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    thedustwhispered - - "cities, pt. 2 the city breathes smoke into the night, ghosts lit through the windows of seedy bars and other desperate places. her red lips stretched in a wolf’s smile are no consolation you can fathom. you find yourself in a crouch, knees collapsing like brief empires. strangers with hollow eyes cry emergency, beckon for resurrection. here, filtering breaths through your hands, every second spreads down your back like a burning forest. no angels survive in war zones like these."View
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    photicaphotic - - "I should spend every moment kissing you. For all the times I couldn’t, for all the nights I spent tossing and turning wishing for nothing more than the scent of you beside me, and the freedom to kiss your temple while you slept, unaware of the roiling and growing and burning of my love and my longing."View
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    irowe88 - - "I live on the internet, I learn I am a song."View
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    beppyweppy - - "Silence bears down; a cacophony of loneliness as I sit, surrounded by empty canvases and a palette full of inarticulate desire. Thunder threatens to break the hazy light of seeming calm as it settles into the night air, reminding me to close my window. But the weight of emptiness paralyzes my limbs, though my hand closes around a paintbrush. And though I sit bound by stillness, colors dance behind open lids to the beat of my heart pulsing in my left wrist: strokes of crimson regret fading in and out under the overlay of a wistful moon’s azure reflection. But the brightest patterns dissipate into hesitation before my tired fingers can distinguish their form. And I remain alone, but for the hum of night whistling through my open window, and a lap-full of blank canvas: a testament to indecision."View
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