• Taciturn commented on the post, piano 7 months ago

    I’ve always wanted to play the piano. Shame I am content to listen to others playing it. I have no real intention of making new music, but would play those songs I have fallen in love with.

  • Taciturn commented on the post, fresh 4 years, 8 months ago

    Still fresh in my mind is the lessons I’ve learned today. That to actually achieve what I intended and desired I have to play and make funny noises else it won’t be fun. Letting loose and just being silly is the way to go!

  • Taciturn commented on the post, separate 5 years, 1 month ago

    I was not able to see the difference at first. My dream was so real, or rather my reality was so unreal, that it took me a good 2 minutes before I was where I should be.

  • Taciturn commented on the post, swing 5 years, 3 months ago

    I’ve always fancied being good at dancing swing. But as I have no rythm to speak of and probably to scared to try, it’s only ever been a flight of fancy while listening to Sway.

  • Taciturn commented on the post, cactus 5 years, 6 months ago

    The wind was blowing over the barren landscape. And out on the horizon a lone inhabitant stood complacently in the sun. The cactus doesn’t mind the heat and seemingly lonely nature the dunes possess.

  • Taciturn commented on the post, stunning 5 years, 7 months ago

    The place was big, daunting in its presence as well as sort of inviting. I hade never been there before and the people seemed so calm and unaffected by the troubles of man. I found myself stunned…

  • Taciturn commented on the post, positively 5 years, 7 months ago

    I’m positively not up to writing alot of things regarding this word. I don’t really like it, it is too determined, or rather bullying a meaning into another word. As if being wonderful isn’t enough, you have to be positively wonderful instead ;)

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    As he wandered into the forest, he came upon a river. It was too large to cross, not to mention having quite the visible current in it. Pondering how to get to the other side, he scratched his chin as he always do when thinking about a task not yet done. In the end no […]

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    A place somewhere in the the mysterious grey matter we all like to think we possess so very much of, lies a thing so painful or disconcerting a thought that we swear never to think on it or speak of it. We lock it away in a desperate attempt at a new chance or to […]

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    The wind wept across the valley, and the dust hid the far corners of her village. She was nearly of age, and would soon get to braid her hair in the elders fashion. The thing she was most looking forward to, was becoming a real member of society, not just a bystander that could easily […]

  • Taciturn commented on the post, wonder 6 years ago

    Sometimes I wonder how things would have turned out if just one thing, one tiny little thing had been different. What if I had gone on a trip one day early, or one day late? Would my life be drastically different from today. Or would it be more or less the same? A minute here […]

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    As he fell he moved his good arm, the right one, to brace himself for the impact the ground was surely going to have. Death’s embrace was welcoming him home, or at least that’s what it looked like.

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    ‘Don’t want to go’, you said. ‘You have to, to pay your respect to the one you helped kill’, said the Boss. After a short discussion , you acquiesced and went to the funeral and the following wake begrudgingly. Full well knowing that it was your actions, if not your hands, that put the man […]

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    The radio was blazing in the background. Chris didn’t really pay attention, he was ferally focused on completing an assignment he had been given by his physichs professor. Time was running short and he needed to pass or he would get debunked down to a lower class.

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    The kids were all hyped, prom was approaching with rapid steps. Some of the wealthier kids was bragging to any who would hear about the limo they were going to rent. Others from more suburban environments only talked about whether or not they were going.

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    I filled my backpack with an assortment of things belonging to a mildly insane man. One who have been wandering the forests in the dusk for too long. I never really knew what to expect, so I just brought whatever I could find would fit into whatever container I possessed at the time. Some things […]

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    He was many things, but rarely was he called decisive. People are often viewed as a collection of different personas that they use in different settings. But Roger didn’t really have that many sides to his so called self, he was more or less always taciturn and withdrawn. Never one to be the center of […]

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    As a lad, Norton always held a quiet burning torch for his bestfriend’s girlfriend. He never said anything, and it seems she never noticed. Until one day when his friend made a real mess of his face after he was caught looking at her the wrong way.

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    There was once this young girl who, as strange as it may sound, took the wind from a neihbouring land. After she had done the atrocity, the land had no wind, no rain, no shade from the sun and the people suffered.

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    Weirdest name for a snack I know. Who thinks a pretzel sounds good? It sounds like a name for some german soldier that took part in WW2.