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    That smell of freshly baked candy coated pecans, oh how it reminds me of the joys of home. Of seeing my beautiful wife’s smile and my children running to me. A #passport with a thousand stamps can not compare. @oznolem #oneword

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    Live in Imagination.

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    In the car we spoke much about the #lint in our pockets. Interesting right? Well, it pissed us off. We could not understand how those pieces exist. Why they exist. @oznolem #oneword

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    This is how it will be: You take a seat. I watch. I wait. You sit. You watch. When we are done, when the Master gets here… I alone will speak. You listen. Be #casual. Because if you blow your cover, we both die. @oznolem #oneword

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    I follow The Great Way of the Wind. When a potent premonition enters my mind as thought, without concern for #perspective as it relates to my character and memories, I act. @oznolem #oneword

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    If I had landed in the time of life that creates exponential possibilities, then perhaps I may have become a greater master of creation. I am here now, without any #safeguard, and I am not sure if I can return through the passage of death. @oznolem #oneword

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    Oh dear… I really wasn’t ready for this. It could have been anything else. I would have preferred to talk about hell fairies. But yes, for lack of other things to talk about, I am #locked inside this cage. I hope to get out soon. @OzNolem

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    Experience does not show me that the glory of life towers above my struggles. Pain always come back to me, always tainting the blood in my veins. I seek peace and joy, but humanity is not trustworthy. Or is my distrust tainting the world around me? @oznolem

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    Life just doesn’t want to go in one smooth direction, like riding a #scooter across the beech after a warm stormy afternoon. It has so many more moments of beauty! @oznolem

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    There is no room for love in my heart. That has long been gone. I reached a #settlement between serenity and rage that involves no love. However, compassion I will always have for all beings in suffering. But for those who seek to judge me I will destroy your horizon. @oneword @oznolem

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    In the moment of #transformation, I get to take with me the pure essence of what I’ve always been looking for. Though I’ve always buried it with the numbing desire of the flesh. Today, with courage and trust, I leap into the unknown, wishing and hoping to find her. @oneword @oznolem

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    Go into the field and dance in a circle you crazy little bastard! You’re ideas #takeoff life a soft noodle leaving a bruise on someones face after you smack them with it. It doesn’t work! It never will! No go! #oneword @oznolem

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    Why is it that sometimes, when I put my foot on the floor, it feels like a squishy mess. Now I remember why! All those damn drugs I took a hours ago have me feeling like a flying fuck, and I’m on a #bicycle. But I’m not sure how I’ve not fallen off. This is bullshit! #oneword @oznolem

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    Intros into this line of thinking often causes one to #falter and question what they believe. But that is exactly what proves his guilt. Unfortunately the council will come to clarity too late. #OneWord @oznolem

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    I walk through my shadow in wanting and yearning. Seeing through the wickedness I once nourished and feeling the thrashing blood coursing through my veins reveals my breath’s betrayal. I fear the dark #underdog has awoken. #oneword @oznolem

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    I sit lightly against the car seat, not wanting to be here because I don’t belong. They all want me to be this creature that can smack tipsy mosquitoes, but I’m #failing at that. All I want to do is play hopscotch. #oneword @oznolem

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    That was back when my love for her was untainted. When I could #retreat into her eyes without ravenous desire. When my hand over her heart was alive in her soul. When she felt the boundless enormity of the sky in my kiss. But it all fell apart…something went horribly wrong. #oneword @oznolem

  • I got to let it go! Rarely do I watch what is happening in front of me. At this point in life, the government’s benevolence provide all that I could dream of. I must let go! All I need to do is be a #pedestrian in this Federal Servanthood. Walk alone. Stay in the lines. Don’t go far or fast. Everything will be given to me. #oneword @oznolem