gone from a large and expansive 14 friends to the exclusive group of two, effectively shutting out so many of their friends,

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She stood out from the crowd and not just because of her auburn hair. She was mesmerising to look at, the crowd would part the way for her as she walked along, unaware of the effect she was having on others. It had always been like this.

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She smiled to herself and slowly blinked her eyes. The celestial music was sweeping her far, far away. there was a lightness to her body now, something she’s never experienced before, and as she raised her arms up, she began hovering above the ground.

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It’s was a pretty dusty and dank basement, as you’d expect to find in an abandoned house. What was odd was the loom in the corner. Sitting there away from all the other junk, and without a speck of dust.

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The dreams were more frequent now. Strange and lurid beyond anything she had dreamt before, so much so that in the morning, her need to down a pint or two of beer became her way of coping.

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They say in each of us there is a story, perhaps several stories hat are bubbling under the surface waiting for the opportunity to be broadcast to the world. Penelope had many that were ready to tumble out, word after sordid word, but she played the waiting game and continued to watch and listen instead.

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It was sometime in the middle of the night, at least she hoped it was still the middle of the night because she really needed more sleep. She didn’t need to go to the bathroom, so why being awake at this hour? Groggily she realised the burning smell…

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The words were scathing. The rating abysmal. Yet, the public had been waiting for the movie for year, an epic in the making they said. Like nothing else our generation has seen, they swooned. But the critics, the ever present and vocal critics were more than viciously vocal in their critique.

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