• You, an evil child
    me, like an insect in your hand
    your plucked my antennae
    my senses lost
    my emotions die
    i can no longer feel
    i don’t understand
    next the magnifying glass in your hand
    burn me, set me on fire
    wickedly you laugh as you watch
    my poor wounded heart fry

  • We conduct our lives in disguise
    Acting out or telling lies
    Crafting stories of how we’d like things to be
    Truth crucifixion
    Unrecognizable if we live nonfiction

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, influence 4 days, 8 hours ago

    In your hands
    Such enormous potential
    Will it become a weapon you wield
    Or transformed into a tool to build
    You choose how to use this power
    Dominate or direct
    Pressure or promote
    Will you be master or guide
    The scale can tip either way
    Our heart will determine the sway

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, cheated 5 days, 10 hours ago

    trickster, trickster
    why oh why
    how devious the deception
    tempting me with dreams of possibility
    only to replace them with nightmares of futility
    for what purpose was my hope cheated
    a vicious game played by the fates
    teasing a simple man
    convincing him to to believe there could be joy, reverie
    then drowning him in dismal drudgery

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, skater 6 days, 11 hours ago

    Thin ice
    My rink a dangerous world
    I’ve always been a skater on the edge
    My blades cutting like a razor
    The finest line between reality and fantasy
    Always performing for judges seen and unseen
    I glide along with confidence and flair
    Hoping to hide my flaws and insecurity
    I never play it safe, doing just enough
    I leap, I spin, my goal t…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, contracts 1 week, 2 days ago

    cruelty squeezes
    tightens its callous grip
    my heart
    hatred contracts
    shrinking love’s capacity

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, footsteps 1 week, 4 days ago

    in the dark I hear them
    strolling through my mind
    a stalker, watching me
    studying me
    planning his attack
    i want to run away
    think about something else
    I wonder how my baseball team
    …..he’s there
    I need to make a to-do list
    ….he’s taking notes
    That girl in the office is pretty
    ….he smiles an evil grin
    Footsteps…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, ingredients 1 week, 5 days ago

    you and me
    when mixed together
    what do we make?
    a bomb that destroys
    exploding with such ferocity
    laying waste to all that surrounds
    shrapnel piercing the innocent
    stay away!
    nothing good can come from our uniting
    emotional destruction, inciting

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, studying 1 week, 6 days ago

    forever the student
    life has so much to teach us
    in each moment a lesson
    knowledge, a grain of truth
    treasures that can make us wealthy
    beyond our greatest imagination
    only found though through conscious studying

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, Buddha 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    I have awakened from my slumber
    My perceptions no longer clouded
    Truth has been revealed
    Which for so long had been shrouded
    Dreams and illusions dead
    Reborn to wisdom
    Enlightenment shines down
    Glorious rays or reality
    I have become buddha
    No longer confused nomad
    Now sage upon saga

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, moth 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    The plain, older sister
    Overshadowed by the younger
    Flitting vibrant butterfly
    Who, resplendent in sunlight
    Hears the oohs and aahs
    While the eldest ignored
    Dreams of love and romance
    A moth chasing moonlight
    Faith that someone might see
    The beauty concealed inside

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, outdoors 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    I came in
    i thought I wanted to be here
    believed i found my home
    now i see nothing but walls
    barriers, containment
    trapped, panicked
    need to escape
    searching frantically
    where are the outdoors

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, rattle 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    My voice
    dark, somber tones
    compelling, enticing
    come a little closer
    just a bit more
    you’ll feel my bite
    for my words
    poisonous snake’s rattle

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, misled 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Ms. Led
    Beguiling deceiver
    Beckoning finger
    Come hither
    She’ll lead you astray
    With bewitching looks
    And sensual sway
    Be wise young man
    Far away from her stay
    Beauty of the night
    Revealed as monster in morning’s light

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, rooftops 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    Dancing on the rooftops
    Chimney sweeps chim chim cher-ee
    Santa’s landing place
    Children wait with glee
    teenagers hiding place
    to wish, to hope, to dream
    launching pad for the despondent
    final silent scream

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, steady 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    balancing on life’s wire
    so tired
    energy expenditure
    legs shaking, pouring sweat
    so easy to give up
    free fall
    dead before i hate the ground
    keep walking
    one step at a time

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, counselor 1 month ago

    Listen to my plight
    Hear my cry
    Then speak to me a word
    That upon lie’s darkness
    Shines truth’s light
    Counselor, oracle, sage
    Bestow upon me wisdom
    My fears and insecurities assuage

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, banter 1 month ago

    Teasing tongues
    Wicked wordplay
    Beguiling banter throughout the day
    As night comes the words cease
    longing lips continue the playful tete a tete

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, concert 1 month ago

    two hearts in harmony
    playing the music of love
    rhythm meeting rhythm
    in our passionate symphony

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, true 1 month ago

    is it?
    who can tell
    we lie to ourselves
    we lie to others
    truth is convenient
    lies expedient
    yet we seek it
    the true
    the pure
    it is medicine
    it is cure
    but so hard to swallow