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    They drove along the road, sometimes silent sometimes engaged in easy banter. They had known each other for years, and maybe didn’t even have to speak but they knew what the other thought or felt about things. They reached the picnic spot and looked out over the fields and the hills in the distance.

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    He adamantly replied, “It’s true. I saw it in a museum.”

    She sighed. Her cousin was so naive; he believed everything that people told him. “Dinosaurs and men were not on the planet at the same time. The dinosaurs had died out a long time before humans appeared.”

    “How do you explain the Flintstones.” She left the room, wondering what would…[Read more]

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    She walked quickly away from the park, but as the distance grew, she started to feel more panic and started to run. At every street crossing, she looked back but whatever she had seen did not follow her. She started to feel more confident and convinced herself that this was not really a loss of her pursuer but just an illusion that she had not…[Read more]

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    She walked along the sidewalk, or rather, floated in the area of the sidewalk. Memories had been stirred up by the taste of that burned apple crumble. Good memories of learning how to make blueberry or cherry crumble to serve to her friends. But she always stayed away from cooking the apple variety of the species crumble.

    When she had eaten…[Read more]

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    This whole situation didn’t feel good. He stood by the bar and looked around. His contact was somewhere in the crowd but he had never met him. He was just a pawn in this whole exchange and would play his minuscule part and then be gone.

    “Where is it?” he heard someone say from behind him. “Don’t turn around, just pass it back to me.” Which he…[Read more]

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    The bed looked inviting and she fell into it. She was so tired and turned over in the clean sheets. But her mind continued to work overtime, thinking about the events of the day and wondering about the consequences. Finally, she stood at the window looking out over the unfamiliar city from the window of a strange hotel.

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    Matz looked over to Zerk for guidance but he turned away from her gaze. She looked at his back, feeling that he was frowning and wishing that they had not taken such an inexperienced person on their team.

    She turned back to the person at the door, wishing that the team had not taken such an inexperienced person as well. The woman was still…[Read more]

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    People always thought that Stella was educated. The other strippers were in awe of her, the way she would talk in big words and walk peacefully, as if in her own world. They would whisper how they would have wanted to be like her, if they had the time and money to go to school.

    Before going to the club, where she went would have surprised them.…[Read more]

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    Dan had borrowed the money months ago but every time he saw Mark in the crowd, or talking with friends, Dan avoided him. Sure Dan had the money but he wanted to keep it, in case he had a short fall again. He didn’t even put the money in the bank but carried it with him all the time.

    But Mark never asked Dan to repay him. “I’ll pay him when he…[Read more]

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    The trip was originally supposed to be for two days but suddenly, as they cast off from the shore, Duc realized that it was going to be a much longer voyage. The waves got bigger and the people around him started to vomit and get sea sick. He felt hungry and nauseated at the same time and only wished that the babies would stop crying.

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    The cages were stacked up on top of each other. Each cage was filled with dogs, some with collars identifying them as someone’s pet, and the animal being acquainted with humans had probably run up to its abductor, wagging its take. Some were street dogs, that no one had wanted. They were all packed, head to tail, waiting to be loaded on to the…[Read more]

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    “There’s no answer,” the lawyer said. He pressed the red end call button on his phone and put it in his pocket. “You’re safe right now, but there will continue to be legal actions and counter-actions throughout the night.” He looked around and some of the families preparing to sleep, the fathers struggling to stay away as they guarded their…[Read more]

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    “Oh, not again,” she moaned.

    They watched as Kenny stood on his head in the middle of the hallway. She was getting tired of his daily stunts and having to get him back on his feet so he wouldn’t get fired.

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    She sat down at the loom and started to weave. She had situated the loom so she could look out on to the road and watch the children in the front yard. Sometimes a cow wandered into the yard and she would jump up to shoo it away. Other times, she smiled as she watched the children share their toys or use sticks to act out something from their imagination.

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    There were too many people in the restaurant, all demanding their food. He started turning out pancakes like a madman, filling plates and the waiters ran back and forth, to keep the customers satisfied and quiet. But long after the people left, he continued to squirt the batter onto the hot griddle and throw the pancakes into the bowl on the…[Read more]

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    The ramp looked functional, but Josh sighed. While there were no holes and the surface looked skid-proof, it was just too steep. He tried once to push his wheelchair up the slope but as he released his grip to grab again, the chair started to slide back. He grabbed the handgrip on the wheelchairs and eased himself to the bottom again. “I don’t…[Read more]

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    The champagne was in the ice bucket, looking like a picture. The whole table setting was beautiful, with the dishes and glasses sparkling in the light. The table sat next to the door leading to the wide patio. When she removed the virtual reality goggles, she saw that it was just her work table, the dirty glasses and plates from the night before,…[Read more]

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    He had stacked the books around his desk like a fortress. He said that he needed these reference works for his thesis, but he mainly didn’t want the other students to stare at him. Not that he was strange looking and his mother told him that he was handsome but he just felt self-conscious, chewing on his nails and scratching his head while he read…[Read more]

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    She looked at the card in her hand. She had thought that she was doing so well, collecting points from the various door to door campaigns. But she had gotten sick one day and couldn’t keep up. Her apartment got a downgrade, and when she returned home that night, the management had moved the room to the lower levels. She walked into the box and…[Read more]

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    The boarding pass was starting to disintegrate in her hand. She transferred it to her other hand and wiped her hand on her jeans. She wondered what she would do if he weren’t at the airport to pick her up. It would be just like him.

    Just as the flight was called, she got up, prepared to flee, to return to her nest of a home and continue to…[Read more]