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    She felt that familiar knot in her stomach. She didn’t try to push it away this time. She let it tangle her insides into an intelligible rats nest, no way to disengage the pieces from each other.

  • She heard the faint sound in the distance, pulling her into a memory of campfires and banjos strings. Her uncle Dan showing her the constellations in the night sky as she stared into the depths of the darkness in the woods around her.

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    She fished in her wallet for a dollar bill and held it out, grinning. “Alright, go for it.”
    Jessie squealed and clutched the money in her hand as she skipped over to the carousel. Allison laughed and followed behind, making sure the attendent saw that Jessie was indeed supervised.

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    She pressed her forehead to the linoleum and it’s cool surface almost sizzled against her forehead. This is the most comfortable she had been in days. She closed her eyes against the harsh lighting of the bathroom and tried not to breathe in any number of unpleasant smells from the surroundings.

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    She inhaled as his hands went in her mouth. “It’s okay.”
    Try as he might to reassure her, he was never going to make her feel not violated by this. And it wasn’t about him. It was about the whole experiment. The instruments. The lights. The smell.

  • She hit her hands against the walls, but she was convinced no one on the outside could hear her. Of course she would make the room sound proof. She pushed her bangs out of her eyes and glanced around. Nothing. There was nothing to help her in here. Okay. Not time to panic. Think it through, Court.

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    She hit the edge of the jar a little too hard on the counter. It shattered, jam spilling over her hands. “Damnit!”
    “What happened?”
    “I couldn’t get this thing open and I was dumb and I hit it against the counter and- ugh.”
    “Are you hurt?”
    “No, it’s just jam.”

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    The wind blew her hair in front of her face and she raised her hand to push it back. The ocean crashed, as ocean’s do, up against the rocks.

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    She held up the piece sheepishly. “So…”
    “Oh man, that’s one broken mug.”
    “I know. I didn’t mean to.”
    “Eh. It’s alright. We have other mugs.”
    She squinted at him, like she couldn’t quite believe her ears, “But this one was your favorite.”
    He shrugged and went to pour coffee into something non-broken.

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    She pulled his flannel closer to her and smelled him in the fabric. This was creepy. She knew it was. But it made her feel better.

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    She felt her face grow hot and tried to hide behind her hair. As quickly as she could, she scrambled away from the crowd and ducked into a hallway nearby. Breathe, Jess. Breathe.

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    She jumped slightly in her seat. “Jesus.”
    “No, just me.”
    “Hilarious, hand me that notebook.”
    “Which one?”
    “Then one in your hand?”
    “Hmmm… this one?”
    “Knock it off, you’re not cute.”
    “Oh, yes, I am, but that’s okay.”

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    She stifled her cough in her elbow, shook her head, and went back into the shelf. Dust burned her eyes, but she did her best to ignore it. The book had to be here somewhere. This is the direction the crusty old man had pointed her in, with the information shakily written out on a post-it note that had lost it’s ability to stick to anything.

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    “Let’s begin. Have you read the chapter?”
    “Well… this is going to make my job much harder.”
    “So… what do we do now?”
    “I really could care less about what you do, you know.”
    “I’m supposed to help you with your school work.”

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    She felt them circling her, even with just their eyes, as she crossed the room. The opposite wall seemed to be moving further and further away as she took each step, as if she would never reach it. She inhaled. Easy does it, hon. Its all just an illusion. Just keep going.

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    “You have to be in sight of the car.
    “I can see it from the window.”
    “That’s cheating.”
    “It’s adapting the rules to my favor.”
    “You are so annoying.”
    “You love it.”
    “I do? I had no idea.”
    “Admit it.”

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    She felt her whole body turn to iron at his touch. No. She was impenetrable. She wasn’t going to fall for it. His lips came close to her ear and she felt heat rise through her feet to her chest, melting her resolve.

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    She took one step up the stairs and had to stop. “I can’t.”
    Her sister took her arm. “You have to.”
    “I really can’t, Denise, can we please just go home?”
    “Come on, a couple steps.”
    She took another. She felt confusion overtake her peripheral vision.

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    She put her headphones in and leaned her head against the glass. She inhaled deeply and tried not to think about everything she was leaving behind. The bus began to fill behind her, but no one sat next to her, luckily. No music came over her headphones and she barely noticed she had never pressed play.

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    She plucked one of the flowers and spun it between her fingers. “What are you thinking about?”
    She pushed her eyebrows down in apprehension. “Oh, yeah, sure, I totally believe that.”
    “Really. What are YOU thinking about?”
    “Two can play at that game, bub.”