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    Mute man couldn’t speak. He remakes this matter. Reattachment begun. Reestablished his nature. Marking it down with no sound. Erased his mind, and then rewinds. For the last of his words will not be heard. The remarks from society were stern and absurd. He had not cared, because to him, all words were absurd. So […]

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    Pinned down. I’m looking like a million bucks and I have zero. Fanciful for glory but I’m not even getting laid. But this composition of attire makes all the difference.

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    I had hotwheels though

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    they need to put the umpf in variety (of words that is)

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    My mind. The Stage. I’m filled to a brim of dimmed bar lights with the fewest of men gathering after works brew. Too much wheat. Too much rye. You’ve always enjoyed the flavor, so I counted on you for tonight’s half way pay. Taste buds-yours are different. The stage and bar are both my mind, most nights. You work here? I do not recall hiring you. No recorded resume either. Guess that’s how you’ve always gotten by. My intoxicated, stricken tendencies not caring to scam a background check. Bars again. What a hell of souls bottling down memories no longer apart of their minds. Guess that’s why I am an entire nightclub on the inside. Full of memory, music of genre spread variety. Giving many great nights of their short lives. I did so to you. Your on stage hovering like the snarling business associate you’ve always been. But why was I too? Dis-associating me from that is no option now. Nor ever. Oh your working around in my mind, I had almost forgotten. It’s been few too many drinks tonight. I’m filthy. I’m sitting in my minds smoky corners with pool tables crowding my space. Click. Click. Are your breaking? You have always liked my rack…ing. Dim blue lighting. When I take form of a whole crowd, I am an entire dim blue light. Your white. On a pedestal. Soaking. Sulking. Screaming. Fucking your way out. Expression. Blank expression, but maybe you’ve forgotten who’s mind your working in? I’m reading you in italic bold. Your hiding it from everybody. But I know. I finally told somebody. They haven’t sold. Why do you erode my mind? Still. I ask. I have yet to discover that. Something I am sure of is that this VIP party won’t last. It’s getting late. Your way to drunk. Me too. How did you start working for this exclusive party anyway? Sleep it off. I’ll fire you another day.

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    http://bardenme.tumblr.com/ follow my pathetic ass if you blog through tumblr

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    No, as arrogant as that sounds.

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    Stuffed Into The Morgue Drawer:

    All sounds lay dormant-

    Packed tight, no leaks-

    Dark stages none sing-

    Crowds of ears that still ring-

    Breathalyzers and torment-

    Parched throats-


    Cold stethoscopes-

    Skin damnation-

    Pair of lungs that lost repetition-

    Rigid backbones with no support-

    Will not stand for any court-

    Needle pricks neck-

    Fluid builds unnoticed-

    A spinal tap not quite in focus.

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    Maneuver your stride towards me, towards optimizing roads. For decades your desires were not so consistent but for me it remains deliberate. The peak of my dreams are atoms of dark pessimistic matter, even if a fraction of the optimistic shatters. Your still a quaint engineer severing many individuals to planks, but lucky me I flew away, like cranes. I may be mesmerized by the tides of these oceans zones, but unlike you I know just how to divide the depths into separate monotones. Prisms reflecting, concepts dissecting, and nothing more than the galaxies 3rd rock revolving towards dissolving. Anxious bones, weary nerves, everyone has been a lust of the moment spur. I beg your resistance but aren’t you a bastard? Never spoke to yours either? Some men are just cowards. Yeah so some shells broke and not every pearl was found, but who really needs a new necklace and fake ocean sound?

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    In a quasimodo feat of not only myself but my inner sanctums. I’m in a shelter. A secluded shelter far from mankind. The bells rich dong spreads across a cold Philidelphia. I hide from the tourniquets of our kingdom. Hordes of documented secrets filibustering the excutivies of a blood famished nation. Where could a turning point conspire? Not here. Not there. No where vast of what only we know. How many times have you performed German heischen styles upon what has happened? Dialect informative, all lauguages and ethinicities could tell you. Corruption. Progestational hormones of all man and woman get the gist of secrecy, but why inquire it onworth still. Atomic bombs whiping out ten times the population of our fragile pathetic planet.

    An ice rendered telescope at zero gravity with the script filled micro chips of new findings amongst our universe. This was an immediate spawn of hope towards who we are. At least for the sake of another life form, they would configure an easier derogatory and denigrating outlook of a human lifestyle. Maybe they could relate, maybe they would have emmerged in trade as our ancestors of the past 1,000 years and before had. With us, it would have been magnificent for the future to come. This era though, the only significance we know collides with a destruction of a super-catastrophic function that has been reformed thus grouwan. Grouwan, the origin of grow, growing or to increase in size, building up just as the magmata composes its liquid matter within the Earth’s crust into lava. Igneous rocks now form. Reaching the Alps. Frozen, a complete opposite of what they were once spawned from.

    Still intact, an ice rendered telescope photographing galaxies not seen by a naked eye. They called it, “The Orbiting Gaurdian”, while we remained demonic and caught in ignorant reality conflicts. In small groups spread across the lands, combined as one, we are still undeniably small. I built this shelter with my own two hands knowing what would come, I wanted to overcome. Philidelpia was still so cold, very odd, quite eerie for a patriot New England city. Rot, Weib, und Blau. Rodt, Hvitt, og blatt. Shiro aka to ao. From Germany, to Norway, to the super advanced technologic Japan, they all recognize red, white, and blue. Maybe we are a leading nation, but who honestly gives a fuck. All nation’s combined, worlds away, a lone planet of democracy. Darkness. The abcense of light above me, directly. No two-dimensional representation of an outline of any body form. No cutout or configurational drawing with a sun glimmering backrounded setting. We are inkligs with no hint of suggestion in the sea of blackness above. If you could have gone so far back in time though, you would have found a blackned quality on the most transparent and pellucid of days.

    I race through my brain waves wondering if this concealment was completely ignorant. Was it full of extreme folly? Asininity? Ineptitude? I pondered the synonyms of stupidity. I was ravished to wonder if my last thoughts would be a mind race of the lacking self-esteem I hold. Sudden deaf struck. I no longer heard shrills of humanity above. I was deprived of my sense of hearing. Intimidated to look upward, I could not manage being deprived of sight as well.

    What were those dangling seconds that I could not hear?

    Were they little fragments of time that I could not notice near?

    They stabbed at the back of my skull to leave this sheltered hole.

    I find humor in how my poetry is merely past time entries that mean nothing. They once had been published, but now at the least, they did not mean a thing. I wish them to burn long and hard, fighting. Hardback covers and dusty library shelves vanishing in this dark mess of a world.

    Pain, sharp municiple pain casted into my skin. Into my lungs, my contaminated, sickened lungs that had ciggarettes by the thousands over the years. I had started as a child. A stubborn twelve year old child wanting to experience any drug my…[Read more]

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    Lit among space. Shroud, cold, ice rendered space. A thin line of dust and gas. To what we see, star light. This is evil at it’s prime. Bright devil’s in our sky.

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