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She rushed to get the bandages out of the medical kit. The rummaged through the box as fast she could and hurried to get back to the wounded soldier. “You’ll be fine”, she said, trying to comfort the ailing man as she lifted his arm and bandaged it. His chest followed, the wounds weren’t that bad, but she was worried nevertheless.

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The turbines buzzed to life as the plane began to move forward.

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There was an old rusty bucket in the corner of the garage, green with a white stripe on the middle. It has its own story, as everything in this world has, but it won’t be told to everyone, only those who have the patience to listen and the knowledge to understand.

» Posted By Alex On 07.08.2012 @ 8:18 pm

the bucket isn’t for kicking. it’s for fulfilling beautiful things like love and kindness and art. not just letting it fall after kicking it yourself. love is a beautiful thing, and it should not be kicked because of stupid decisions. let the bucket fall by itself.

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Although as an overall rule i’m not the most partial to overall; they are taddy, baggy, rather gnatty, and often rather uncomfy. So to this day i find myself rather contrite with these goshdarn overalls.

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detention is the most absurd thing ever created. it is pointless. no child feels punished by sitting in a room and doing absolutely nothing!

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I despise detention. It is the most useless thing ever. You really shouldn’t punish people by having them do NOTHING.

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I was in detention, it was a Wednesday. I hadn’t actually done anything wrong in a vindictive sense, I just wanted to give detention a try. It seemed like an interesting place. It was an overarching idea that resided in the minds of everyone who’d ever attended highschool. It was a place where you knew you were bad.

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It’s very accurate and vast, but it never explains the feelings, so if you are truly in a beautiful state of mind just feel it.

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The railroad sat there in its metallic glory. waiting for the next giant machine to come crashing along it. Polluting the world a little bit more.

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It wasn’t strange that he was stranded, in the middle of nowhere, with just his bag and a cellphone with no battery. This situation was normal for someone who travelled with no destination, just for the sake of travelling.

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The wind whipped my hair violently and recklessly, dancing around and ending up covering my face. My eyes peeked to the right, and met the turquoise eyes of the boy next to me. The moment was fleeting, much too fast. I wished I could harness the wind, put it in a glass jar, and keep it next to my bed on the nightstand.

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movement, not still, go around, have fun, life and colors. motion, the act of being alive, do what you wish, not staying alone. motion, pictures, photos, videos, memories.

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Everything around her was caos. She didn’t know how it ended up like this, but the constant noises and movement around were making her dizzy. It was HIS fault, and everything around him wasn’t normal.

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It wasn’t that he was hyperactive, it was just that he liked being in motion. Inactivity made him nervous and didn’t seem normal to him, things got too quiet when they weren’t moving and the room seemed boring and lifeless without it.

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It is the day after Friday, which still makes people think of Rebecca Black’s horrible song. Today is Saturday. Saturday makes me think of satyrs, but it is actually named after Saturn. Most of the other days are named after gods. Lots of them are Norse gods, like Thor, Freya, and Odin

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Crust? What kind of crust? Like pizza crust? I love pizza. Or do you mean gross crust, like crust on something gross. Crust reminds me of rust. They also rhyme. Rust on a car, before I was going to say crust on a car but that sounds weird.

» Posted By Alex On 06.28.2012 @ 11:08 pm

i like it but ilove soft crust better. When i think of it i think about pizza. I also remembered how my life was on geography. nostalgic on my freshie days in highschool

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Tony always liked the crusts cut off his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, even after he turned 18. He left home, went off to college like all the other well behaved kids in his town, and in the cafeteria he’d have to painstakingly peel the crusts off his sandwiches. It was in those moments that he missed his mother.

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Soups are nice and yummy especially when it is warm. But when its cold it doesnt taste just as good as it was when it was hot…warm. I think soup makes everyone feel better :) i know it makes me feel better. Enjoy soup, specially some made from mum and dad.

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He dropped the spoon and it clattered to the floor, spilling thin red liquid across his shoes.

“Alan?” His wife poked her head in from the bedroom. She looked concerned. Newly awoken.

“I won’t do it again,” he said quietly.

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i really don’t know what to write about this word. I don’t want to sit here too long and think about it or else I will lose all my time. Things should not be thought about but simply just done. Sometimes the best things happen when you don’t really think, but simply just do. Time flies so make the best of it.

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i’ve already been typing for minutes. time is so ambiguous, a minute is a lie. a minute was created to accompany all other measurements of time, to control the masses. the minutes are a supplement to progression, the progression of those who do not wish to live in the very present minute in which they exist. the minutes are a ticking time bomb.

» Posted By Alex On 06.22.2012 @ 8:05 pm


framework- defining what is
defining whats not
in between those lines
i see what’s what
the way things are
the way they aren’t
so simple and true
what is inside his heart

» Posted By alex On 06.18.2012 @ 6:04 am


Pouring rain in the garden. it feels endless, rain is just something we feel, don’t see, it’s endless, tears for you and me; pouring is something we do when having liquid and a glass, we pour to drink to cry, to live, to survive.

» Posted By Alex On 06.16.2012 @ 6:31 pm

i like to pour milk with cerial its a magic feeling i get
it tastes well creamy and it looks so white and clean
i just remembered that guy off man vs food drank loads of milk with chillie…..mmmm milk

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I had it all planned out: the cathedral, the music, the food, the vows. All that was left was the question. Maybe the hardest question a man ever has to ask, maybe the only one he truly, deep down, won’t ever know is the right one to ask.

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Okay. This has to be brief. DOnt ask questions. What was that? No, wait, I shouldn’t even be answering that, I told you don’t ask questions! Okay, so remember that thing? Yeah, that one. The one we thought we’d never see again. well it’s nack. and it’s unhapp

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It was only a moment, a brief moment in what seemed like the longest day of Charlie’s life. Only a fleeting, grasping, barely-there, never-to-come-again moment, but still, it resonated with him like nothing had before, the feel of her fingertips brushing his.

» Posted By Alex On 06.12.2012 @ 2:09 pm


I woke with a start. what was that? I listened a little closer.


Had I dreamed it? what was that racket?

» Posted By Alex On 06.10.2012 @ 9:58 pm

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