• SayLiz commented on the post, ants 5 years ago

    Circles and diagrams edge over spaces
    She floats past silent doors, into smaller colder places
    Listening loudly to the softness of thought
    As little ants crawl cowardly, further than they sought.

  • SayLiz commented on the post, flirt 5 years ago

    Candy and sugar coated words
    Dissolve on the tip of my tongue
    I tuck them away with flirtatious tempt
    Suffocate inside a heart shaped bag.

  • SayLiz commented on the post, orbit 5 years ago

    Clambering around a square
    Below wooden fingertips and
    Above concrete stairwells
    I aim to meet you
    But my orbit falls too short

    Seconds too fast

  • SayLiz commented on the post, camera 5 years ago

    Snap. You’re trapped inside the flash.
    Here, you can last forever
    As you are right now.

    But will it really be more time to live
    Or to endure?

    Sometimes I can’t remember.

  • SayLiz commented on the post, sacred 5 years ago

    We used to be unimaginable heartache
    Flailing over heels
    Chasing all our dreams at stake
    And unafraid to feel

    But now we’re like a sacred sight
    Pulled down to pieces small
    We knew we’d never last in […]

  • SayLiz commented on the post, festival 5 years ago

    The Fat Tuesday lights
    Hiding behind their own colors
    The escape against


    The purple and orange
    Beaded necklines covering veins
    The flashy dance


  • SayLiz commented on the post, odds 5 years ago

    Oddities persist, like the drums behind a tune. Carrying on, they carry deeper, even when the song has ceased.Everything I do, is at odds with my odds. How did I get so messy? Why can’t things just stay tidy, the way everything in my bedroom has a place of its own. Except him. Except me.

  • SayLiz commented on the post, hoop 5 years ago

    circle small, sunny photograph, hoola in the park, I remember the children playing, and the experts at concerts. Intricate movement into an art. with vast colors and brights.