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I was caught in the system. There was no escaping it, no avoiding it. No matter how I longed to be free, I realized I would always be a slave to the everyday. It was my burden to carry, and there was no resisting. I felt suffocated by the idea, helpless in a sea of apathy.

» Posted By Alex On 01.10.2010 @ 5:14 am


Into flames. It feels like passion. A sudden outpouring of everything, all at once. Boom, its out there. It would be nice to live in that kind of way; always bursting. Everyday would be something original and fulfilled.

» Posted By Alex On 01.09.2010 @ 1:10 pm

With a sudden explosion, she burst into flames. Everyone around was stunned as they watched her burn slowly, skin melting off her pale face as she fell to the ground, screaming an anguished cry that lasted only moments before engulfing hot death.

» Posted By Alex On 01.08.2010 @ 8:11 pm


Feeling that its left once you taste something.

» Posted By Alex On 01.07.2010 @ 10:30 pm


I dont know what I am doing, I am still figuring it out… I am thinking about when I learned about significant figures in school, turns out they aren’t really THAT significant.

» Posted By Alex On 01.06.2010 @ 3:23 pm


i felt confusion today. i was wondering why my shirt didn’t fit right. discovering i put it through the wrong hole, i fixed my problem a.s.a.p. today was a good day.

» Posted By alex On 01.05.2010 @ 8:09 pm


A tower can be like a building in a castle. Or something towering over you. i like towers. they make things seem small and me too.

» Posted By alex On 01.04.2010 @ 2:31 pm


ships float on the water and lots of people sail around in them. you can also ship things that you need to send out. it is both a noun and a verb. ships make me think of wood but im going to guess that they come in a lot of materials. im not sure what constitutes a ship rather than a boat. im sure you can also ship ships which they must do by setting them out to sea.

» Posted By alex On 01.03.2010 @ 5:33 pm


The man’s coat was a splendid thing. It was almost as tall as he was, and was made of a thick woolen material. His grandchildren used to play with it when he wasn’t wearing it, and get lost in it’s thick folds and pockets. The grandfather used to laugh and play along with them, but that was before the flu struck.

» Posted By Alex On 01.01.2010 @ 6:16 pm


stacks on deck patron on ice we can pop bottles all night and baby you can have whatever you like said you can have whatever you like late night sex so wet and so tight gas up the jet for you tonight and baby you can go wherever you like wherever you like shawty you the hottest love the way you brain so good coulda swore you went to college blah blah

» Posted By alex On 12.31.2009 @ 1:39 pm


Secrets for friends. Lying for others. Hidden. Embarrassing things. Lying to yourself. Sneaking around. Sexual activties.

» Posted By Alex On 12.31.2009 @ 9:34 am


when i went outside i saw a birdhouse. it was pretty, andhad a cardinal sitting on it. i pondered reality and its beauty when i saw. then it flew away as if it had not a care in the world.

» Posted By alex On 12.29.2009 @ 3:25 pm


you can foldpiecesofpapermanytimesbutyouwill neverbeableto folditmorethen 8taimesbecasueitisimpossible. paper comesfrom trees and yourigtwith a pencil onthem

» Posted By alex On 12.01.2009 @ 8:10 am

left them in the dryer, the solitary tones of red and green, we need

» Posted By alex On 11.30.2009 @ 8:43 pm

A fold in a piece of paper, a demarcation, a line.
A fold in a drape of clothing, a reverence and a shrine.
To know the folds of something, both the ins and outs,
Is to glory in its essence, to know what it’s all about.

» Posted By Alex On 11.30.2009 @ 8:32 pm


transparent. the glass, the water. but not me. i am not transparent. you cannot see through me. i am a puzzle. i have substance. i have depth.

» Posted By alex On 11.29.2009 @ 9:37 pm


Cello is a musical bass that I love Fur Elise I believe is one of the best cello pieces ever written . Yoyo Ma is another of modern day men that

» Posted By Alex On 11.28.2009 @ 4:23 pm

It’s an instrument right? I remember playing a song on the piano about a cello one time. Otherwise I don’t think I have much to say about it.

» Posted By Alex On 11.28.2009 @ 3:14 pm

I knew someone who played the cello once, although now that I say that I think it was actually a viola. I did see her play with cello players sometimes. I think I remember the first time I saw a cello or learned what it was, someone in the school band. Actually I think I did know someone who played it! Her name was Andrea. She moved away before senior year of high school.

» Posted By Alex On 11.28.2009 @ 10:43 am


I put my slipper on in the early morning hours. The floor is cold, and I wonder why I didn’t crank the heat last night. MY head is groggy and I realize I should just crawl back into bed. Warm and cozy….a good place to spend the start of the holiday. I place to contemplate all that has been happening this year.

» Posted By alex On 11.28.2009 @ 9:51 am


It is orange and ribbed and full of guts that stick to your fingers as you eviscerate it and become entangled in the small crevices of the fingernail and once upon you have dug those guts from the gullet, you feast

» Posted By alex On 11.26.2009 @ 9:42 pm


crime is alright. stealing things is cool, drugs are cool. overall, crime is just pretty awesome i guess.

» Posted By Alex On 10.01.2009 @ 10:33 am


The mist was heavy and thick. There were many storms that passed this week and from the storms came the mist. It was so thick that parents kept their children inside so that they would not get lost it the mist.

» Posted By Alex On 09.30.2009 @ 4:17 pm

mist mistted matted running sleeping dreaming all in a curl
car cosy lost careless going no where
no where’s fine

» Posted By alex On 09.30.2009 @ 2:47 pm

Misty is a girls name,

» Posted By Alex On 09.30.2009 @ 12:38 pm

I know a girl named Misty. She’s pretty cool. Mist has always been a source of intrigue and wonder in fantasy. It has been viewed as a source of magic for many years. With good reason. You can’t really see mist, but you can feel it and it is much more tangible than wind or anything like that.

» Posted By Alex On 09.29.2009 @ 11:39 pm


its the stuff i put in my tea
its the kiss on my forehead
the luck that gets me by
the stuff that gets me high
the magic between you and me

» Posted By alex On 11.15.2009 @ 10:09 am

I like sugar. It reminds me of the love of my life, katie. She’s beautiful and sweet! Like sugar

» Posted By Alex On 11.14.2009 @ 5:09 pm

sugar. sugar is sweet. it reminds me of springtime and the flowers in my grandpas garden. it makes me want to have a tea party and eat fresh picked strawberry’s in Maine. My heart is in Maine.

» Posted By Alex On 11.14.2009 @ 3:10 pm

sweet, nice, tasted on my tongue. sugar rush, you feel so good. Sugar, sugar, sugar rush. I change my mind, I never touched when you taste you tease me all night, sugar rush, Just give me a taste tonight

» Posted By Alex On 11.14.2009 @ 2:48 pm

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