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    I’m in such a depressed mode lately. What do my parents have to gain by preventing me from becoming independent, from learning – in the first place – to function as an adult? I’m sheltered, and while I’m definitely appreciative of all that’s been done and sacrificed for me… shouldn’t there be a time where you’ll just have to let go? Don’t even…[Read more]

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    “Please,” he gasped, knees pressed tight against the pebbled ground, fists wound around the fabric of his loose pants. “Spare my child. She is our only memory of your wife.”

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    He back-flipped over the wall, landing squarely on his feet, legs crouched and a stupidly wide grin across his face. Cheers erupted around him. Bending low, he swept his arm out beside him and watched as silvers and coins clinked into the crumpled scarf at his feet.

    The small crowd that had gathered were a motley bunch of people – homeless…[Read more]

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    She’s just an ordinary girl. She doesn’t wear fancy, uptown clothing, nor is she an athlete or a straight-A student. Mention her name, and the majority of her schoolmates and teachers would be confused with unfamiliarity.

    Yet, it’s when the unexpected occurs to people like her, then do they blink their eyes open, and step out to face this new…[Read more]

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    Irritation blossomed in him.

    He didn’t understand why, but he knew what had begun it. It was his beard. All this time, he spent hours staring at that reflection of his hideous stubble, and later splurged wallet-fulls of money on finding the right product to make those dark blonde hairs glossy, neat, and the perfect picture of a well-kept and…[Read more]

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    My mother was the greatest influence of my life. She changed how I approached problems, how I thought about people, how I spoke, dressed, believed.

    But sometimes, I wonder if what I ended up becoming was because of her as well.

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    Her heart crumpled. “Mom?”

    The woman started and looked up. Her face, framed by shiny curls and dusted with make-up, dropped into one of shock and dawning horror.

    The man beside her blinked. His arms detached from her waist and he turned to her. “Who’s this?”

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    He went down the ice rink, screeching his heart out. Around him, bystanders cringed, mommies holding on to their kiddies with irate expressions, an elderly couple frowning unhappily at yet another display of uncultured youth today.

    Well, fuck them, because he just got the scholarship of his life and the girlfriend of his dreams. Today, nothing…[Read more]

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    I wish that the stars would fall from the sky.

    My ma used to say that we could be granted the things we want if they do, so maybe that’s where this childish fantasy of mine came from. I mean, I know it’s immature, for people decades younger than I am, but with a life like mine – broken, long, hopeless…

    It’s never too late to dream, isn’t it?

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    It’s true, isn’t it?

    You lied to me for twenty years. About my age, my heritage, my humanity.

    How could you? I’m your child! Is that even real? Or is it something else you lied to me about because you wanted me to live an ignorant life, so that it made you feel better about yourself, what you’ve done to my actual people?

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    “I love you. I always have. I mean, I didn’t want this to be cliche, you deserve better than that. But I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.

    “The truth is, I’ve been in love with you for years. Your smile, your intelligence, your kindness, it’s just, it’s just something I’ve always wanted to have in a partner that I could spend my lifetime with. It’s…[Read more]

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    She bowed her head, heart beating and hurting from the pain. Who knew that loss could hurt so bad? Her eyes glistened with tears, but she didn’t dare let them fall, not with so many people watching.

    Shame washed over her. Even now, in his death, her pride still mattered more than her sincerity.

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    The walls crumbled, debris littering the cracked tiles and kicking up dust around what used to be their room. He coughed, praying that his asthma wouldn’t act up here. Looking around, all he could think about was the happiness he had once felt at being the cause of this sort of destruction, but now…

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    She was pummeled to the ground, and as she lay there, unmoving, eyes blank and staring listlessly ahead, she wondered how she could ever had trusted this man.

    He was a manipulator, a chess player – as cliche as that sounded – who gave little regard to those he deemed useless to his plans. Or worse, too little of a threat to his wealth and authority.