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» Posted By a On 10.10.2009 @ 10:20 am


summer fun good times i love it it

» Posted By a On 10.08.2009 @ 12:04 pm


vanda miss joaquim purple commercial hilarious fail syntactically transformationally rigid

» Posted By a On 10.08.2009 @ 4:05 am


Dance, women, drunk, whore, fuck, money, regret, spilling, stains, regret, hangover, wanna die. I’m gonna be a father. regret.

» Posted By A On 10.03.2009 @ 4:00 am


I love lip balm, namely chapstick because I feel protected, and sometimes it doesn’t taste half bad. Those are just my thoughts on the wonders of balm…

I have more time left, and I haven’t the foggiest about what to write.

» Posted By a On 10.01.2009 @ 11:32 pm

“What a tall and big balm tree !” my sister exclaimed

» Posted By a On 10.01.2009 @ 11:17 pm

and the lip balm was silky and musky on her lips that night.

» Posted By a On 10.01.2009 @ 7:01 pm


these stupid inventions are taking over everyones lives. cmon who need all that and a phone on top of it. okay okay yes its very cool but get your eyes off the small screen and DRIVEA

» Posted By A On 03.22.2010 @ 6:54 pm


on the runway do your little walk show them how you’re always right, never wrong, you wear the label skeptic like a second skin, the new jeans, the must-have jeans, like you’re better than all the rest of us sitting in the audience passively subjected to your opinions and your beliefs, well guess what it’s just as awful as the others.

» Posted By A On 03.26.2010 @ 9:20 am


it was nothing short of utter disaster. He played the clip of her short film for the world to see, the one she had locked away because of its snuff like quality, broadcasting it over every major internet channel. What was worse, is that she still loved him.

» Posted By a On 11.01.2009 @ 2:37 pm


I picked up the scissors and wondered what to do with it: cut my hair, try to teach myself to cut clothes out, or cut my brothers head off.

» Posted By A On 10.30.2009 @ 6:09 am

cut everything off. begin again. it’s time for renewal, reinvention. it’s time to be you again. it’s time to be real.

» Posted By a On 10.29.2009 @ 1:23 pm


microphone is a black thing that you can sing into. it will make the noise you make louder and it is good to use if you want to be hear for example when you want to talk to a crowd so that everyone can hear you. A microhpone can also be in other colors such as pink, but that is rare and

» Posted By A On 10.28.2009 @ 10:44 am

sound is great and i like to hear msuic especially live music it sounds even better

» Posted By A On 10.27.2009 @ 4:14 pm

I stepped up to the microphone. Sweat dripped down my neck, and then, when I was supposed to start singing, I found that I couldn’t. I couldn’t bare my soul to all these people who didn’t know me. The rhythm, the swing of poetry.

» Posted By A On 10.27.2009 @ 3:28 pm


The gem sparkled in the candlelight, feeble though it was. The red stone twinkled and throbbed in her hand, lit from within by some unseen force. It was clearly special. It was clearly worth far more than the 10 coins the peddler was asking for it.

“What is it,” she asked?

“Just a trinket I found by the road.”

» Posted By A On 10.26.2009 @ 7:37 pm


ah, intuition. jumping, leaping, knowing without actually knowing. how do our minds make these leaps? do we processes things subconsciously so that it only looks like intuition or is the human mind capable of making a correct decision without the information it needs

» Posted By a On 10.26.2009 @ 5:16 am


when things collide. when things don’t work out. utter chaos.

» Posted By a On 10.19.2009 @ 1:33 am


When we care for someone, we are concern about the person without thinking so much about reasons

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» Posted By a On 10.17.2009 @ 4:07 pm


laying in bed, with a big warm spoon behind me :) we actually have our own word of it :) spoon with me baby ;)

» Posted By a On 02.18.2010 @ 8:15 am


i’m not english, no idea.. persway? i have to go to the bathroom anyway.. bye :P

» Posted By a On 02.13.2010 @ 3:34 am


Adapt. Change. Life is ever changing. You enjoy the change as long as you are very effective in adapting to the changes. As per Darwin, Survival of the fittest. And the one who adapts fast, is the fittest and can survive anything. As we grow, we learn adapting.

» Posted By A On 02.12.2010 @ 5:56 am


nighttiming, timing taming or taming timing, timeless time, a time to be so small, priming, timing, prime time.

» Posted By a On 02.02.2010 @ 6:08 am

timing is important in music because if you’re trying to make a point with the lyrics you’ve written you have to support it with the right music.

» Posted By a On 02.02.2010 @ 1:23 am

A constraint.

» Posted By A On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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