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    Hair carefully stylized, and pants sitting just-so, Eaton sat comfortably across the table, and stared his producer down.

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    The welfare system ignores so many of the people who most desperately need it. It makes you jump through hoops forty-thousand feet up just to prove you need the help. When you fail, – and you will fail – it makes sure to remind you that your failure is your fault. Yours. Because if you really needed the help, you’d already have it.

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    The announcement came out over the speaker box, with so much static that the soldiers could barely understand it.

    “Run! – static – They have a – static – Run!”

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    East Woodsburn Juvenile Detention Center.

    The name hung above the door to the big, brick building, announcing as it did: Here lie the dying boys of East Woodsburn.

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    The demon held the key aloft, tempting the young girl to take it. Keys to the Gates of Hell. The Keeper of the Keys was sworn to protect them at all costs, but what risk was there to tempting a child to Hell?

    She spread her dark black wings, and snatched them from his outstretched hand. White eyes flashed back at him as the demon stared in…[Read more]

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    “Invite me in,” the monster wearing my best friend’s skin insisted. It’s voice was rough and raspy, like someone who’d been up all night screaming in pain. I tried not to picture what the monster might have done to make my best friend’s throat so sore.

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    The memory was fading, fading, fading. Raisa realized one day with a horrible tug in her stomach that she couldn’t quite call to mind her mother’s face.

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    The blow is so powerful that it sends the knight staggering backwards. His hand hits his hilt as another punch swings into his face, smashing his jawbone, sticking sharp metal into the side of his cheek, and tearing through some of the flesh there. He feels the clacking of his teeth against metal, and begins to hear a ringing in his head. Over…[Read more]

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    I’m feeling more than a little irritable today. The sound of Brandon’s clicking pen – clicking, clicking, clicking – for two hours straight. And the giggling gossip of the two older women to my left, not even pretending to keep it down.

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    We put our game of Dread on hold while Kitty was crying in the bathroom with Smith outside the door, knocking apologetically.

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    The sound of the harmonica always brings me back to those nights at the circus, sitting around the fireplace, and singing rude songs while the lions paced behind their metal prison bars.

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    The tiled floor is cool against my cheek as hot tears pour into a puddle beneath me. I’m certain this is the end of me. My arms won’t move from their place wrapped protectively around my centre. My whole body is frozen still, but sweating like I’d run a marathon, not just walked twenty feet in my own home. The pain is horrible, and I’m desperately…[Read more]

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    The letter sits on the desk, unopened. The looping shapes of my full name and address is neatly written in shiny black ink on the heavy, off-white envelope. It’s an inviting bit of calligraphy, and it makes me want to tear the whole thing into tiny pieces and set it all on fire.

    I stare at it some more.

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    The clock lay on the floor, broken from the fall. Glass was spilling out onto the hardwood, and the edge of the pieces landed against the girl’s bare toes.

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    Flannel shirt wrapped warm around her, Rhylean padded into the living space behind Mykael. He found a white t-shirt on the back of a chair, and pulled it on, ran a hand through his sleep-ruffled hair, and came to sit next to her with a sigh. She pulled her bare legs up to her chest, refusing to meet his eyes. He reached one hand out, laid it…[Read more]

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    The burning sensation only gets worse as the smoke rises and the planks beneath her feet get swallowed up by the flames. The witch screams, chokes, and then is silent. If anyone had been able to look carefully through the flames, they might have seen the woman disappear into the smoke, and the chains that had her bound to the stake drop heavily to…[Read more]

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    I turned around, startled. The hand that had landed on my shoulder was attached to the body of a man I vaguely recognized from… before. Sometime before the world had ended, I’d seen this man…

    “Vanessa,” he said in a low, gravely voice, “you can’t go out there again. The dead are coming.”

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    It’s not that he lacks in any way – he’s a perfectly reasonable sort of guy to fall for, if you like that sort of thing. It’s just that I don’t. Like that sort of thing.

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    “We need more firepower!”

    The sorcerer flung a bolt of ice towards the largest flying beast. It swerved to dodge, still ending up with frost on its wingtip.

    Over the hill, a squad of archers notched their arrows, and waited for their signal.

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    “I’m just… selective about who I introduce to the media as my friend. I mean, you don’t want things to get weird just because reporters notice you didn’t make it to my birthday party.”

    “You didn’t invite me to your birthday party.”

    “Exactly. You understand.”