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The curse. It had found him. Just like it had found his father before him, and his father before him. The curse of generations. There was no escape was there? The curse would haunt him until the day he died. He waited for the words to fall and seal his fate.

“I now pronounce you man and wife”

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It was quiet and I couldn’t hear much. The words didn’t come easily and the song didn’t sound pretty. Every color of her eyes seemed new and alive like the sounds of a waterfall. With her arms around my waist, I could feel her breasts against my back as she leaned in to whisper “I think you’re cute.”

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Clueless, I didn’t know what to say. His eyes were blank and his lips quivered at the end of his words. “What just happened?” I asked… but maybe I didn’t say it out loud. Maybe I said it with my eyes. His face flushed the color of candy hearts and his fingers gripped mine tightly and hopefully as if to tell me “I’m never letting go.”

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i have no

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hula hoop . chocolate,ice cream,circle,round,colours,aeroplane,stunts alvin and the chipmunks i like hula hoops what else can i write about the great hoola hoops.

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Ohai hula hoop hoops fun hoops little hoops big hoops strange hoops what I can’t hear you tell me ore I want to know about hoops well this is fun isn’t it is time up ye

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He walked aimlesly through the forest. Of course he had been there before, but everything seemed quite different this time. For one, he was all alone and it was getting dark. Then, he was never good at finding his bearings. He could remember the cabin stood just by the lake, but this time he had a really hard time finding it. Hoping the others would come for him, […]

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The cabin stands by the lakeside. A lone candle burns inside. A newspaper lies scattered across the floor, carelessly shucked after an evening of reading.

He lies on the bed, an empty bottle of gin by his side. The plaque above his head reads ” For Services Beyond The call of Duty: Afghanistan, 2009″

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She had plans. She knew she did. Plans at the office, plans to work, to move ahead, to make something of herself. Plans were important. Plans were necessary.

But a wave touched her as she sat there on the sandy beach, her back turned to the world and her gaze following a lonely gull, she smiled.

Plans could wait.

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The hinge was rusty and creaked as he entered the room. Slowly, like a thief, he thought wryly. In his own home.

She was lying on her back, her eyes closed and her plump lips swollen. His best friend, lay next to her, his chest heaving.

He closed his eyes and allowed for a few, short breaths. Then he picked up the gun, and fired.

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She stares at the sky, his crumpled note in her hand. He’s probably in another city by now.

She waits for the loneliness to come. Crush her, smother her.

It doesn’t. Instead, the sun continues to shine and the world doesn’t fall apart.

She throws the note away and makes a cup of coffee.

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He stared at the runway watching her silhouette as she swayed past- willowy, dark haired, a smirk on her patrician features. He should never have come here. And then her eyes settled on him for a second and the smirk widened. She turned and she was gone. He stared at the deserted runway. He should never have come here.

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Dozen is a number like life is just life. And time ends with life,enjoy the time of your life

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Whenever I read the word “champagne” I always think “cham-pag-nee” and then wonder if anyone else does.

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She stood there looking at the panorama before her, wishing that her life could change. Wishing there was something out there for her. That she would look out over the horizon and see her future.

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off this mortal coil. off to Buffalo. the deck. shuffle and snuffle. He had a shuffling gait that belied his years as an alcoholic.

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we notice them when we are lying still, in the dark.
endless footsteps of tiny marching men.
armies of them.
they are always going somewhere; the sound of their many feet echo through our heads.
our hearts are fighting for us.
we notice them when we run, when we are scared, when we are in love,
when the army is on the move
to defend and save
sending forth red messengers to every corner of the world
which it works so hard to keep alive.
And when it does, we notice.

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weve all got one.
some use it.
and some seem to forget.

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I like thinking differently. I have one friend who understands me. She thinks differently, too. Combined, our thinking could do great things. Or bad things. Our abstract minds can think themselves without questioning authorities. Watch out, different can be dangerous.

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I stared with a heavy look of despair on my face, knowing the world would shun me, seeing the prints of my face in the picture where I was accused of a crime. My expression was filled with malice for the horrible man who killed my brother.

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how is my time already up?!

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a blue umbrella tshirt
drops of silver
drops of names
a blue umbrella jacket
a heavy hood
a heavy heart
a heavy fall

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There are so many types of combinations in math and statistics. The difference between combination and permutation is that order matters in permutation and order does not matter in permutations. Furthermore, combining drugs and alcohol is lethal. A combination of success and hard work is necessary for success in life. Values are important too.

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Brian. Everything I like and don’t like. How I feel about Harry Potter and the world-passion. I don’t think of Jesus. Sorry. But I guess I do since I just wrote that.

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i felt this when i was a little girl upon seeing my grandmother hug a homeless woman on the street. i think of Jesus and how he had compassion for the woman who touched his garment and was suddenly healed. i want to have more compassion for every person i see.

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iron ore from labrador
9th grade geography blues
red atlas, green pen
who is that kid chewing on her hair

iron paws hunter
wrote some love letters
made me cry a million times
made me laugh a million laughs

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iron is cool. iron is hard. iron doesn’t taste very good. its all metallicy and tasteless. is iron a protein?? i don’t know. i don’t know a lot about iron. oh well. iron.

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You have been warned. I feel like my heart tells me this right befoer i”m about to fall for someone….every time. and i always fall anyway and then we all kno what happens int he end. we get hurt but maybe. this time. it will be different. maybe this time it was a warning that i should stick this one out..maybe this time warned will be different and it won’t hurt so bad. you have been warned heart.

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