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    Ann spit the bread out onto the plate. It was now a big lump of soggy slimy fluff.
    “ewww, whats wrong?” Sally asked.
    “It tastes moldy, don’t eat yours!”Ann cried.
    The two girls inspected the remaining bread but could see no mold.
    “You’re crazy woman.”
    “I’m telling you it tastes like its gone off.”
    “Okay miss…[Read more]

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    we didn’t have to love each other, we didn’t even have to like each other, but we did have to coexist. That’s was easier said then done though. I hated him. I mean, I really hated him. That is, accept for the times I was too busy dreaming about those sparkling blue yes of his.

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    The Buddha sat there smiling at me. It’s big fat jolly non-threatening smile. I wanted to grab the damn staute and smash it into the wall. There was no going back to that life now.

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    Every parent thinks their newborn is cute, right. They have to. That would make biological sense. So why do I look at this child and feel nothing but disdain? Maybe it’s because I know that things can never ever be the same again. I’m stuck, like a moth in honey.

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    She didn’t mind being an outsider. In fact, she quite liked it. Solitude is where she thrived. It wasn’t that she disliked people though, she cared for people too deeply. She felt their pain just as strongly as they did, which is why meeting and befriending Candace was the most unfortunate thing to happen to her in a very long time.

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    There is something magical about the moment a pot of bubbling sugar transforms into sweet golden caramel. It happens in an instant. one second there is cleary sickly sweet goe in the pot, the next there is a mouthwatering treat. But if you leave it on the heat for just a few seconds to long, it will inevitably turn into a disaster. Life is a lot like that.

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    Her greatest problem was she was too empathetic. She felt everyones pain. From the homeless man on the street to the rich guy complaining about paying too much taxes. She could literally absorb their emotions. His greatest problem was a complete lack of sympathy for anyone. They were perfect for each other.

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    She had a 50 second takeoff career. One day she woke and she was famous, the next day no one remembered her name. “There is a certain skill to being a has-been,” she use to say in interviews with a sparkle in her eye. The sparkle was forced though, strategically placed to camouflage the pain. She would do whatever it took to get her fame back. In…[Read more]

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    Most people come to the pond to watch the swans. I prefer the turtles. They peek their little heads up out of the water for an instance or two, than they dip back down. They give you just a taste and leave you wanting more. The swans and ducks are needy, greedy, and they alway try to steal your food.

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    16 years ago I did a very foolish thing: I fell in love. A hapless victim of wishful thinking, I quickly got consumed by the fire of that first love. It was a fire that would rage on and on, that is until 6 months ago when he left me. Its funny, when we use to live in this beautiful city, I remember the choppy water looking blue, today its pitch black.

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    It was a single occupancy room and it was pretty basic. There was a ratty old bed with a blue comforter on top, a wooden table peppered by old cigarette burns, a tv with the remote superglued down to the table, a shower that leaked and a Bible. Nothing to get excited about. In fact, for most folks the sight of this room would of sparked…[Read more]

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    Emperor of the farm. That is what the Rooster thought he was. He ruled the land, telling everyone when to wake and when to sleep. Even the humans listened to him. Little did he know, that when hard times fell upon the Crinshaws, they would have no qualms about cooking the Rooster up for sunday supper. And, as they tend to do, hard times came a…[Read more]

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    They confided in each other. Two total strangers one dark and stormy night. He told her of the man he thought he once killed, and she told him of her wicked affair. Her hair burned wild red in the smoke filled bar, and his eyes held the darkness of a burden bared for far to long. When the clock struck 12, the two parted ways never to see each…[Read more]

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    She had dreamed of this day her whole life. She was now a starlit. The lights flashed in her face, the masses screamed her name. There had been a price to pay to get to where she now was. Him. She had lost him. Most of the time she didn’t think fame was worth the sacrifice, but in moments like this she knew she was where she should be. She…[Read more]

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    The native felt out of place in his own home. It was now littered with odd creamy white faces, all shiny and sweaty in the sun. They are arrived on ships decked out in stars and stripes. “We come in peace,” they said. It didn’t take long to realize that their definition of peace and his were quite different.

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    The bride was beaming. Of course she was, she was bride. What no one noticed, was the other person who was beaming. Beaming with something other then happiness. The brides sister. Lost in a green haze of hate of jealousy, she couldn’t wait to get her little sisters big day over with. For some people good things happen, for others, they just don’t.

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    The streets were washed in bourbon that day. Fat Tuesday, a day to remember for most, and a day to try to forget for a few. For him it was still to be determined, but for her it was the later.