• Shalini commented on the post, basic 5 years, 11 months ago

    how often do I find myself missing the basic things in life….
    certain things just dont fit well in your life..

  • Shalini commented on the post, barber 5 years, 12 months ago

    BArber reminds me of my spoiled haircut. How fancy it looked for the few days and then it was all frizzy!!! Ugh I wont take such advices next time..

  • Shalini commented on the post, bench 6 years ago

    Bench. reminds me of my school days… how we used to sit on the last bences in class to avoid boring lectures.

  • Shalini commented on the post, mango 6 years ago

    mango.. a sweet seasonal fruit, yellow coloured, reminds me of happiness
    mango, fruit of happiness, spreads smile with its colour, similar aura created by by sun, bright day, beginning of new things, new day new start.

  • Shalini commented on the post, outlet 6 years ago

    outlets can be of anything being displayed. Outlets remind of window shopping on holidays… These are mainly for advertisement & sales promotion of the product or service.

  • Shalini commented on the post, sage 6 years ago

    sage represents wisdom. It signifies wise people. Wisdom is necessary for everyone in life but not till a level where you are only wise & nothing else. Wise people lead a meaningful life, but are always succeeded by smart ones. So, the gist is a person should be wise as well as smart.