• She shifted the bags on her hips, trying to reach the button without dropping anything. She almost had it when the door swung open quickly and nearly knocked her in the face. “Oh dear god!”

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    She raised the hair off the back of her neck. “Wow, it’s steamy in here.”
    He wiped his brow and looked at her. “Astute.”
    She stuck out her tongue because she had no energy to snap back. She felt like her skin was coming off her body slowly.

  • She adjusted the rabbit ears, trying to remember the last time she fought for TV signal. Mrs. Applebaum sat patiently on the couch, but offered no suggestions.
    “No, no, you sit, I got it,” thought Teresa. She wiped frustrated sweat from her brow.

  • The nonfiction section smelled even mustier than the rest of the library. Lisa wasn’t convinced any one went back here anymore.

  • She knew that she needed to create something new, something original. But every time she tried, she felt herself drawn to ideas and things she already knew.

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    She would have been less surprised had Amy reached across the table and slapped her in the face. “I… I don’t know what to say?”
    Amy drew her face in and looked to the sky. “I feel cheated and taken advantage of and swindled.”
    “Woah, woah, I’m sorry you feel like this, but that is not what happened.”

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    The sound of the wheels hitting the concrete clipped through the air, making the neighborhood echo with the sounds of physics. She inhaled the summer air and the smell of sunscreen.

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    She closed her eyes and held her breath and she waited. Any second now. Any second now. When she opened her eyes nothing had changed. She exhaled quickly.

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    She signed her name slowly on the line, savoring the moment. She dotted the “i” and lifted her head to grin at Patrick. He reached out his hand and she took it, the perfect corporate handshake. What a day. What an amazing day.
    She woke with a start to the blaring of her alarm. Oh god. Why do I have to open this morning?

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    She heard footsteps behind her but she didn’t look back. She hugged her knees as tight as possible and looked out over the ocean. She felt him settle into the sand next to her, but she still kept her eyes on the rollicking waves as the tide came in. The whole scene was strangely quiet, even for the water crashing into the sand.

  • She sifted the flour, sort of mindlessly, staring at the wall as though it were a window to something no one else could see. Eventually she looked down and realized she had been tapping an empty sifter for several minutes. She had to focus. Baking was science and you can’t fall asleep at the wheel during something as complex as this.

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    She bent back over her book. “Do you mind? I have to get this done.”
    She heard him pull the chair across from her from the table and when she looked up he had settled himself across from her, with an innocent smile across his face. She didn’t give him the benefit of an eye roll and went back to her book.
    “Let’s talk.”

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    He was sitting in the middle of the lawn in the lotus position, not bothered by the running and the laughing and the general chaos of the campus. No one seemed to notice him, or if they did, they didn’t pay him any mind, like he was part of the scenery. She assumed that he must do this a lot.

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    The ballot was cast. The die was thrown. There was nothing she could do but wait. Which, of course, was the thing she was worst at. The minutes ticked by. It was going to take more than mere minutes, but you couldn’t convince her of that. She sat in constant suspension.

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    She saw the fluttering of wings out of the corner of her eye, and when she looked over, she saw the most intricate patterned moth she had ever experience. She stepped closer and in fluttered slightly but didn’t fly away. The soft petals of browns and greys were hypnotizing.

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    I craned my neck to the sky, squinting at the power of the sun. Somewhere in the distance were birds, harmonizing and soliloquizing. The air smelled of pine and earth and another smell I couldn’t identify.
    “I hate this.”

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    She heard a sound behind her but didn’t dare turn to look. She hugged her sweater tighter and pressed onwards through the forest, tripping over the underbrush and ducking against the twilight. Again, the sound came, closer than before. She thought about running, but convinced she would only fall to certain harm, she pressed onwards.

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    She ducked just in time for the ball to whiz over her head and into Andi’s waiting mitt. “Oh my god, that was close.” Andi didn’t even blink before she hurled the ball back over Linda’s head towards home plate. Linda had only barely ducked again when she heard the screams of the crowd.

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    “I believed you. I believed you and I believed you and I just kept believing you and I never for a second considered that I shouldn’t.” She wiped hot tears off her cheeks and kept going. “You lied. You misled me. I almost fell for it.”

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    The city shown brightly in the distance. I hugged my sweater tighter to my body as I neared the edge. It was so lovely up here. It was so lovely it was hard to fathom alone. But that’s what I was. Alone. My arms ached. My periphery wanted another person, off to the side, not speaking, but also there experiencing the same thing I was, looking…[Read more]