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    “Swing, swing…” the speaker rang out. The humid night made everything I saw Navy Blue. He ran through the back door and flipped a switch. Man-Made stars sparked to life. “I love you” we said. And we danced under […]

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    I type our names into the virtual Love Generator. I deliberately type in our names. A part of me wanted to exit out of the page out of fear of a low percentage. But my heart told me to stay. I re-read the outcome […]

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    She wonders why she doesn’t feel different. They didn’t get caught and she doesn’t know if she has done anything wrong. He flips his hair and kisses her on the cheek as he dresses again. And as his lips touch her […]

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    I thought I understood, but it’s obvious I don’t. At the beginning, I thought I knew you didn’t like me like that, that we would be eternal “Just Friends”. That Lexy and Jayden were the types of girls you liked, and that the love I had for you would be kept inside. But then my […]

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    As the heat fills the court, I stare at his face occasionally dripping with sweat. He dribbles with my uncle and as the orange sphere makes history in my mind, I can’t help but wonder how the angel I call Daddy came to be.