• She felt the eyes of everyone in the room pop over to her and then go back to their conversation, pretending they weren’t staring. Staring at the girl who’s life was tragedy. She rolled her eyes internally and handed Shirley her pie.

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    She put the hood over her head. “Leave me alone, Lisa.”
    She heard her sister sigh and turn around to leave. “Okay, stay up here like some sort of monk or whatever, but I’m going out to live in the real world like a real person.”

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    She let the emotion fall over her, even though it wasn’t really the time or the place to do so. She inhaled and released. Her computer screen went blurry and she let the image disappear in a flood of tears.

  • She sighed deeply, the kind of deep sigh that has no beginning or end but just seems to emit from your person like you’ve always done it. She hugged her knees to her chest and let the tears fall. What was she doing? She was giving up the best things in her life and for what?

  • She felt the music surge through the bar, hitting that place in her chest where it felt like the beat was inhabiting her, making her a part of the bigger mob of people. She closed her eyes and inhaled, trying to center herself, trying to regain her own identity in the face of the music.

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    She ran her hands over the stone, feeling the age and the history and willing it to seep into her skin and impart any kind of wisdom on her. She wanted to walk away affected. She wanted to walk around different. What was that Rilke poem? “You must change your life…”

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    She inhaled the fresh air and tried not to smile at her own good fortune. She started stretching, clicking her music on so the vista was supported by a pounding bass and the trill of the voices over her headphones.

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    She tossed the ball in the air and grinned at him. “What are you, scared?”
    He rolled his eyes and snatched it away from her, dribbling it and arching his shot cleanly into the basket. “Scared for you, maybe?”
    She intercepted his rebound and ran to the other side of the court.

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    She fanned herself, but it didn’t actually help. The air was immobile around her hand, the heat stretching out like waves all around her.

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    She ignored the sign and ducked under the fence after him. “Will you get back here please?” she hissed.
    He laughed, too loudly, and she shushed him. He was too far away to make out, but she knew his warm brown eyes were gleaming with joy. “Come on, sweetie, it’s fun.”
    “Don’t you dare call me sweetie.”

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    She glanced across the lobby and saw him. He waved her over. She rolled her suitcase, pulling in through the deep carpet, and sat down next to him. “Anyone else here yet?”
    “I haven’t seen anyone, but I suspect they aren’t far behind you.”

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    She felt the bus lurch into motion and she held her breath as they started to pull away. This was it. She was really doing this.

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    She sniffed, haughtily, “No.”
    “No? What do you mean, “no”?
    “It’s a one syllable word. It’s meaning is very clear.”
    His eyes blazed momentarily and then he inhaled and the fire extinguished. “I see.”

  • The whole chrome and steel aesthetic was making her nervous. She tried to pull her sweater closer to her body. It wasn’t cold, per se, but she felt chills move up and down her skin like a small beetle.

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    Her palms hit the pavement and she felt skin being torn away from her knees. Fuck. She tried to stand up, but had to stop and steady her breath and slow her heart rate first.

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    She held the key in her palm and ran her thumb over it. It was so unassuming. Keys usually are. She looked very carefully at the cuts in the sides, as if they had a secret code etched in them.

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    She put her chin in her hand and stared moodily at the computer. The words just weren’t coming. She was stuck. She felt a surge of frustration take over her and she wanted to throw her laptop across the kitchen.

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    She smelled the sticky floors and the sweat of large groups of people. She felt immediately at home, even though she was sure she had never been here before. Yet they all smell the same, in the end, right? Bars?

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    She pushed on the door and walked through it as it spun. She could have gotten out in the lobby, but she just kept pushing and walking in a circle. She looked over to her mom, who had gotten out at the first available opportunity, patiently waiting for her to spin all the way around again.

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    She watched the bird flit from one tree to the other, sitting daintily on a branch. She closed her eyes and listened to the wind through the tall grass.