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My car battery is charging, So now I am late for my work and could be fired.I guess I will start looking for a new job.

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People are now charging at us but we will stand are ground.

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Why do we put children who misbehave in corners? Does it make them feel trapped? Is it meant be shameful? I don’t think that being put in a corner would be an effective punishment on me. All I can do when I am told to “think about what I’ve done” is sit and stew over how mad I am at the person who put me in time out.

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jealous of the way she calls upon your name
wish it was me who calls you
the sweet sound of your name
a lullaby to my ears
I’ll repeat it a hundred times
i’ll never get tired

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She is a stern woman. What actually does stern mean? I have no clue, but that doesn’t prohibit me from writing about it. Can i count this to my daily word count? Definietely, so I think. what is this sentence. that is not correct english. those red lines are very frustrating. let me just make mistakes. thet would be much nicer

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my husband and I are made for each other. i realise it now after 3 years of marriage. though we knew each other before but the kind of bonding I have with him now, it’s different. living with someone is different and a unique experience.

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the type of work you want to do = I want to work as a business analyst and I want my job to be easy

how you want to feel in your job = I want to feel satisfied and happy. I need to feel the job as easy.

the type of company you want to work for = I want to work in the entertainment business. Warner Bros. is my favorite company.

the kind of people you want to work with = I want to work with people who are chill and sweet to me.

the hours you want to work = I want office from 10am to 4pm Monday – Friday.

where you want your job to be = I want my job to be in California, USA.

and the salary you want to receive = I want $8000 per month.

Get very clear about what you want in the job
by thinking it through thoroughly and writing
all the details down

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Discarded, now among the fallen she resigned herself to the fate of her solitude. It wasn’t always like this. As once before she was dancing in the clouds.

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its cold and clammy
its disgusting
I die on the brewery floor

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Lost in the sea of crowded people, all in a rush to get to places, to things, to people. I trip on the lip of broken pavement and catch myself all before anyone glances my way, and it’s like a flick is switched and I feel myself run on auto drive. Slipping through the thrush of people and avoiding the hum of cars. How obvious had it been? Was it aways like this? When had I become so blind? Finally, I thought, the breakthrough strumming in my mind; sometimes we have to save ourself.

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I fall asleep to their calling song, the night that kept me awake ebbs away and I’m left with nothing but exhaustion and the symphony of their waking song. Their day has just begun and mine will never even have the chance to start, because my vision fades and I’m left with the emptiness of my dreams.

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Cake it on. Just pick up the pieces and cake it on. Ignore the dust. Just make sure you hide every scar. Let the only thing crumble be the powder in that little jar.

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it takes you to places where you want to go or maybe youll not know how to use it and you end up where you’d least expect to go. many have used this device to take them to great places where will you go?

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Changes are really common in our world. WIth the globalization the world is now constantly changing. These changes deal with a lot of differents things such as politics, economy, society, etc.

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To muddle in the middle and maintain invisibility is her main goal. Stay unnoticed, don’t draw attentio

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THis relationship is sinking. All my efforts are drifting futher and futher into the abyss and is sinking slowly towards the bottom of the ocean

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Gharonda.. he saved and saved and never used. His life was used up but he sved for his kith and kin, saved for the old parents who couldn’t help themselves, saved for the strong kids who took the future on their hands with courage on their shoulders. He died saving for the future that never came..wish he had savored more and saved less. Life is moment..

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I thought I was better at handling it but I’m really not. I just have to sit and wait it out but it doesn’t go anywhere it just burns and cools and burns again

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They’re so tall, she said as she looked up. The six year old girl was talking to her Dad. Her Dad smiled. The towers didn’t seem tall to him. But that’s because adults were used to decreasing the size of everything in their head. They pretended that they were in control.

They never were.

Of course, sometimes this realization hit him out of the blue. Sometimes he woke up in the middle of the night realizing how powerless he actually was.

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this year we started doing shots of maple syrup.

they say that manischevitz is like cough syrup,
cough syrup, nyquil, helps me sleep.
i have been persuading myself not to talk it unless i really have a cold.

syrup is a club in haifa. i went there with my cousin, S.
it was dark, we dance. it was loud, and i went outside, and stood.

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i want a new word this word is boring i did finish it look claire i can type without looking i am an expert typist and you aband3oned us yesterc hok i duvlk sh ayvb3b shmbsb 3ejhsb s i suvk at typing i voulf yupr rttrt niuy pokm

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you turned your head and smiled. and when you smiled at me, God, I swear my whole world stop and it was just us and that smile. so unique. so genuine. so, real. and my heart fluttered and then it shattered into a million pieces because i realized that i wasn’t the reason for your smile.

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I feel as though this prompt is too similar to yesterday’s. Wasn’t the prompt ‘priorities’ yesterday? These are two similar, I think, as your priorities are usually intrinsically linked with what you value in life. This can be emotional or emotional values – and never underestimate the power each one can exert in your life.

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Stripes are really organized its like a pattern but organized i think its justsaying you can be creative and organised but i hate how it limits things like it has to be a limited amount of colours wow i want as many colours as i want wow

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We left.
There was nothing left nothing left
sidewalks don’t hold dreams in NYC

At a certain point
you ask yourself
what is the difference

you know
there is none



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There is nothing
more painful
and beautiful
than the moth
on the branch

We have kept a quiet watch
on the gentle snow
of two years
worry no more

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“I want it on my desk by tomorrow,” she says, the words tossed over her shoulder as she click-clacked away.

Nevermind that you have other obligations. A family to come home to. A weekend ahead of you.

You have to set aside your timeline for theirs.

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“It only has one airbag?” She said with a scowl and one brow raised.
“Yeah, well. It’s a fixer upper.” He replied. She shook her head a little.
“Not when it’s from the 90’s.”

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