• Listen to my plight
    Hear my cry
    Then speak to me a word
    That upon lie’s darkness
    Shines truth’s light
    Counselor, oracle, sage
    Bestow upon me wisdom
    My fears and insecurities assuage

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, banter 1 day, 9 hours ago

    Teasing tongues
    Wicked wordplay
    Beguiling banter throughout the day
    As night comes the words cease
    longing lips continue the playful tete a tete

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, concert 3 days, 7 hours ago

    two hearts in harmony
    playing the music of love
    rhythm meeting rhythm
    in our passionate symphony

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, true 4 days, 10 hours ago

    is it?
    who can tell
    we lie to ourselves
    we lie to others
    truth is convenient
    lies expedient
    yet we seek it
    the true
    the pure
    it is medicine
    it is cure
    but so hard to swallow

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, loss 1 week ago

    Loss is not a fading flower
    Whose beauty has faded
    Petals withered
    Left for nothing but decay
    Loss is a seed to be planted
    In the soil of our heart
    To grow new hope
    Blooming to perfection

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, crumble 1 week, 2 days ago

    I may not have all the ingredients
    To be your perfect pie
    But I’ve got just enough
    To be a decent crumble
    So if you can be happy with something simple
    Take a bite of me
    I may not be much
    But perhaps I can satisfy

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, pawn 1 week, 4 days ago

    I am a pawn in this game of love
    a hostage of the heart
    move me, use me, sacrifice me
    i submit myself to you
    whatever it takes to win the game
    i am yours
    i do not detest the role i play
    i am a willing slave
    into the war i happily go
    to see love win the day

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, overtime 1 week, 4 days ago

    fans thrilled
    excitement overwhelming
    boss stops by my desk
    gotta stay late
    more money/more work.
    cuddled close to you
    extra innings
    nothing better
    than loving
    in a world made
    for just us two

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, disrepair 1 week, 5 days ago

    splinters and shards
    crumbling paint
    squeaking boards
    weakening floor
    broken glass
    cobwebs and mold
    this body of mine in disrepair
    love lost
    i no longer care

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, guidance 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    which way do I go
    fork in the road
    where do i look for guidance
    i can reflect back on my experience
    i might ask others who are further along than me
    i might bend my knee and beseech the sky
    i might study, i might plan
    in the end does it matter?
    for either way I choose
    i may win something
    i may lose
    if fate brings us to our ultimate…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, educated 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    i’m smarter than you
    my i.q. is paramount
    it is my god
    i am it’s lord
    cerebral spirit
    my trinity
    I rule from on high
    you mean nothing to me
    a pawn, a tool,
    an ant to my eye
    doesn’t matter if you live
    probably better if you die
    save the oxygen for the rest of us
    after all, what can you add

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, repay 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    you loved my so deeply
    you invested yourself in me
    i failed, i betrayed
    i through it all away
    and now how do I repay
    the debt i owe to you?
    For I am indebted for more
    than just that which you gave
    I am on the hook for the damages
    interest compiled at a rate beyond my means
    there is no way i can make restitution
    eternal indebtedness…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, longing 3 weeks ago

    Penetrated by insidious itch
    Scratching cannot subdue
    afflicting ache of emotional grief, debilitating
    no painkiller can vanquish
    Soul aflame, longing’s inferno
    Unable to suppress the burn
    Life threatened by love’s sickness
    Perilously, for you I yearn

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, tricked 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    it’s halloween in my heart
    i’ve been pranked
    my soul has been tricked
    she knocked on my door
    i wasn’t prepared
    I had nothing to give
    so she pretended to love me
    I was bewitched and beguiled
    then she removed her mask
    after i was hypnotized and smitten
    exposing the lie she had hidden
    her reality horrified
    and all love within me died

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, territory 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    staking my claim
    i have wandered into the wilderness of her heart
    exploring the wild and wonderful domain
    and all i have seen has compelled me
    her spirit to obtain
    I shall make her my country
    I will defend her to my dying breath
    From the bounty of her soul
    I shall live and find my peace
    No longer a restless wanderer
    I have found my home

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, answer 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    answer me!
    Do you love me?
    Tell me now
    In spite of everything
    Throw away all pretenses
    Strip your thoughts and emotions
    Answer me!
    Do you love me?
    In spite of our differences
    And the distance
    And circumstances
    Or logic
    Answer me!
    Do you love me?
    In this universe of ours
    There are so many questions
    I seek only the…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, answer 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    everybody wants one
    in fact, there is probably no greater desire
    surpassing love
    muting passion
    rendering lust and desire impotent
    for we are all plagued by
    at least one question
    something that haunts us
    torments our soul
    keeps us awake in the dark hours of the night
    some unknown that causes us pain
    a cross we bear
    so heavy
    if we…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, outfit 4 weeks ago

    first day of kindergarten
    what shall I wear?
    No mom, not the green shirt
    I look like kermit the frog
    First day of high school
    critical that I look cool
    First date
    have to impress
    Day one of my first real job
    Is my tie straight
    Looks like the apocalypse is upon us
    are these the right boots for this ensemble
    my appointment with…[Read more]

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, stare 1 month ago

    my eyes adored her
    i could not help but stare
    i had never seen such a vision
    a dream
    nothing i’d ever seen could compare
    i’d like to meet her
    but i was frozen
    all i could do was

  • poetwarrior commented on the post, intimidate 1 month ago

    monster in my face
    growling, hissing, snarling
    fear encompassing me
    want to turn and run away
    need new eyes to truly see
    what seems so terrifying
    is a whole new world opening up to me
    beyond the facade and drama of the demon
    when the cloak is yanked away
    an angel leading the way