• poetwarrior commented on the post, defy 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    defy the status quo
    swim against the flow
    i will not go where others go
    i am not a sheep
    i will not march complacently
    trudging to inevitable slaughter
    my blood to give
    my flesh to be consumed
    i shall not obey
    the commands of heartless masters
    to their voice I will not respond
    call me black
    chide me for my nonconformity
    dare not ask…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, swerve 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    office party
    social swerve
    oh look! another hors d’oeuvre
    look at that dress!
    She’s got some nerve
    keep an eye on the crowd
    never know what you might learn
    he’s such a suck up
    hope he gets what he deserves
    There goes Bob chasing a skirt
    what a perv!
    driving the corporate curves

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, lens 4 months ago

    Dr. Optometrist, oopsie!
    I believe you’ve made an error
    I ordered rose-colored glasses
    This pair is crafted 20/20
    One lens dark, the other dreary
    Perfect focus on misery
    Please sir, my view of the world
    Already bleak and jaded
    Would you please try again
    This time, hopefully shaded

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, circular 4 months ago

    Morning breaks and production begins
    Extra! Extra! Read all about
    The handbills of our heart, Today’s Edition
    We distribute our opinions throughout the day
    What should be leaflets of love
    Often become circulars of cynicism
    Mailers that malign our fellow man
    Those reading the message we deliver
    Left feeling discouraged and d…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, recording 4 months ago

    I’ve heard about a book
    In which an angel is recording
    All the good or evil we do
    And that someone day
    We’ll have to give an account
    Judged as righteous or wicked
    Now, I don’t know if that’s true
    But I do know we humans
    In invisible notebooks
    Are recording all the rights and wrongs
    We feel are committed against us
    And every day we…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, laughing 4 months ago

    I try and fail
    “Get up, try again”
    I follow this internal voice
    once again I fall flat on my face
    “Don’t give up!”
    Invisible cheerleader within my soul
    Another attempt, another blunder
    Each time I rise it gets harder and harder
    My body seems ever heavier
    “You can do it!”
    another defeat
    still, slowly, to my feet I rise
    amidst the…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, glow 4 months, 1 week ago

    oh that glow!
    when the cheeks redden
    happy radiance
    you know you’ve touched the soul
    set the heart on fire
    the color on her face
    a reflection of love’s flame

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, driveway 4 months, 1 week ago

    i parked my car in the driveway
    like a rocket on a launching pad
    ’72 Dodge Charger
    Shiny black, polished every week
    oh so fast, oh so sleek
    one day started to leave
    my dad said stop
    you need to wait
    I have to go, I’m going to be late
    I hustled out the door
    there to my dismay
    a tree fallen across my car
    took my breath away
    my baby!…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, district 4 months, 1 week ago

    segment, separate
    white, black, Hispanic
    jew, Christian, muslim
    divide us all
    put us each in our own district
    would we then be color-blind
    would we hate less?
    would we get along
    we know the answer
    of course not
    for race and belief are not the enemy
    the enemy is our soul
    that seeks only the best for itself
    so quickly we will…[Read more]

  • To the houses of the holy
    we march
    shame and guilt
    millstones of our soul
    to find the tool to chip them away
    free us from our agony
    but salvation is not to be found
    among the pious, religious
    but from humble faith
    pure and unpretentious

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, steak 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    how do you like your steak?
    I like mine just like I like my life
    mostly raw…..a bit warm
    dripping with tantalizing juices
    blood flowing
    wild, primal
    tender, succulent
    melting in my mouth
    sensual experience
    savoring deliciousness
    Now that’s life!

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, tutorial 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    life doesn’t come with one
    there is no “Living for Dummies”
    No tutorial on how to be born
    how to die
    or fill the spaces in between
    your life is an original
    unlike any other before
    and learning only comes
    through trial and error
    falling, failing, sorrow and tear
    we grow, we dream, we hope
    one breath at a time
    each day a new…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, beard 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    In this modern age
    Where manhood appears to be lost
    There are still those who stand and defend
    Who will not be deterred by insurmountable challenges
    Those who will fiercely beard injustice
    Who bristle at the thought of the weaker
    Maligned by abominable oppressor
    Possessing noble character
    Soldiers of pure heart
    Superheroes in…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, resident 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    So long ago
    You became a resident of my heart
    The first time I saw you, 4th grade
    I felt a longing inside I’d never known before
    You were beautiful to me
    Like a fairy tale, magic, mystery
    The world changed for me that day
    Then you moved away
    The first time I felt my soul tortured
    When I got home from school
    Tossed myself upon my bed…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, antennae 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    You, an evil child
    me, like an insect in your hand
    your plucked my antennae
    my senses lost
    my emotions die
    i can no longer feel
    i don’t understand
    next the magnifying glass in your hand
    burn me, set me on fire
    wickedly you laugh as you watch
    my poor wounded heart fry

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, nonfiction 5 months ago

    We conduct our lives in disguise
    Acting out or telling lies
    Crafting stories of how we’d like things to be
    Truth crucifixion
    Unrecognizable if we live nonfiction

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, influence 5 months ago

    In your hands
    Such enormous potential
    Will it become a weapon you wield
    Or transformed into a tool to build
    You choose how to use this power
    Dominate or direct
    Pressure or promote
    Will you be master or guide
    The scale can tip either way
    Our heart will determine the sway

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, cheated 5 months ago

    trickster, trickster
    why oh why
    how devious the deception
    tempting me with dreams of possibility
    only to replace them with nightmares of futility
    for what purpose was my hope cheated
    a vicious game played by the fates
    teasing a simple man
    convincing him to to believe there could be joy, reverie
    then drowning him in dismal drudgery

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, skater 5 months ago

    Thin ice
    My rink a dangerous world
    I’ve always been a skater on the edge
    My blades cutting like a razor
    The finest line between reality and fantasy
    Always performing for judges seen and unseen
    I glide along with confidence and flair
    Hoping to hide my flaws and insecurity
    I never play it safe, doing just enough
    I leap, I spin, my goal t…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, contracts 5 months, 1 week ago

    cruelty squeezes
    tightens its callous grip
    my heart
    hatred contracts
    shrinking love’s capacity