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    thedustwhispered - - "drop — eyes closed i picture my heart, searching for some glimpse of the elusive self. the mind draws diagrams of smiling bodies, all arteries and gristle, carefully indexed. something in me falls away. through eyelids flushed red in the light, they tremble as the heart trembles; the heart, a fist-sized fleshy thing; the heart, a misdirection of inquiry."View
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    drew - - "you found me in a place i had never found myself, in a frailty only rain could touch."View
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    gl0winginthedark - - "i miss you dear sweet love. you used to roam free and play amongst the hills and slopes of creativity. now those same dreams are nothing but mountains far off in your rear-view mirror. work hard dear love and may you find your valleys of chaos working harmoniously in exuberating colour in this world of imperfect amounts of perfection. work hard dear love and you will be rejoicing with your old self, your other half, soon."View
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