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grass grows and so dose wheat it is big and strong like my father it sways and danced like my little sister it grows so tall lkie y brother ii

» Posted By alex On 03.29.2013 @ 5:19 pm


i whirlwind of emotions like me. i cant stop and keep destroying things and i don’t know how or if i can be stopped. its natural and disastrous all at the same time.

» Posted By alex On 03.27.2013 @ 7:12 pm


listening to the things she could say. the screams she wanted to released. and the sobs she held back. Listen to the sound of the cracking whip. the skin breaking the tears heating the cold hard wood floor. Listen the the neighbor turn up the volume on the Tv and ignore it all.

» Posted By Alex On 03.24.2013 @ 8:09 pm


the animal is winged. he is big and strong. the eagle blows right over the crowd and grabs the baby. the mom screams. the father jumps. the guard throws things at the eagle. Nothing is stopping it.

» Posted By Alex On 03.22.2013 @ 6:41 am


There was never a time that i didn’t look before i jumped. and i always fell behind. awareness is not something that comes easy, like the sunset, or the promise of ocean waves. it is an active choice.

» Posted By Alex On 03.20.2013 @ 11:37 pm


It pained me to think of him. Sitting in that chair alone, cold, nothing sheltering him from the harsh world outside. The window open, letting in all the cold, letting out all the warmth. But then again, dead people don’t care about the weather.

» Posted By Alex On 03.20.2013 @ 1:20 am


hehe, funny word. i remember the virus a few years ago. sasser blaster. it used to infect computers through a rpc vulnerability in windows xp.

» Posted By Alex On 03.15.2013 @ 8:50 am

when im getting blasted with my friends its not about anything really. Just living the life I never had, was always curious about. I often wonder if it was the right choice, blasting the music, blasting the bowl. If throwing away my X’s was worth it.

» Posted By Alex On 03.14.2013 @ 10:37 pm

The laser fired. Around the room, people stopped what they were doing and stared, frozen, at the hole it had left.

“I…” James said. “I didn’t… I mean…”

» Posted By Alex On 03.14.2013 @ 1:22 pm


It’s everything… and nothing. To be what can never exist in a time that is only yours. What is it to you that you need to take away, as time flies by with the only remorse that comes from only you… and a soul that may not even exist at all.

» Posted By Alex On 03.13.2013 @ 7:42 pm


Nice person like Quentin Tarantino or Tim Burton. Has lots of great ideas, is inspiring and can do whatever the fuck they want. Everything even beyond the imagination! Marvelous!

» Posted By Alex On 03.13.2013 @ 10:30 am

He grabbed her, hungry for more. She hesitated. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be… he was supposed to be romantic, charming. He wasn’t. she could smell the alcohol on his breath and realized that showbiz wasn’t always pretty.

» Posted By Alex On 03.12.2013 @ 9:10 pm

He stood there selfishly watching her undress. He stopped himself from directing her, not wanting to break the breathless moment of her natural movements as she got ready to sneak beneath the covers to bed

» Posted By Alex On 03.12.2013 @ 9:07 pm


As the days passed with no rain, the poor pathic flower withered before me, returning the dusts from which it came.

» Posted By Alex On 03.11.2013 @ 5:43 am


also, not alone, but accompanied. Followed and bewildered. also. Something more than what was. Plural. No longer singular. A unit. No longer alone. Also.
It carries on

» Posted By Alex On 03.09.2013 @ 4:09 am


I’m getting the signal that I’m about to be cut off, but that can’t happen, the world must know the truth. They can’t cut me off. They just can’t. I don’t care if I get fired, I’m going to fucking say it.

» Posted By Alex On 03.07.2013 @ 8:26 am


they are bright red and orange, hot and flickering, licking up the air as they dance around their subject with a passionate glow.

» Posted By alex On 03.06.2013 @ 6:03 am

She couldn’t bear the heat. It was too hot! The desert was far to dangerous for adventures this long. Of course she was just being dramatic, but it was hot. The air was dry and hot. She felt she could burst into flames at any moment and it was killing her. She needed more water, even though she already had three bottles. It was just way too hot for her to continues, but she was not going to just sit there and wait for someone to rescue her either.

» Posted By Alex On 03.06.2013 @ 6:00 am


There was a weakling. He was of great importance to many people, but did not have the knowledge. The struggle of being him drove his decisions to infuriate all around him. He eventually caused his own downfall. The actions were not of understanding, but who could blame him?

» Posted By Alex On 03.03.2013 @ 9:13 pm


Instill instill instill instill instill.instill instill

» Posted By Alex On 03.02.2013 @ 5:06 pm


i have no idea what this word means so… um i cant really talk about it that much and i probably have loads of typos but meh who cares no me hahaha awkward silence im used to that and i am not using any full stops or commas because they are a waste of time ahahahahha always the same ohhh alex what are you saying alex nobody can see that Ur name is alex.

» Posted By Alex On 03.02.2013 @ 7:42 am


Love! What can I say about love if it is not the only thing that makes a man be closer to GOD.

» Posted By Alex On 03.01.2013 @ 10:17 am

He was sentenced to death. But no ordinary death could punish this man, the court had made a new form of death just for him. It would take days, maybe weeks for him to die

» Posted By Alex On 03.01.2013 @ 9:08 am

Sentenced to a lifetime of joy and love. You. Me. All of us.

» Posted By Alex On 02.28.2013 @ 12:21 pm


Knock knock. Neil got up and rubbed his eyes. The clock told him it was 3:00, whoo the hell was at his door ?

» Posted By Alex On 02.28.2013 @ 9:29 am


The man on the ground had stopped bleeding long ago, but if he were alive he still wouldn’t have been able to bleed. Bleeding requires blood circulation and this man’s heart had been cut out.

» Posted By Alex On 02.27.2013 @ 9:05 am

I never thought about blood. The true nature of blood, the crimson source of life, tangible in ways that our souls are not. Blood, to bleed. We all bleed eventually. In life and death we will all run dry someday. Its those who can bleed with a smile that are all the wiser. -Alex

» Posted By Alex On 02.26.2013 @ 3:06 pm

I never thought about blood. The true nature of blood, the crimson source of life, tangible in ways that our souls are not. Blood, to bleed. We all bleed eventually. In life and death we will all run dry someday. Its those who can bleed with a smile that are all the wiser.

» Posted By Alex On 02.26.2013 @ 3:05 pm


Startled. Scary movies, and pop outs startle me. I guess I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to that kind of stuff. But i would rather watch a comedy with Adam Sandler, than a scary movie any day.

» Posted By alex On 02.25.2013 @ 8:39 pm


I am sailing in the future in a sea of stars. There is nothing here except the weather. There is shining rain and golden snow falling from the center of the universe, some giant turtoise is swimming across my feet and I keep on slumbering through this dream. I dont’ know when I am going to wake up. I just slumber and float through the end of time, there is nothing else to do here.

My dearest Elisa
Sincerest K

» Posted By Alex On 02.21.2013 @ 9:16 am

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