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    willcreates - - "So many friends, lovers and family have been torn from my open heart that I can’t figure out how feel the joy of loving life. A lack that welcomes death more than the vibrant life it yearns for. Roots that I can’t kill remain safe behind the wall of time, kept for eternity in the emptiness of my heart. A fire that destroys without sight or witness."View
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    missalister - - "Threads of doubt dangled from the placenta, partially enveloped the fetus, and when it became so fat with doubt, it pounded with powerful fists to be freed and was expelled into an abysmal world of human games of survival based on levels of intelligence and arsenals of material wealth, and it saw that its height of power, of just being, floating and fat with doubt, was its finest hour."View
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    wearywater - - "There are worse things to be, I suppose."View
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    photicaphotic - - "Hoping to post here again. Anyone still hanging out here?"View
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    rsbohn - - "I come back after a long absence and the first OneWord I write is atrocious. I did not want to hit “submit”! But, dear hearts, I plead that reporters suck the creativity out of everything. (unless they’re Charlie LeDuff…. le sigh) See you around."View
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    Zozojay - - "I realize you can’t always stay/ but still I want to know why you go away/ Even when I stare so I hurt/ Even when my lies fall in the dirt/ Even as I rub my face raw/ Even as my cry turns to caw/ Even as the words turn to dust/ And the need turns to must/ Even when you go. Still I, vaguely know. You won’t be coming back."View
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    zombiekiller - - "It could be contagious, to smile as you sleep. To wander in and out of dreams, I feel you stir next to me. Perhaps to avoid the dark pull that festers a racing thought, tying you up. I grab a word and untangle. Fear no longer shackles love. The shadows dip into a quiet brain, I watch the light fade, and smile. Until another day."View
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    WriteReadLiveBreathe - - "I love OneWord because it only takes a little over a minute, and then I know, all day, that I wrote something. Just something. I try to write something everyday."View
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