• you are so beautiful
    in all ways possible
    your seemingly innocent demeanor is attractive,
    even more alluring is the fact that you aren’t innocent. not even close

    A walking contradition, an obvious addiction
    I love her

  • The girl in black
    She stays in the back
    Lurking behind me,
    wanting inside me

    Face bruised, feeling used
    She’s a manifestation of my childhood abuse

    My inner trauma, my inner self
    She’s tired of hiding, tired of lying
    That everything is okay
    Nothing’s okay, and it won’t go away
    But what’s the point?
    She’ll be alone anyway.

  • Mommy,
    What’s wrong with you?
    To let a man beat you til you’re black and blue
    Til you’re eyes are bleeding and you don’t know what to do
    In front of your two children so lonely and scared
    The devil must have responded because god wasn’t there
    He’s molesting your daughter and beating your son
    What will they be like when he gets done?
    You weren’t ready for motherhood, that I knew for sure
    but my love for you initially was beyond that of pure
    I’ve seen beauty and I’ve seen pain,
    but it’s my mother who showed me shame
    The amount I’ve cried,
    the nights I felt I would die
    Where were you?
    Getting threatened with a brand new 22?
    I know you love him and I gave him a chance,
    but the line was crossed when he wanted into my pants
    What doesn’t kill you most certainly makes you stronger,
    but there are times I feel I cant go on any longer

  • All I see is red
    Red is all I see
    For red is the color
    the color inside of me

    Red like love
    Red like hate
    Failed attempts in hope to compensate

  • Blemish. What an irritation? This pink, awkward presence, making itself known by glistening in the light, drawing atten