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The key chain was one half of a silver heart. We had gotten it as a joke last year. Now it served as a painful reminder of our severed relationship. I tossed my half in the garbage can and went about my day.

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tables are square or round or oblong or different shapes, but they are all flat, otherwise they wouldn’t be a table. The function of a table is to provide a surface to put things on, but often the important stuff is under the table, which can be a metaphor for life.

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I sit on it and my bum is on its face. One can also sit idle in a company if one is on a bench. You can be on it or under it or around it. Reminds of wrench somehow. What about bench or brunch?

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Everyone needs an outlet and it looks different for everyone. what happens when you do not utilize an outlet…pent up energy, stifling, stagnation, toxicity….not everyone outlet is healthy…and

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I don’t like sage. Actually it’s ok. Maybe it’s thyme that I don’t like. I made chicken with thyme once, and I think it kind of tasted like garden, or laundry or maybe sage is different. who knows. i am not really an herb buff. i know theres like lavender and rosemary and mint and basil and things like that. i can tell most of them apart, but sometimes it is hard. i am not sure if chicken would taste good with sage.

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i love chocolate. it reminds me of valentines day. when no matter what, its all about your love. they give you flowers and chocolate, to make you feel better, to let you know they care. it helps you after break ups, i swear it has shit in it to pick you up when you need it. i dont know, it has special powers in it, thats why everyone loves it. doesnt matter if its light, dark, whatever.

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loud and blaring and a tocsin
time for work douchebag

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Pills I can’t believe how many Grampa has to take. Will I have to fill my body with so many foreign substances when I am that old or can I maintain a healthy lifestyle and ward off the ingestion of pills? So many seek the aid of these littel helpers sometimes for legit reasons sometimes not….

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When I overdosed on those pills all I could think about was him. I’m sad. I was sad then and I’m sad now. This sadness has nothing to do with you anymore but this sadness makes me sometimes wish I could just give up. That’s what I do when things get hard, I give up. I’m sad.

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My girlfriend used to develop photos in here. She gets radiation from the stuff and will probably get sick someday. Her ring melts color in her finger.

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was the most peaceful time ever. I loved spending time in there up until someone walked in. It was nice to create something out of nothing. the way pictures just showed up on that blank piece of paper. and it was quiet and peaceful. just me and my thoughts. not in a creepy lonely suicidal way though. so that was nice. me and my thoughts.

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She stood silent, the canister in hand. The bag felt warm as she slipped the canister inside to remove the film. This was the only place where she could be alone with her thoughts and make sense of the things outside.

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a room for photography, where no light penetrates. the room of hidden things in which many things can take place. you conquer your fear or face them head on. you stand still, panic, or simply, sleep.

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It means when something has fallen, I nearly said falls but that’d be wrong in terms of tense. I’m not really talking about the word now… Unless I say I’ve dropped the ball (har har). That’s about it I think… Meh.

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launch into the sky, exploring space. they also can blow things up, or just fly around entertaining lil kids. you can shoot them at people. they are usually red and white. that character from bugs bunny used them a lot. acme was the brand. i wish that i had a rocket.

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It is easy to get sidetracked. To think of another time and another place. Perhaps a better time and place. But, especially in today’s world, it is almost impossible to not become sidetracked. Just remember focus is key.

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It is easy to get sidetracked. To think of another place and another time. Perhaps a better place and time. Work, though, is the keystone to our society and we should limit the amount of time that we are sidetracked. Focus is key in life.

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Tt never is finished. What starts must no have an ending. Does it have a beginning? I can not be sure. But I do know that once it starts, it is eternal. Love can be endless, pain can be endless, fear can be endless. Or so we think…

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I think of the durantula, kevin durnat. i lalso think of weird animlas gettin attacked
by the spider. like ants and other bugs caught in its web. a web of lies when some1
says something then tries to cover it up with another lie. lying is bad and just creates a sick trap. i want this time to d

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before I wake what happens? usually some pleasant dream, well maybe pleasant is the wrong word. odd thats more like it. odd but lovely. lovely in a way that only a dream can be, wish i could live there just a little bit longer.

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of sunlight peeking through the leaves, making patterns of light and dark on the ground. the wind blows, the blotches sway and take on a life of their own.

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It is respectable to understand and see from other people’s points of views, to be open and to be dignified, to understand and to not complain. It can be many things, but is often disregarded in the society we have created today. It is easy to lose respect, almost as easy to lose trust. These things are forgotten when you begin negotiations, but should be the first and foremost thought. I hope to someday be respectable

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I love a banana split. The sheer joy of putting together so many wonderful flavors such as banana, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream, marshmellow, hot fudge, caramel, strawberry sauce, and nuts and whip cream and a cherry on top!

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I admit to you that I was wrong. Still, it’s a funny thing, admitting. Some times we do it just for the sake of ending an argument. I admit to you, however, that this is not the case. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to admit this to you. Would you admit your secrets to me?

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I tried to break the habit, she was like crack and she just kept coming back. I would kick the habit, she would call, I would get a taste and I was hooked all over again. A never ending cycle.

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Science class was great. All Allan had to do was perform a few practical experiments and write up some theory work and he would receive high marks for his science result. He received the highest marks in the class last year and he intended to do so again this year.

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everybody helps out once in a while, but on this day we take a moment; just one moment. we take one moment out of our busy lives and think, appreciate, remember the people who fought so that we have time to do what we want today. Sure, we all help each other, but the soliders who fight help us all.

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Average in the synonym fore normal, every day same.

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I already wrote about adventure. I need one I just dont know which kind of adventure I need. Mostly I am ready for something bigger, something totally different. Something exciting. The stuff legends are made from. you know a real life adventure.

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