• Hydra commented on the post, hoop 5 years, 3 months ago

    What am I to you?
    Am I simply a performer, dancing through impossible hoops? Even with wings, I cannot reach them. Yet you expect me to, and I would do anything for you.
    Do my feelings mean anything, anything at all?

  • Hydra commented on the post, montage 5 years, 11 months ago

    His sharp call of her name, a tug on her arm, and he pulled her away, away from the slivers of glass and collapsed pieces of wood and broken melody. That’s all he heard, a broken melody, various notes that no longer form a tune. Somehow, the discordant sounds of the broken musicbox reminded him […]

  • Hydra commented on the post, obsolete 6 years ago

    She tried to speak. But nothing come from her throat. Her voice had become obsolete from the lack of use. All those dark years alone… It was as if her silence stole her voice and left her mute and unable to tell him that she loved him

  • Hydra commented on the post, thirst 6 years ago

    Like salted water, I will fill you but also leave you craving for more. I am your drink and your thirst; your food and your hunger; your wish and your desire. You are my fairytale and we are our happy ending

  • Hydra commented on the post, connected 6 years ago

    the pain of parting was too much for her. She never wanted him to leave. “but,” he told her, “as long as we are under the same sky we are always together. as long as we see the same sun, watch the same moon, and smile at the same stars, we’ll always be connected. besides,” […]

  • Hydra commented on the post, strength 6 years ago

    I confronted the dark side of myself. then I banished it with the light of my forgiveness. I fought with my demons and let my angels sing. I took that pain to fuel my strength. it may not be your strength, but this is why I’m strong

  • Hydra commented on the post, success 6 years ago

    She might not have made him talk like she had planned.
    But he had smiled, a full-lipped, face-brightening beam. It was so genuine that she couldn’t resist and smiled as well.
    And, with that one universal gesture of acceptence, it was success in her eyes.

  • Hydra commented on the post, plans 6 years ago

    her plans were ruined the moment it began to rain. And she hated getting them ruined. But, for him, she went on with it. As she left, she locked the door. He was waiting for her at the end of the street. He handed her a piece of blue construction paper in the shape of […]