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there are some moments in time he thinks back on their childhood and adventures they went on together. just little moments, little frissons of time. one in particular when they were just boys; climbing trees and his brother fell out. plummeted to the ground and fell on his arm–he’d never heard a sound so sickening.

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sometimes you simply look at a person and you can’t help but wonder what’s going on inside their mind. what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling, what they wonder when they look at you. sometimes you simply want in to know, but most times you know it to be far too dangerous a place to enter all on your own. simple curiosity can be a dangerous thing.

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there are pits in the peaches that hang on the trees in the gardens. the flesh is sweet and juicy–always. the nectar runs down fingers and hands, coating everything and making it sticky.

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the bells rang and worship began on your heart
shuffling feet and cracking knuckles
a burning smell, a hushing sound
a bell, and a bolt for the door

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encounters of the boxer kind
stripes and brights
tights and whites
removal, location
frantic love and frantic hair
gasp and gaps
sweats and grasps

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my inabilty to
gossip girl
love to
need to
rhys and mils
girly stuff

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newspaper investigator female shoes story news camera real fake true false

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This is the word describing buildings big and small, yellow and grey. Its sometimes squared other times round. architects do architecture thats what they are trained in. they went to school a lot of people applied.

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how do i tell regina that i cannot stand her right now. i dont want to talk to her, text her, see her. nothing. she’s so irritating lately that the thought of her sends me into a total rage out. i wish she would just go to california and leave me alone. she acts like her and morgan are some sort of real couple.

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i feel i need to separate certain things apart from each other.

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She sat there staring of into space, waiting for what had seemed a lifetime. A man approaches and observes here sitting taking a sip of coffee, her hair flowing giving part to a sheen from a gorgeous earring.

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Little pearl drops. So deceptively real. Unmistakably posh, pretentious and pretty.

Expensive imitations.

Its like looking in twin, white mirrors.

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The branches cracked and broke underneath my feet, sending me lurching down a few inches before I grabbed another. “Help! Help, somone!” I holllared. I couldn’t hold on, I didn’t know how to get down, but I couldn’t possibly go higher. I don’t even know why I started climbing this damn tree!

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there she was, the girl with the red hood. she hides behind that hood of hers, curious lighting blue eyes flashing from underneath. tell me, girl, what are you so afraid of?

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the trunk was filled with blood and the limbs of all those peoplehe had so deeply abhorred. Nothing could stop him now from his goal he reached the end of the beach and pulled up to the water. He emptied out the box trunk of all the arms and torn ligaments from his victims. none of them stood a chasnce before hus burly arms

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colors, bright and yellow a painter painting on a canvas with an easel, a lake with water lillies. A green rolling meadow

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what can I say?
what can I say?
what can I say?
what can I say?
what can I say?
what can I say?
what can I say?
what can I say?

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flowers. they are beautiful. they are the beauty of this life

there are some kind of poisonous flowers you know. but they are still very very attractive

so I think, pattern is like poisonous flowers. I’d like it to be

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i dont know about it

when you have to wait for a special person or a special thing coming to your life

duration is 24 hours of a day

and millions of seconds in your life

and yeah, your life is a duration too

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Duration. It’s the time it takes to do something. The given time to do something. It’s time itself. Who determines the exact duration of something. A flight, a drive a day? It’s curious really.

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In this world where the global warming is a major problem, recycling is one way to prevent the world from getting any more corrupt than it is right now. By recycling, we are contributing to the world’s ecosystem and a healthy environment. We need to be aware more than anything of our world, and strive to help it as much as we can.

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the work that i have endured for the last years is finally paying off. I have lost my life and my will to live, but I have built up a pile of money, ominously resting above my head, crushing my shoulders and killing any possibility of pursuing my destiny.

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Sometimes you see lanterns in the distance as a sign of hope. There can be gas lanterns and candle lanterns. Nano Nagle has a lantern it is the Star of the sea logo. Lantern rhymes with patterns, well not really it sort of looks like lanterns.

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The sun and the eye of the night time glisten in the well lit blackness of rain and dust and everybody sits around the fire in a small, sweet circle. He takes hold of the cup and lets it slosh through the sogg of grass.

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Crunching between my teeth as the movie reels on, lines and lines of words pressed to Junior Mint ogles as she sweeps across the screen. Perfection and everything I yearn to be in each inch of popcorn crusted gazing as I sit in awe.

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Loss. Tab. Tab af hvad? Tab af fatteeven. Tab af en kær. Tab af ansigt. Der er meget man kan tabe. – Men det vigtigste er måske, at der er plads til noget der, hvor det tabte har haft sin plads?

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