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It’s a wonder how one day, can change everything. One tiny choice. One yes or one no. It’s a wonder how one little word can change your whole future. It’s a wonder how I had no idea about any of these wonders a week ago. And now I don’t have to wonder anymore.

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You make everyone smile, just by smiling. You make the whole room feel as though it’s glowing, just by smiling. Your smile fills the whole world with a gleam like the sun. You make everyday brighter and everything righter, just by smiling.

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He was the beloved me me, my one true love. One that I saw from afar, with her. My nemesis, the one he chose over me. It is pain, utter pain, to see them happy with their children. Hopefully my happily ever after will come, but what man can stand up to him? What man can compete with him?

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The sky touching the shore line, gently sweeping across everything that is held so close to me.
My friends that are always near. The cat that sits on my porch. My family. The light dancing on the sea.

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The tears streamed down her face and she clung to his hand. He wrapped her in a sweet, strong hug and kissed her cheek and said it was okay. He looked good in black. There’d never been anyone who would come to this with her. She didn’t know why he was always there for her, but she knew that as long as he was, she could make it through.

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want to be one, have i got it in me. am i polite enough, organised enough, calm enough. will i be able to teach people subjects well enough and engage them. will i be as good as my best teacher was, that is what i would like to be.

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corners are the places where sides converge. They are safe areas from which you have a safe vantage point. Corners are also far from points of most interest , and sometimes scarce on resources. Don’t be a square :).

» Posted By a On 06.08.2011 @ 4:50 pm

The corner of his lips turned up in that sweet little smile of his when he wasn’t supposed to think I was funny, but he did anyway.

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Trying to forget
But I can’t let go
Of everything you said
Of everything we had
Well, everything I thought you had
Forgetting you will be like an impossible mission
I might be able to almost make it
But then I’ll see those eyes
And realize
Why I remember you in the first place

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i painted the sky a raging red as i saw them both in bed. tehir pale naked bodies, holding each other. i wanted to vomit. but instead i stood there. my backpack still on, leather jacket shielding my emotions. this was really happening.

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reminds me of school and teachers…colorful chalks are better for expressing the thoughts.

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reminds me of being a young child and learning how to write and join up words. now we just use computers. whiteboards are always my preference, chalk is messy and smelly and always makes me sneeze! doubt these are even used in classrooms anymore! black and white.

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When we used to plan our days instead of just splaying ourselves in front of this glaring screen. We used to take part in life now we stalk a stranger, a person of fiction, from the comfort of our living room.

» Posted By A On 05.31.2011 @ 10:27 am


My boyfriend gets made fun of because the barber always shaves them off. I think it’s handsome and it makes him look younger. Maybe that’s weird, but I don’t really care. He’s adorable. Big bushy sideburns don’t really attract me. It’s like the star face sideburns guy on community.

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A pretzel is a type of snack food. It is not particularly good for your health but is fine when eaten in moderation. Pretzels can be both sweet or savory. Sweet kinds can be covered in chocolate. Pretzels come in bags like chips.

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Wrath. An inferno of one person. A diatribe of opression, with no end. When one has a wrath, they have truly reached a point of authority, even if only in their own mind.

» Posted By a On 05.21.2011 @ 4:34 pm


i wanna find out where things go from here, just to look forward and see what we’ll be. the things that will change.

» Posted By a On 05.16.2011 @ 4:50 pm


doors shutting with hard slam. cardboard boxes surrounding you and you can’t help but wonder if this was the right choice. the door shuts and all you see is what you’ve lost and what you could have had. it will never be enough. you’ve had a taste and it will now never be enough. the life you live is not your own. you are a coward. and that is how it will end. deadbolt in place.

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hi my name is danilo. I come from Rome. I’m a student and living in Rome. I like hear music and song about Subsonica and U2. I like write and painting. I living in Rome. I hear radio and song. I work in Almaviva, a society of Information Technology. I’m programmer about Asp an C#. Now I’m going to medical service.

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Gadgets seem to be the things of the future! There are so many new ones and little ones out there today its crazy! They can do the coolest thing too. Some are just so inconspicuous. Technology seems so infinite.

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luxurious like butter and silk sheets and robes and laying around with furs and pillows and being just at peace. money and money and riches buy luxury. means different things for different people. cardboarded houses luxury for those who have none. interesting.

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Fuel. Petrol. Power. Acrid smell. America. Why is this made of one word phrases? Kerosene. Rhymes with gasolene. Chemistry. Ene – alkene; alchane; archane. Old. Weird. Crazy. Oh! Penguins. Schizophrenia.

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The burning sandpaper incinerated my throat and I was in hell. Thirst is boring thirst is common. I get thirstier at night than during the day unless it’s really scorching hot. which it was today. water is important for life.

» Posted By A On 04.11.2011 @ 12:01 am


i really don’t know what you are talking about. this word – to me – it doesn’t even exist. it reminds me death note’s opening song and aluminio, but nothing much. maybe its just aluminio in english

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I have always wanted to be a great success. I’ve worked hard to get there, while getting pushed down and tested through too many problems and bumps along the way. But then I realized, what if I am already a success for making it this far, having a great job, good friends, and learning all of this useful information along the way? Maybe success is sort of like beauty-it’s in the eye of the beholder?

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A galaxy is part of space and contains many stars.

» Posted By A On 04.02.2011 @ 7:26 pm


through the forest with someone you love. through the night through the day. its a never ending journey. kind of like life all in itself. love how this person is there no matter what through all the wandering itself.

» Posted By A On 03.15.2011 @ 5:21 am


So, a wand. Isn’t it something that a wizard or particular magic-associated person uses? I think of Harry Potter. Or anyone FROM that, anyways.

A wooden stick, used to bring about magic into this world.

Possibly nonexistent.

Can be a stick or something resembling that.

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I’m obsessed with plucking hairs off my body but particularly my face and my stomach. I somehow get a feeling of satisfaction with every pluck. It feels like an achievement and a victory.

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i wondered if he noticed
if he wondered if i noticed
if he cared that i wondered if he noticed
wondered if he could see my heart beating
to the edges of my sleeve
the way i could.

» Posted By a On 03.09.2011 @ 7:51 pm

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