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“I want to teach you,” she said, whispering softly enough for only him to hear. He bites at the tip of his pencil, anxiously. What was it exactly that compelled her Majesty to teach him, the petty little servant of the kingdom. With a small croak, he speaks, “…o-okay.”

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It’s a glaring sign that says ‘feed me’. Society in all it’s righteousness that asphyxiates you in wants and needs, groping for a sense of individuality and identity outside the norm. It’s a coffe shop of lined orders of ‘non-fat mocha soy latte’ and ‘caramel macchiatto.’

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this is the beginning. the beginning of earth, the universe. those beginnings sort of scare me. the first slimey fish to crawl out of the oceans. that were our beginnings. although this universe’s beginning is really just the end of the last one. the circle of life, man.

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can’t see white reaching for what is there white finding the way what’s there/ can you hear? Can you feel t

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asthma sucks. You cant run or smoke or hold your breath for lengthy periods of time. But it is a good excuse to get out of gym or random things you dislike. Maybe carry around an empty container

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A family might have lots of issues – fighting or just not getting along. Some would call it dysfunctional but that, to many, is ‘normal’. Who can define what a dysfunctional family is if you can’t define what normal is?

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Fragile. Unless Beats by Dr. Dre or other similar multi-hundred dollar pair. Isolation. Barrier. Peace. Privacy.

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Faith precedes the miracle. Always. Having faith is to believe. Although a lot of media and people will tell you that because of a miracle in their life they have faith, but miracles require faith.

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Her lungs were burning. Her world was spinning. She held herself up on thin knees, wobbling furiously. She couldn’t see; she was blind. She heaved for breath before her whole world turned into an abyss of black. So much for a morning run in 90 degree weather.

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Sometimes the media says really stupid things, you know?

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…Dioxide. Trees swap it with us for oxygen. I don’t know:(

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все они были с другой стороны, все эти люди с другой стороны. я была с темной стороны луны, будто бы инопланетянка. вокруг меня что-то булькали, все они говорили булькающими звуками и никто не хотел понимать меня. я прижалась к бокам тех, кто тоже был с других планет, и мы постарались не обращать на все это внимание.

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out of focus
tuned out
tune in

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Taken away to the zone, let the music carry me. Here I am.

Meet me there.

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A book. Made up of many words. A message shot across a phone. Conversation, art, freedom of speech. A combination of what we have to say and what we want to say

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insecurity. Why else would we lash out to hurt another with such a passion?
it’s just a cry from within us or the other

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I cannot see past this imprisonment.
confined to my mind.
Is this all there is to me?
Are we all this limited?
Or is there more?
Is there potential waiting to be unlocked?
the trap simply an illusion… a product of social conditioning..

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Principal. Principal? :The kink at the schools? Prin-ci-PAL Your pal, in contrast to prin-ci-PLE, which makes no sense.

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We suspect that this summer will be very stormy.

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The inspector suspected that Dorian Gray killed his friend.

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The crew was sick of the captain. To call him a martinet would be an understatement. But this martinet was aware he was a martinet, which made him al the more intolerable. When one feels like they ought to live up to something, chances are they do.

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my advisers at school are ridiculously nice and well informed, as opposed to other school that i have attended. This makes me happy. I hate dealing with people in a certain field that I feel i could be doing a better job than. they

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roll it up and light it up
suggested retail price
bringin’ the blues to town
roll it up and pass it left
suggested serving size
making us all pass out

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I live to be the one thing I’ve always wanted to be. A athlete. I run everyday, the motions are endless. I workout and sweat, the days seem like forever. Sometimes I wish I could throw it all away, but my father wouldn’t approve. I’m his everything and I must live up to every expectation.

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saturday is today. today i visited my gandma with my mum, Then mum and i went shopping and bought some cloths and bed linen. when we got home i made my self an omlette for lunch but it didn’t stay together and was more like scrambled eggs.

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The Distributor pulled the unmarked van to the curb. He turned to the passenger, an expressionless man in a plain brown suit with nothing remarkable about him. “You know what to do.” The Distributor said in a gruff voice.

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all it takes is one minute. they share a look across the table and everything is all over then. one knows trouble is coming, the other knows it will be received. it’s how they work, it’s everything they are. sometimes they can’t wait to get alone and be away from everyone else. all they need is time.

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there are some moments in time he thinks back on their childhood and adventures they went on together. just little moments, little frissons of time. one in particular when they were just boys; climbing trees and his brother fell out. plummeted to the ground and fell on his arm–he’d never heard a sound so sickening.

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sometimes you simply look at a person and you can’t help but wonder what’s going on inside their mind. what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling, what they wonder when they look at you. sometimes you simply want in to know, but most times you know it to be far too dangerous a place to enter all on your own. simple curiosity can be a dangerous thing.

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