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    willcreates - - "So many friends, lovers and family have been torn from my open heart that I can’t figure out how feel the joy of loving life. A lack that welcomes death more than the vibrant life it yearns for. Roots that I can’t kill remain safe behind the wall of time, kept for eternity in the emptiness of my heart. A fire that destroys without sight or witness."View
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    photicaphotic - - "Hoping to post here again. Anyone still hanging out here?"View
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    robyn - - "affirmations: be kind only"View
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    rsbohn - - "I come back after a long absence and the first OneWord I write is atrocious. I did not want to hit “submit”! But, dear hearts, I plead that reporters suck the creativity out of everything. (unless they’re Charlie LeDuff…. le sigh) See you around."View
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    clarity - - "I have fantasized about that — a partner agile enough to flip me right in the middle of it and not miss a rhythm…."View
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    cbhcubs - - "The re-distillation of fears is poison Like the top inch of vodka in a home brew disaster blink twice– and you’ll not see again darkness in place of light seems nice to me but if you remain you’ll be lost in a seascape with loneliness and regrets too vast to escape"View
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