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He was a romantic that walked the lit up streets of New York in the early mornings. He longed for a familiar face, but never saw one. He was lonely in his big city, lonely in his big heart.

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It’s a birthday, celebrate it. We don’t want to think about another birthday but considering the options it’s a great thing. The more you have the better.

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hi. bleep. bloop. i am concerned. mary likes cows. but i dont. she is married. hahaha i didnt mean to say married. teehee. cows.

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concern. to care for someone. to want them to have the best they can get. a branch off of love. how to start loving. to care. to love. to be with them. to want what’s best for them. to be there. to care. to worry. sometimes it makes you a huge worry wort. but who cares. you care. you care, and that’s waht matters. the end (: concern.

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The nervous man kicked the ball hesitantly with all his might.

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The man grabbed me by the ear and threw me to the other man. I then had a new owner. The trade had been finished.

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I felt so tall as I sat upon the clouds, hovering.

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The large leaf I sat on picked me up off my feet. Then it soared up and joined the white clouds. The leaf hovered above everything below.

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i am a deer in the head lights. i know i am not supposed to freeze, but i cannot help it.
help me move. save me please.

*i brace for impact.

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say something what can be few times the same or think to do it few times again

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what’s near? the mountain I see over there seems near. the river beneath, nearer. the dam holding back the lake water, even nearer. the rocks beneath me, nearer yet. The air is even nearer. and nearest, my skin.

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We were driving again. Kable complained constantly about his need to pee. No one listened;Nick was listening to music and Gabriel was writing something in his blacbook,

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Sorry about your stupid band.
Sorry it never got anywhere.
Sorry all your plans crashed and burned.
Sorry everything you ever worked for fell apart right at your fingertips.
Sorry it wasn’t worth leaving everything behind.

Sorry it wasn’t worth leaving me behind.

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It rained last night. Lighting burst through the window and all the sounds of the sky beat into my room. Everything was dark and cold. But the heat of the air made steam fizzle up from the pavement. The clouds

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Violet flowers filled the floor of a bland and colourless room. Violet paint was splashed onto the old armchair uncle used to sit on. Violet houses line the street up. The drawers were all filled with violet shirts and pants.

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The smoke floated from between her gritted teeth and drifted into her false eyelashes that were slowly peeling off. Her hand trembled nervously as she shoved the money into his palm “Take it” she growled “it’s not like I got a family to feed or anything”

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I want to make 1000 paper cranes but I’m really bad at orgami and so far I’ve only made one (my first) with the help of a friend. Maybe one day with progress.

I see a lot of real life cranes around my city because they’re making new buildings and it signals progress to me.

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to give to be aware of what you are given or better yet what you are accepting. when you are given something it is nice to give in return. to give is an art. that is if you care. you can give positive things and also negative things. given is known and unknown and actually unfort

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It’s a given that everything changed completely when you exited my life. Not only did the sky change colors but my whole world became a total mess. Looking around all I could see was darkness and everyone around me wanted me to open my eyes but when you were gone I didn’t know how.

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Her long golden braid reached all the way down to the floor. As the bow slipped undone and the silver ribbon floated to the ground and roll after roll of thick blonde girls tumbled free.

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es la única forma de ser. Si no soy honesto, no hay congruencia, puedo ser lo que yo quiera, pero la honestidad se transparenta en mis acciones, aunque yo no lo crea.
Si no soy honesto, no podré ser yo. por eso hay que tratar de ser la persona que soy para que ahora pueda ser la verdad. honestidad tiene que ver con verdad, no con apariencias. Me gusta la honestidad.

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I want the world to be an honest place. Why do we lie? Why do we seek to harm each other with out words like weapons, with lies and deceit? Honesty leads to unity. Honesty could make our world a better place. So, why lie? Why not create the world we want?

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I knew a word like this would come up. I knew knew knew it. After what happened tonight I figured even oneword wouldn’t let me live it down. I live with my ex and yet I am interest in someone new, a “crush” if you will. I don’t know what to do, I just want to have fun and not worry about life anymore…….. I really like him. Sigh, crushing should be illegal. Why does someone always have to come along when you are happy and complicate things?

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Ethic love freedom, its all about our freedom and to behave good. THE moral of THE story is most of THE time something good. We learn from eachother. And its all about Learning about Life

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On the wall staring down with dead, bleary eyes. Eyes that ask why. Eyes that don’t quite understand the reason that they don’t see.

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To try and to fail. It’s a sad thing really. I feel like my life has become quite the failure. My boyfriend, who I think I may be in love with, probably doesn’t love me back because his parents don’t like me. In fact they think I’m rude because I didn’t look in their eyes when I spoke to them and I’m rather awkwardly shy upon meeting new people. Lovely. I’m not very good at my job, and sometimes I worry that I’m a bad daughter too. I suppose you can change these things, but I guess that’s the worst part between trying and failing, unintentional failure paralyzes you.

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It’s a small world after all there is a blanket on my head I can’t see the screen because I’m not looking at it and this has nothing to do with history. I’m just so stinking bored and this site usually inspires me to write something but for whatever reason I can’t think about anything but the fact that my back hurst It’s all that’s coming to me.

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It’s a wonder how one day, can change everything. One tiny choice. One yes or one no. It’s a wonder how one little word can change your whole future. It’s a wonder how I had no idea about any of these wonders a week ago. And now I don’t have to wonder anymore.

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You make everyone smile, just by smiling. You make the whole room feel as though it’s glowing, just by smiling. Your smile fills the whole world with a gleam like the sun. You make everyday brighter and everything righter, just by smiling.

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