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    The world is full of fixed ratios and statistics that govern the lives of every living creature. If you really think about it, the entire universe boils down to math. Not very romantic, but predictable.

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    He held the torch high in the air, swinging it around wildly at the hidden things in the shadows. The only sound he could hear was his heart pounding in his ears and the frantic gasping for air that he slowly […]

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    “I flirt with danger often,” she said, giving a daring wink that proved to be quite charming. “But what you’re proposing is something altogether different. A whole other level, if you will.” Jacob took a sip of […]

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    What is it with these words? The other day it was “festival”, today “carnival”. Aren’t they fundamentally the same? It’s not particularly inspiring for me, it creates the same mental images as festival did. I […]

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    The sun set over the final day of the Autumn festival. Ribbons and party favors strewn along the pathways being a testament to the drunken revelry that had passed in a parade of joyous fervor.

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    It was coming down to the wire. I’d known ahead of time that in the end I’d have to pony up for what I’d borrowed, but two months sounded like such a long time when I’d made the agreement.

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    He dropped his book on the floor. “I’ve had enough of this,” he said. “I’ve put up with all of your shit. I’ve tolerated you, I’ve adopted your beliefs, I’ve done everything I can for you. I’ve had enough. I’m leaving.”

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    The wing of a butterfly is made of thousands of microscopic scales, as fine as powder and as delicate as a spiderweb to human touch.

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    The walls of the tomb were dusty and dry to the touch. He exhaled gently, blowing cobwebs out of the way.
    “It says that we need to pick the third square from the right, Jacob.”