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he gazed at the toadstool set before him on the table. he thought the mushroom shaped chair he’d been sitting on was just a joke, but now….
the chair looked the same as the plant before him. it was a literal toadstool. the old woman before him smiled appreciatively.

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She stood before the embassy, cool and collected. She had never been more sure of anything in her life. As she spoke, she knew she was in control, and she could see his confidence crumbling with every word she said. At the end, she smiled wide in thanks, knowing the world was now hers.

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the main attraction

but is it really?

all flashing lights and bright noises

nothing but blank static beneath

the placeholder,

no real substance there

nothing much that will stay

when everything is gone.

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a trail of bittersweet tears mark an unnoticed path down his sleeping face. he will wake not knowing why. across the world, she will do the same, and neither will know what to do.

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I wasn’t always like this. I was shy and introverted and weird and hid in a shell. That all changed within the span of four weeks. I’m not sure if I like myself more now or less. I can’t go back to who I used to be, but I think I was happier then. Now it seems like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

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a gentleman walked into a place he was unsure of. he then sat down out of confusion. things started coming from the ground, random amazing things. he stood up, and they all went away.

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There was a greedy man named John. He was scheming on how to be much more greedy. “My greedy levels are low…” John said.
He thought and thought about how he could become more greedy but the time is running out and he has to go to sleep now.
Goodnight, John

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rare, special, important, fortunate, luck, health, happiness,

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Dennis is unkempt, leaning over the stovetop while Marie smokes in the broken-down La-Z-Boy. The trailer fills with smoke as Dennis loads the potatoes onto a platter and rinses the hot skillet in the sink, robbing it of malice.

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Messy messy people with wrinkled and dirty clothing. I wondered if yhey had any other clothes than those. Their hair was unkempt and frizzing and they were shivering in their inadequate shelter from the cold.

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I’ll always remember the searing taste of bourbon. It was John’s favorite drink. He taught me much about liquors– bourbon, rum, whisky and how to tell them apart. He was much like the amber liquids: distant, bitter, dark.

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The quest of many people is actually to have one in life. They spend their whole like looking for a reason to launch themselves in a valuable question. Actually I believe that we need to consider our already preoccupying daily concerns as our real quests.

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geometric shapes sliding over me, washing me away. their sharp corners cut and bruise me, but I don’t care, because they take away the pain. These bright little triangles are all I have now, now that you’re gone.

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My knee hurts, despite the cortisone shots.

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I hurt my knee. i scraped it. I think it is broken. What
will I do? Maybe I will just sit and cry, or I can try to help
myself. I hope my knee heals in time for the dance.

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eastern, waht a word and what a world, its perceived so bad in the western area of earth, and vice versa
let us forget this word and sides and live peace.

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Fast is all i want to be this morning i heard the name mary briskly walking today is a new day I’m wondering what else to do this seems really cool all thest thoughts running through my mind like I miss you and the song I heard today was like i had written it myself I love you.

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brisk looks like b with risk
like we need to be with risk
like that’s the only way to be
*insert moral of story here*

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The short squat now balding ex political leader walked briskly down the street, his grey cotton tracksuit pants billowing in the breeze behind him, hordes of paparazzi swarming around as if the pope were in town.

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they are trees. they grow from the dirt. they need sun and water. they are evergreens. They are tall.

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Behind that door are people we haven’t seen in months.

And then they’re here and the room explodes into tears and hugs and such overwhelming happiness there is nothing left to call it but pure, unfettered joy.

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“Miss, I think there’s something under my bed,” the little girl whispers, peering out from under her covers. “Nothing to worry about,” the matron replies. “All the monsters here are too shy to come out.”

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We are all trapped, he thinks to himself, leaning against the stone marker. We’re all trapped with no hope for survival. The thought chills him in the most comforting way, and he gives the headstone one last pat before pulling his coat even tighter.

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There are too many things to thing about. What to wear? What to say? What to do? Who to befriend, who to ignore? The results of these decisions can make or break us. And that, my friends, is why I decided to leave.

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There’s music playing off in the distance. She doesn’t know where it’s coming from, but it’s there, making her remember things she’d rather not. Summer days, warm gold spreading over her shoulders, keeping her safe until dusk.

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The oxen cart was strung from the tree, hanging, swinging slightly with a creaking noise. How did it get there? Ah, my boy, that is a very good question. You see, noone knows how it got there. One day it wasn’t there and the next it mysteriously appeared and it is one of those things in heaven and earth that noone can explain.

The cart is small, wooden, tan brown, rustic, old. Perhaps it belonged to a circus at some point in time, long long ago. Royal blue paint peeling from the sides in sunworn strips. Ancient red metallic wheels bent, twisted, rusted the colour of maple leaves in late fall.

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His eyes were like the lights, the lights strung up on the banisters. They glowed, not literally, but with a sense of child-like wonder that I had not seen in anyone else.

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This feeling you give me when I impatiently wait for you to answer my messages. Congratulations!

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Delight is when the sides of my mouth turn up as you brighten up my bad day.

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